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I had something more transactional in mind. I have your operative. Help me kill Malik, and you get them back.
~ Child blackmailing DedSec.

Emma Child is a supporting antagonist in the 2020 video game Watch Dogs Legion.

She is the director of SIRS and is initially believed by DedSec to be behind Zero Day; however it is ultimately revealed that they were being manipulated by their informant Richard Malik into killing her so he could take her job. Despite her innocence she is still ultimately a villainous character, being behind SIRS's numerous human rights violations in addition to kidnapping a DedSec operative in order to use them as a bargaining chip.

She is voiced by Elizabeth Saunders.


Child was the leader of the SIRS intelligence service, which rose to power after the cyberterrorist Zero Day bombed London and framed the hacker group DedSec. In conjunction with Albion, SIRS essentially ruled Britain and was able to suspend all civil liberties. Under Child's leadership SIRS developed the FILAMENT AI, which was used to track the movement of every Londoner in order to prevent terror attacks. She also exploited a legal loophole in order to allow SIRS to arrest, imprison and torture anybody without a trial.

In their investigation into Zero Day, DedSec are contacted by SIRS officer Richard Malik claiming that rogue SIRS officers were responsible for the bombings. DedSec's investigation leads them to spy on Child, hacking into a CCTV camera and using it to watch her secret meeting. During the meeting Child is informed that Malik has gone rogue and is suspected to be associated with DedSec. Child's response is to devote all available resources into investigation DedSec until Malik is found.

After the meeting DedSec tail her car and attempt to record her conversation, but are unable to get any evidence that she was involved in the bombings. Following further investigation a DedSec operative is sent to a building where Child is believed to be located, only to be ambushed and abducted by Albion thugs on Child's payroll. Malik is able to locate Child at an SIRS black site and a DedSec agent goes to confront her.

Upon arriving the agent comes face-to-face with Child, who points out that she could have easily killed them with a bomb when they arrived but didn't because "Richard Malik stabbed both of us in the back". She then plays the agent footage of a meeting between Malik and Albion CEO Nigel Cass which reveals that Malik is working with Albion to infiltrate DedSec. DedSec agree to help her kill Malik in return for their agent's release.

After retrieving the agent, DedSec formulate a plan with Child to lure Malik into Trafalgar Square, where Child and four snipers will be stationed ready to kill him. A DedSec operative is stationed at Trafalgar Square, but is unable to find Malik. Child realizes that Malik has worked out what's going on. Malik then calls the operative and reveals that he had allowed Child to find the footage of his meeting knowing that this situation would occur. He then detonates a bomb in the building where the snipers are stationed, killing Child, her snipers and several nearby civilians. The agent is filmed fleeing the scene of the attack, causing DedSec to be blamed for the bombing.


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