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Who are you looking for? (...) Is Mr. Jones dead or alive? (...) You will soon.
~ Emile is hired by Virginia to hunt down Morgan Jones.

Emile LaRoux is the main antagonist of the episode "The End is The Beginning" of Season 6 of AMC's Fear The Walking Dead.

Emile is a bounty hunter who is used by a number of clients, including Virginia and Theodore Maddox, to hunt down various targets for them. His usual MO is to decapitate the target with his battle axe and to take their reanimated head in a box with their name on it, leaving it for clients to find as proof of his success.

In Season 7, Emile's identical twin brother Josiah is revealed to be still alive. Having recovered Emile's severed zombified head, he seeks revenge upon Morgan Jones for his brother's death. Emile's head is finally put down for good by Morgan's friend Sarah Rabinowitz and Josiah makes amends with Morgan, telling Morgan that Emile hadn't always been the cold-hearted bounty hunter that Morgan had met.


Emile is born with an identical twin brother, Josiah, whom he is close to. Together, the two work as park rangers for fifteen years, running search and rescue. However, while searching for some hikers that got trapped in a forest fire, the brothers get separated after Josiah twists his ankle and winds up in the heart of the burn zone. While the other rangers give up Josiah for dead, Emile refuses to give up on searching for his brother, but no matter how hard he looks or fights, Emile keeps getting trapped in the smoke. Eventually, Emile's dog Rufus finds Josiah and they manage to get out together. Afterwards, Emile tells Josiah that he knew that his twin brother was still alive because he could feel Josiah's heart beating across the woods.

According to Josiah, Emile wasn't always a cold-hearted bounty hunter, but he was instead changed by the end of the world like everyone else.

After the apocalypse, Emile is hired by a number of clients who pay him handsomely to kill targets for them. Amongst these clients are Virginia, the leader of the Pioneers, who is stated to have used Emile to hunt down her runaways, and Theodore Maddox, the leader of a doomsday cult.

Hunting Down Walter

Emile is hired by two members of the doomsday cult to hunt down and kill a man by the name of Walter who has gotten his hands on a mysterious key that they need to activate nuclear missiles from the USS Pennsylvania, a beached submarine in Galveston. Emile chases Walter across Texas with the help of his dog Rufus until Walter, unaware of Emile's identity, stumbles upon his camp. After Rufus shows himself, Emile reveals that he is the one chasing Walter before decapitating the man with his battle axe. Placing Walter's reanimated head into a box with Walter's name on it, Emile takes the key that he was sent after and places it around his neck.

Hunting Down Morgan Jones

Before Emile can leave to meet the cultists in Galveston, Texas, Virginia contacts him to locate and kill Morgan Jones if he is still alive, promising to pay Emile in much needed gas. As a result, Emile delays his trip to Galveston in order to chase after Morgan instead.

With the help of Rufus, Emile tracks the badly injured Morgan to an abandoned town where Emile confronts Isaac with a drawing of Morgan. However, Isaac lies that he has never seen Morgan and helps Morgan escape to his hideout in a water tower. Emile manages to follow the two men to the hideout where he uses his truck to pull over the water tower, destroying it. Morgan shoots Emile in the arm, but is unable to bring himself to kill him. Instead, Morgan and Isaac steal Emile's truck and escape.


Despite his defeat, Emile refuses to give up and he manages to chase them to Isaac's new home behind an old dam. In order to save Isaac and his family, Morgan agrees to allow Emile to kill him if he will leave the family alone, a deal that Emile takes. As Emile prepares to execute Morgan, Isaac suddenly attacks him despite Morgan's protests, leading to a fight between the three men. Emile overpowers Isaac and the weakened Morgan, but as Emile swings his axe down at Morgan, Morgan manages to catch the blade of the axe on his staff and redirect it into the ground next to him. Knocking Emile's legs out from under him before Emile can recover, Morgan stabs Emile in the chest with his staff and retrieves Emile's axe. Emile taunts Morgan that Morgan wasn't able to kill him before and he won't be able to do so now, but after a moment, Morgan decapitates the bounty hunter with his own battle axe.

The next morning, Morgan discovers that Emile's severed head has reanimated. Morgan takes his head, places it in the box that Emile had labeled "Morgan Jones" and leaves it for Virginia to find as Emile would do with his own victims. Realizing that Morgan is still alive after finding Emile's reanimated head, Virginia threatens the lives of Morgan's friends if he lets them know that he's still alive, but Morgan warns her that "Morgan Jones is dead. And you are dealing with somebody else now."


After killing Emile, Morgan becomes willing to kill living people again, something that he has refused to do since the end of the war with the Saviors. Morgan dresses in Emile's clothes, takes his truck and adopts Rufus as his own pet. Morgan also initially discards his staff completely in favor of Emile's battle axe, but he later retrieves the axe and repurposes it as the battle axe's new handle, effectively combining his two weapons together.

While examining Emile's body, Morgan locates and takes the key that Emile had stolen from Walter after killing the man. Unaware of the importance of the key, Morgan begins wearing it himself, causing him to become a target for the doomsday cult that wants the key. While driving Emile's truck, Morgan is ambushed by the two cultists who had first hired Emile who had eventually been forced to take off from their rendezvous point after Emile was taking too long to arrive. During their altercation, the two men spot the key that Morgan is wearing, but he kills them both with Emile's axe and his staff. Now aware of their interest in the key, Morgan is left wondering what it is for.

The cult continues to chase after Morgan for the key, somehow learning of his name. When Riley and three other cultists finally catch up with Morgan, Riley tells Morgan that they had hired Emile to get the key back and when he didn't return, they had sent the two cultists after Emile but they hadn't returned either. Riley correctly deduces that Morgan was responsible for that and Morgan promises not to do to them what he did to Emile and the other two men if they leave him and Grace alone. Morgan manages to kill the other three cultists, but is ultimately forced to turn the key over to Riley who escapes with it.

A Brother's Revenge

Emile's zombified head is later recovered by his identical twin brother Josiah who seeks revenge upon Morgan for his death. Unlike Emile, Josiah proves to be a kind-hearted individual who is having trouble letting Emile go.

During a brief skirmish with Morgan, Josiah attempts to use Emile's zombified head to kill him. Morgan manages to throw Josiah off of himself and he ends up next to his brother's head, but Rufus intervenes to save Josiah. Emile bites his former dog before Sarah Rabinowitz finally puts Emile down for good, smashing his head apart with Josiah's shovel. However, Emile's bite to Rufus forces a heartbroken Josiah to mercy kill the dog. Josiah subsequently makes amends with Morgan, apologizing for Emile coming after him and telling Morgan that Emile hadn't always been that way. Morgan accepts this, noting that the world has changed them all. Josiah later thanks Sarah for doing what he couldn't and putting Emile down.


  • Walter (Alive)
  • Morgan Jones (Attempted Murder)
  • Isaac (Attempted Murder)
  • Rufus (Caused, Infected)
  • Numerous counts of unnamed people and zombies


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