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The man we want is Emile Leopold Locque, an enforcer in the Brussels underworld. He's been convicted of several particularly brutal murders. He escaped from Namur Prison by strangling his psychiatrist. He has worked for drug syndicates in Marseilles and Hong Kong. Now reported working for Greek smugglers.
~ Bond describing Locque's character and criminal background.

Emile Leopold Locque is the secondary antagonist in the 1981 James Bond film For Your Eyes Only. He is a Belgian criminal acting as a hitman for Aris Kristatos.

He was portrayed by the late Michael Gothard.


Paying Gonzales

After assassin Hector Gonzales was employed by Aris Kristatos to kill Timothy Havelock, Locque is sent to to Madrid to pay Gonzales. He visits the club where Gonzales is supposed to meet him and hands him a suitcase full of money. When Gonzales is killed by Melinda and Bond, who has been spotted while spying on them, subsequently frees himself, Locque remains seated during the resulting chaos. While Bond and Melinda are hunted off the premises, Locque waits till every armed man is gone. He then takes back the suitcase with the money and he and his henchman leave the club.


When Bond goes to Cortina, a ski resort in the alps, he meets Kristatos, whom he thinks can aid him in his search for Locque. Unbeknownst to Bond, they are watched by Locque. Kristatos tells him that Locque is the right hand man of Milos Columbo, a greek smuggler, who's mark is a dove.

Kristatos' henchmen at Cortina.

Locque later sends Erich Kriegler to ambush Bond while he is skiing, but Bond makes it off the mountain alive. Seeing that Bond arrived at the mountain safely, he follows the agent, but is unable to attack him as there are too many witnesses. Protected by the masses, Bond enters a crowded elevator which takes him on a ski jump. Though Locque and Claus, another henchman, are in the elevator as well, they still cannot attack. Arriving on top, Bond tries to escape by skiing down, but Claus skis with him as well, only to be knocked down as well. Kriegler, who had been lying waiting at the bottom is disarmed when Bond jumps right over him, knocking the rifle out of his hands. Pursued by two henchmen on motorcycles Bond is eventually able to defeat his pursuers. Kriegler, who follows by motorcycle as well, is eventually knocked out of the saddle.

While Bond is at the ice rink asking Bibi about Erich Kriegler, his colleague Ferrara, who had been waiting in the car, is murdered by Locque. Locque leaves a pin with a dove on its head with the body to make it seem that Ferrara was murdered on Columbo's orders.


After Bond has gone to Greece to find Columbo, he makes contact with Columbo's mistress Lisl. To prevent Bond from finding out the truth, Kristatos orders Locque to kill Lisl. Locque and Claus ambush Bond and Lisl while they are on the beach, hunting them down with dune buggies. Initially watching his men try to get Bond, Locque personally intervenes when Lisl and Bond get separated, running over Lisl with his dune buggy. Outmatched, Bond is taken by Claus and forced at gunpoint to get into Locque's buggy, but before he can do so Claus is shot by Columbo's men, who have followed Bond, with a crossbow. Using the distraction, Bond kicks the gun out of Locque's hand, causing the now unarmed assassin to drive off.

Ambushed at the warehouse

He had no head for heights.
~ Bond to Columbo after killing Locque.

Bond encounters Locque again after teaming up with Columbo. Together, they attack Kristatos' warehouse, where Locque is also present. Trying to escape from Bond, Locque runs into the warehouse, where he tries to kill the agent by triggering an explosion to destroy the entire warehouse, but is forced to run off.

Locque about to fall to his death. (Bond: You left this with Ferrara, I believe.)

Driving off with his car, he is pursued by Bond on foot. As Locque is forced to take the curvaceous streets, Bond has an advantage on foot. Catching up to Locque and cutting him off, Bond shoots at him and hits him in the shoulder, causing Locque to lose control over his car. Locque is able to regain control again eventually, but his car is now dangling over a cliff. Unable to move, as this would cause the car to go over the cliff, Locque is forced to watch Bond approaching. Bond throws the pin Locque left with Ferrara into the car, adding additional weight to drive it over the edge. As Locque lunges for the passenger side door, Bond kicks the car off the cliff, sending Locque to his death on the rocks below.




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