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I love America. No one is responsible for what they do.
~ Emil Slovak
We are insane. Who else but crazy men would film their crimes?
~ Emil Slovak

Emil Slovak is the main antagonist in the 2001 film 15 Minutes. He is a murderous and psychopathic criminal who seeks to become a movie star by snuff filming his victims being tortured and murdered.

He was portrayed by Karel Roden, who also played Carter Kounen in Blade II, Yuri Gretkov in The Bourne Supremacy, Mikhail Faustin and The Fixer in Grand Theft Auto IV.


Emil appears at the beginning at the film where he and his partner Oleg Razgul arrives at the New York airport. Shortly after their arrival in New York City, Oleg steals a video camera. At the rundown apartment of their old partner Milos, they are denied their share of the spoils, so Emil fatally stabs Milos and his wife Tamina to death as Oleg tapes it with the camera. Czech immigrant Daphne Handlova witnesses the murders from the bathroom, then escapes before Emil and Oleg can kill her as well. To hide the crime, Emil burns down the apartment.

At night, when Emil and Oleg overnight at a hotel, Emil looks in Daphne's wallet and realizes she is in the country illegally. Then he finds a card for an escort service and calls the number, asking for a Czech girl. The hooker Honey arrives, and Emil tries to get information from her, but she knows nothing, and Emil kills her, while Oleg tapes it.

The next day, Emil and Oleg finds Daphne at work at the nail salon, where Emil threatens to kill her if she tells anyone about what she had witness. Police detective Eddie Flemming and Fire Marshal Jordy Warsaw arrives at the scene. The cops sees Emil and Oleg and give chase, but they escape, Emil beats up Detective Jackson with a glass bottle and steals his wallet and gun, and also shooting Bobby. While Eddie fires a shot, hitting Emil in the foot.

After escaping, Emil and Oleg goes through Detective Jackson's wallet and finds Eddie's home address.

At home, Eddie is working on his proposal routine when Oleg and Emil show up and knock him out. When he comes to, they have bound him to a chair. Emil lays out his plan: he will plead insanity to the murders, based on the fact that they film their murders, and will later write books about their experience (like they've seen on TV). Flemming attacks them with his chair (while still taped to it), but Emil gets the upper-hand and stabs him in the chest, mortally wounding him. Emil then suffocates and kills Flemming with a pillow.

At Eddie's wake, Emil calls Robert and tells him he has a film of Eddie's death, and wants to sell it. Robert pays them. Emil later sets a booby-trap fire in Daphne's apartment, which Daphne and Jordy barely managed to escape.

Oleg and Emil celebrate in a restaurant as the tape airs, and other patrons recognize them. Oleg and Email argue over the film credits, and Oleg stabs Emil and leaves with the camera. Jordy bursts in and takes Emil to an abandoned warehouse, but cannot kill him in cold blood. The police arrive and takes Emil into custody.

Emil's lawyer, Bruce Cutler, starts Emil's defense, and Emil offers him 30% of his book/movie revenue. Meanwhile, in hiding, Oleg becomes jealous of the notoriety that Emil is receiving. Jordy is on scene when Emil is led to his arraignment, intending to kill him, but cannot. Oleg then shows up and shows Hawkins the tape where Emil explains his plan to use the double jeopardy laws to excape prosecution, and tries to shoot Emil. Emil grabs a gun and shoots Oleg down, then grabs Nicolette, threatening to shoot her. Jordy then shoots Emil repeatedly, killing him and avenging Eddie Flemming's murder. Oleg dies shortly after this.