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Emilia is a recurring antagonist of the Disney Channel Argentine original series Soy Luna.

She is a major antagonist in the second part of the second season, one of the two main antagonists (alongside Ámbar Smith) of the first part of the third season and the main antagonist-turned-supporting protagonist of the second part.

Manipulative and vindictive, Emilia is the former leader of the Sliders, a team who competed against Jam & Roller for the glory at RodaFest. After winning, Emilia moves to Buenos Aires where she joins the Red Sharks team who conspire against their rival team and find any way possible to defeat them.

She is played by Giovanna Reynaud.


Season 2

Part 2

Emilia is introduced as the captain of Los Sliders, which is the team Jam & Roller will have to face at RodaFest. Said team would always wear dark clothes and makeup. Emilia first appears skating with her teammates, then has an encounter with Jam & Roller diva Ámbar Smith, where the two of them, while having a heated confrontation, realize they have a lot in common: They are very perfectionists with the winning thing and tend to manipulate people, the only difference being that Emilia's behavior is far superior than Ámbar's. However, that doesn't change the fact of them being enemies and Ámbar makes it clear that her team is lucky to have her, otherwise they wouldn't win without her.

Meanwhile, Emilia posts a video in which she states that the Sliders will win RodaFest, even if they have lost a member who had a contusion during the previous competition with Jam & Roller.

When Juliana figures out that Ámbar was responsible for the rink being burnt to the ground, she forbids her from going to Cancún and kicks her out of the competition, despite her insisting (with the RodaFest being due to begin for the few next days) that the team will never win without her, which leaves everyone concerned. To get revenge, Ámbar decides to join the Sliders instead, asking Emilia for a chance to destroy Jam & Roller. Initially hesitant, Emilia decides to test her abilities to see if she is professional enough. However, Emilia reveals that this was never necessary since the team's trainer had already greenlit Ámbar's incorporation. As a result, they become partners in crime and close friends.

As the day of RodaFest arrives, Ámbar steals Luna's skates and throws them into the sea (despite Emilia's protests). However, they are forced to dive in and fish them back after a man threatens to call the police on them for contamination and because that would get both Ámbar and Emilia disqualified from RodaFest. Emilia then soaks Luna's skates and simulates it as an "accident", forcing Luna to compete with new ones.

The RodaFest begins with Ámbar, Emilia and the rest of the Sliders participating in the contest. Their choreography proves to be really hard and impressive, which leaves Luna and her friends visibly stunned and scared. Then, it is Jam & Roller's turn and their performance of "Vuelo" is also amazing as they are met with a lot of praise from the crowd. Unlike Ámbar, Emilia is shown to be surprised at how talented they are and shows for the first time signs of worry that the Sliders may lose. However, the Sliders are announced as the winners, much to her and Ámbar's delight before they take pleasure in denigrating Jam & Roller over their misfortune. Nevertheless, with comforting words from Juliana and their friends' full support, the team earns a thunderous applause from the crowd, acknowledging that their performance was great.

Later on, Ámbar and Emilia's celebration is cut short when Juliana awards Luna (instead on them) with the crystal skate for her complete dedication to the skating. They are incredibly angered about this, even when they won the competition. In fury, Ámbar leaves the arena while Emilia and her teammates stay at the party.

Season 3

Part 1

Emilia returns in Season 3, playing a much bigger role than the one she had in Season 2. Following Jam & Roller's loss at RodaFest, Emilia drops out of the Sliders team and permanently moves to Buenos Aires, having been invited by influential businessman Gary López to join a new team he has created: The Red Sharks. She is first seen at the Benson Mansion, where a party is taking place for Luna. She and her friends, of course, are less than pleased to see her after everything that happened back at RodaFest. Along with Ámbar, they humiliate Luna and she leaves in tears. The following day, Gary announces that Jam & Roller no longer exists and that only the Red Sharks are training here and, to make matters worse, he forbids Luna and her friends from using the rink.

Meanwhile, Benicio and Ramiro join the team, further boosting the talent inside the team. For most of the season, she and her new partners in crime conspire against Jam & Roller to destroy them for good and prevent the return of its former glory. When Luna and the others want to shoot a video for promotion on their team, Emilia and Ámbar lock Luna and Matteo up and later erase the video from Delfi's computer. However, both plans backfire: Luna and Matteo are released by Nina and Jazmín while the video is retrieved and published thanks to Jazmín having copied it, much to their great fury. However, they do succeed with exposing Jam & Roller's presence at the rink to Gary through a video Ramiro had previously recorded and refused to show. Gary lashes out and tries to punish the team, but Nina strikes back at him in a very intelligent way.

On the other hand, Emilia becomes interested in Matteo, but he repeatedly refuses her advances. One evening, while they are alone in the lockers, she tricks Matteo by kissing him and capturing it on video. She tries to show the photo to Luna, to no avail. Emilia starts to have second thoughts about showing the photo, but Ámbar and Benicio keep pressuring her into doing so. At an Open Music held at the mansion, Luna and Matteo sing and then kiss, but their magic moment fades away when Emilia spitefully shows the photo onscreen, leaving everyone shocked and Luna devastated.

Emilia is later revealed to actually not have any feelings for Matteo. She wanted Ámbar to believe that they were a couple. After being caught by Emilia trying to steal her cellphone, Matteo is reluctantly forced to accept (despite Simón's protests) a deal from her in order to win the proof video that can exonerate him: He and Emilia will pretend to be a couple in front of Ámbar and make sure she believes it's true. Just as expected, Ámbar overhears the exchange between them in which Matteo falsely declares he wants to date both Luna and Emilia (in secret). However, everything quickly falls apart: Ámbar sees through the lie so Emilia refuses to give Matteo the video while Luna finds out about the alleged confession through Jim and she becomes infuriated at him. At the last minute, a seemingly remorseful Ramiro helps Matteo out by secretly unlocking Emilia's phone and sending him the entire video.

Emilia is later seen with Ámbar, Benicio and Ramiro about to prepare for the Red Shark Festival. Just as they are on the verge of performing, they notice that the guests were unknowingly leaving the premises and asked themselves why would they do that. Much to their and Gary's shock, they were watching Jam & Roller skating outside in the streets after being banned from attending the festival. Their performance is being recorded and going viral. Both Emilia and Ámbar believe this was Luna's plan to take them out. Gary then coldly scolds his team for not being professional enough, despite Emilia claiming that he and Juliana saw them training hardly for hours. Despite their refusal to accept responsibility, Gary thought he could trust them, but they had proved him wrong. He warns them there will be consequences for the disaster that happened, leaving Emilia and the others distraught.

Part 2

Emilia and her team are discussing the recent events of the Red Shark Festival, still refusing to accept responsibility and vowing to make Jam & Roller pay for "ruining" their competition. When they want to skate in the rink, however, Gary stops them from doing so. He announces that all training have been suspended until further notice, much to their shock. Gary had warned them that there would be consequences if they didn't do as he said. He doesn't know what will become of the Red Sharks and says that no one will set foot on the rink until a decision has been made, making them more nervous about their team's future. Luna later argues with Emilia over Matteo's accident, saying it's her fault, only for Emilia to fight back by stating that the accident was actually Luna's fault because she didn't trust Matteo and nor did she want to listen to him. She also speaks with Matteo and feigns sadness over his accident, but he has had enough of her lies and tells her that they both know that the conflict started because of her and if she wanted to ruin his life, "Good job, you did it. Are you happy now?, sarcastically compliments Matteo. She warns Matteo that he and his friends will pay for what they did to them. "You know what? We're not afraid you", says Matteo before leaving, with Emilia answering to herself "Well, you should be".

Gary later gathers the entire team that night. They believe he wants to give Red Sharks another chance, and they want to choose the new trainer themselves. However, Gary responds nonchalantly to this asking "But who do you think you are?" and Emilia responds that they are the best skaters, but Gary tells her to shut up because they haven't won anything yet. Despite assuring that they are willing to demonstrate their talent, Gary dismisses their claims as excuses, arguing that he made this team from scratch to make it a team for winners, but their recent actions only proved that they are nothing more than losers. In effect of that, Gary permanently disbands the Red Sharks. They refuse to accept this, but Gary says that the decision has been made. Emilia is visibly affected by the news because she had left her country and her family to pursue her dream. They even find out about Gary wanting their rivals to be the new Red Sharks, angering them further.

Nevertheless, she and her friends still try to make it difficult for Jam & Roller to return. They falsify Felipe Mendevilla's number out of jealousy for choosing Luna over them and Emilia lies to Luna about his whereabouts. Ámbar later becomes general manager in Gary's absence, something that Emilia and Benicio use as leverage to have the rink all for themselves and revive the Red Sharks. Both Jam & Roller and Red Sharks are forced to co-work at the Flash Open, despite Emilia and Benicio's refusal to do so.

Ramiro then wants to return to Jam & Roller and quits the Red Sharks, despite Emilia and Benicio trying to stop him. After some thought, his former friends accept him back. Even Ámbar distances herself from them due to her demanding job. When Delfi and Jazmín were talking over staging a fight to gain more followers for their respective channels (Fab and Chic/Ja-Jazmín), Emilia and Benicio record and expose them as liars. Ramiro later tells Delfi and Jazmín about it, much to their frustration.

Meanwhile, word comes out about a casting audition for skater and both Jam & Roller and Red Sharks decide to give it a shot. Even though they did great and were preselected, both teams were never chosen. As a final act of revenge, Emilia and Benicio decide to have Ámbar fired from her general manager job by stealing the folder that contains important documents and bills of the Jam & Roller and reporting the "problem" to VIDIA's authorities. The plan suceeds and the manager of VIDIA fires her. Emilia and Benicio later overhear Juliana confiding in Ramiro, Jim and Yam over how she feels sorry for the two of them since they cannot work together as a team and they are only hurting themselves. They have asked Juliana for a couple skating, but she was against recommending them due to their bad behaviour. If they can't work togehter, then they aren't meant to become great skaters.

Feeling truly sorry for what they did, Emilia and Benicio accept that their bad behavior won't get them anywhere: They are regularly trying to take down the Roller team because they don't know what to do. Benicio agrees and suggests that they find a project of their own. Emilia says that they should start thinking about their future. Benicio asks her if it's just about skating; Emilia says yes and asks if he was thinking of anything else. It becomes clear that he has started to develop feelings for Emilia. He feigns ignorance and asks her what has come to her mind. Somehow flattered and smiling knowingly, Emilia responds "Look Benicio, let's start with the skating and then we'll see".

As a matter of fact, Emilia and Benicio did change for the good: They return the bills to Ámbar and show up at the River Live Fest where Jam & Roller would open, wishing them good luck on their performance and thanking Juliana for everything she did for them. Emilia is last seen with Benicio attending Luna's 18th birthday party, as they happily enjoy her performance of "Soy Yo", finally ending their feud with Jam & Roller for good.


Emilia is vindictive, determined, and dedicated. Her personality is very similar to Ámbar's, although her actions are often more thought-through than Ámbar's, because Emilia isn't guided by emotions when she plans to harm someone. According to herself, she always wins. She is ambitious and willing to do anything to get what she wants. In the end of the series, she and Benicio realize that their behavior won’t get them anywhere and they both decide to change their ways, which is shown in the conversation they have with Nina, Jazmín, and Juliana, where they act much more friendly and humble and wish them good luck in their performance.



  • Luna Valente (former enemy)
  • Matteo Balsano (former crush)
  • Ámbar Smith (former best friend)
  • Simón Álvarez
  • Gastón Perida
  • Delfina "Delfi" Alzamendi
  • Jazmin Carbajal
  • Ramiro Ponce (former teammate)
  • Jim Medina
  • Yamila Sánchez
  • Nico Navarro
  • Pedro Arias
  • Nina Simonetti
  • Eric Andrade
  • Juliana (former trainer)
  • Benicio (boyfriend)