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Emily Gault Carrell was the wife of Guy Carrell and the main antagonist of the 1962 adaptation of the Edgar Allen Poe story The Premature Burial.



Throughout the film, Emily is portrayed as a kind and honest woman, concerned for her husband's well-being.

By the end, it is revealed by Guy's sister Kate that she was actually greedy and selfish, manipulating Guy using his taphophobia (fear of live burial) using her friend Miles' psycho-analysis of him to lead him to his death.

The Premature Burial

Guy and a normal person but tachophobia and emily loves him but actually turns himself selfish, manipulative, does not love him and thinks he manipulates him has played the piano molly malone and makes him a bad guy coming to be buried, Emily must Occupy his mental health.

In an effort to change his mood, Guy goes for a walk in the shacks with his wife when he suddenly feels a whistling sound of the same Irish hue that was played after his marriage. Music makes him go out again and experience a terrible dream where he is trapped in his turn, yet none of his safeguard measures. When he finally wakes up from his dream with his wife, the question for the ferocious player, but insists he has not heard anyone.

After Guy and declared dead of heart attack and Emily moves the coffin to her father and sees that she does not move because of a cataleptic state she does not move and cares for her to bury her. After Guy miraculously turns out still alive thanks to two thieves who stumble and Emily ends up being buried.


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