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My God!
~ Emmerich's last words.

Emmerich Schreiner is an SS Obersturmfuhrer sent to oversee the SS Paranormal Division's excavation of Castle Wolfenstein and the secondary antagonist of Wolfenstein: The Old Blood.

Hew was voiced by Hans-Eckart Eckhardt.


Schreiner was an SS Lieutenant serving under General Wilhelm Strasse who was sent by the general to oversee Helga von Schabbs' excavation of Castle Wolfenstein and keep an eye on her.

Schreiner encountered B.J. after he disguised himself as Franz, a waiter in a tavern. As Helga talks with Franz, Schreiner angrily asks her what she is doing talking with the waiter, to which Helga tells him that he is a spy before stabbing B.J. in the hand. Schreiner then pulls out his handgun to shoot B.J., but before they could do anything, Helga was radioed in that the miners cause an explosion with dynamite. B.J. then stabs Schreiner with the knife and grabs his gun only for the explosion to occur, allowing Helga and Emmerich to escape and head to the dig site.

Schreiner and Helga later lured B.J. into a trap. With B.J. in their grasp, Helga takes her book from B.J. and awakes King Otto I's monster, causing Emmerich to praise Helga for her discovery. However, the monster soon goes out of control and attacks Helga, causing a frightened Schreiner to shoot the monster before it picks him up and bites off his head.


  • He is the counterpart of Professor A. Zemph from Return to Castle Wolfenstein, both were assigned to work with a female antagonist (Helga von Schabbs and Helga von Bulow), and both opposed their orders before being killed.
  • His role is similar to Hans "Bubi" Winkle from Wolfenstein: The New Order, as both are companions to the female antagonist, appeared little through the story, and were killed at the end of the game.


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