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Emilio is one of the two secondary antagonists in the 2015 film, Max.

He is portrayed by Joseph Julian Soria.


Emilio is the cousin of Chuy, the best friend of Justin Wincott (the protagonist). He is the secret buyer of Justin's bootleg video games.

At the halfway point, Emilio meets Justin in person and demands another video game bootleg, but is forced to pay upfront. A short time afterward, he turns out to be connected to a Mexican drug cartel and is revealed to be in cahoots with Tyler Harne and Deputy Stack for a gunrunning scheme. At the climax of the film, he and Tyler chase Justin and Max through the woods.

Emilio finds Chuy in the woods and demands to know who he's with, but Justin saves Chuy by ramming his bike into Emilio, causing him to tumble down the hill. Emilio crashes into a boulder and winds up breaking his leg. After Tyler and Stack are killed, Emilio is arrested and taken to jail.