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You're not my friend anymore.
~ Emily to Lana.

Emily Eve Dinsmore was a childhood friend of Lana Lang. She was a recurring antagonist in Seasons 2 and 3 of Smallville.

Her child form was portrayed by Jodelle Ferland, who also played Alessa Gillespie and Dark Alessa in Silent Hill, Aggie Prenderghast in ParaNorman, Lillith Sullivan in Case 39, Michael Rollins in The Messengers and Audrey in Revenge Porn. Her young adult form was portrayed by Amber Rothwell.


Early life

Emily was best friends with Lana Lang when they were children. They spent all their time together playing. One day Emily and Lana went to the river by themselves during a thunderstorm.

Lana got too close to the edge of the bridge and slipped falling into the river. Emily heroically jumped in after her and got her to safety but tragically Emily drowned before she could swim to shore.


After Emily's death, her parents moved away from Smallville to Granville. The accident took a toll on Mr. Dinsmore's relationship with his wife and they got divorced. Mr. Dinsmore began experimenting with cloning 6 years after Emily's death.

He was able to use meteor rocks to accelerate the growth of cloned rabbits. When he applied this technology to his daughter, he had mixed results.

He was able to clone Emily successfully and she was beautiful, sweet, and smart, but her accelerated growth caused severe genetic defects; specifically, she had no moral center and no conscience. That defect, combined with her abilities of super strength and super speed, made her very dangerous.

The Emily clone ran away from Granville to Smallville to find her friend Lana Lang at the Talon. Lana was cleaning up the theater when out of nowhere Emily appeared and stood in the aisle, still ten years old.

Because Emily was still ten years old, Lana thought she saw a ghost and the poor girl was very confused by her friend's fear. Scared, Lana turns to run out and finds Emily suddenly in front of her.

Clark arrived and asks Lana what happened, but Emily has disappeared. Lana was sitting in her bedroom, looking at photos of herself and Emily when they were ten years old. Emily appeared again and frightens Lana, who thought Emily wasn't real. She tells Emily that she died six years ago. When Clark enters, Emily is gone, and Lana was convinced she's seen her ghost.

Emily returned to her childhood home in Smallville where she saw her father Mr. Dinsmore. She was upset that the bunnies were gone and asks her daddy to explain why Lana said that she died. Her father, however, was apprehensive and didn't explain it to her.

He urgently tells her to get in the car, but Emily refused, as she's tired of being locked up. When he tries to instruct her again, she super speeds away and stabs him with a rusted metal pinwheel.

Clark and Pete go to the cemetery to make sure that Emily's body is still buried in her coffin, they see Emily in the cemetery too. When she tries to run away, Clark uses his super speed to keep up with her and realizes that is how she is able to appear from out of nowhere. She gets away, but she leaves her necklace behind.

At the Talon, Lana is locking up when Emily arrives and scares her again. By the time Clark enters, again Emily is gone. Clark shows Lana the necklace, reassuring her that she's not crazy.

At the Smallville Medical Center, Lex Luthor visits Mr. Dinsmore and finds Emily there with him, seated near the door. She tells Lex that Lionel took the bunnies away. Lex turns around for a few seconds, and turns back and finds Emily gone.

Clark went to Mr. Dinsmore's house only to find the lab gone from the basement and saw Emily there, reading her diary. She asks why the other sleeping girls looked like her. Clark tries to explain, but Emily super speeds away when Lex arrives.

Lana finds Emily with her at the Kent Farm, and wants to go to the river. Lana doesn't want to go, but when Emily runs away, Lana can't help but follow her. Clark arrives home, but he can't find Lana. Instead, he finds the picture Emily drew of the two of them at the river. At the river, Lana tells Emily how she died.

Upon discovering that Lana didn't save her, an enraged Emily threw her into the river. The current is so strong as it holds Lana under and she loses consciousness though Clark Kent arrived in time to save her.

Lionel eventually captured Emily again, bribing her with a gift of a white rabbit, but Lionel refused to allow her father to continue working with her.


Emily continued to live in a laboratory in which one of the walls is a two-way mirror as she reached adolescence. A technician tells her it is time for bed and shuts out the lights. Left alone, Emily simply walks through the walls by phasing, escaping the facility. Emily went to the partially dismantled Talon and ran into Mr. Kerns, the new owner.

She tells him that he is ruining the coffee shop by changing it and he mistakes her for Lana. He defends his actions, saying she is the one that signed the papers, and she kills him by sticking her hand straight through his chest.

Lionel Luthor has a meeting with Pete Dinsmore, showing him how Emily has aged five years in 11 months and has also gained the ability to walk through walls. Pete guesses that her molecules must be vibrating so fast that they can absorb other matter.

Chloe and Lana go into the Talon and are surprised to see it restored to normal. They find Emily, who claims to be the owner's daughter. She pretended to be his daughter in an attempt to get close to Lana. She tells Lana and Chloe that the Talon will remain a coffee shop and asks Lana to show her the ropes.

Emily asks Lana if she is sure she wants to leave town. Lana is unnerved, but Emily runs upstairs to show her that they already are best friends. Lana turns to go but runs into Mr. Dinsmore. He tells her that Emma is actually Emily.

He tries to get Lana to safety, but Emily zooms around behind him and stabs him in the back with her hand. She pushes Lana across the room and knocks her out. Lana wakes up locked in a furnished room with glass walls, hidden inside a barn.

Clark goes to the Talon to find Lana and Emily tells him she left early for Paris. Clark leaves and Emily goes to give Lana some dinner. Lana tries to reason with her, saying they can be real friends if she lets her out.

Emily says that Lana is not a true friend because she didn't save her when she fell in the river and drowned. She tells Lana that no one will be looking for her because they think she has already left.

When Clark discovered from Lex that the new owner of the Talon didn't have a daughter, Clark speeds to the Talon to confront Emily and is surprised to see her superspeed away through a wall. Clark and Chloe meet to tell each other what they know about Lana's disappearance.

They realize that Lionel is trying to find Emily before Lex does, because evidence of him cloning people would be enough for the FBI to nab him. They figure that Emily is probably trying to recreate her and Lana's childhood play dates, but Clark says they usually played at Emily's house.

They look Emily's address up online and Clark speeds away. Emily is forcing Lana to have a tea party with her. Lana hits her in the head with the teapot and tries to get away but Emily catches up to her. She ties her to the bed and puts a gas pipe through the wall.


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