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I'm deadly serious.
~ Emmy threatening to harm Luke.

Emmeline Altava (Remi Altava in Japanese), better known as Emmy, is a major character from the Professor Layton prequel series.

She is the tritagonist of the Last Specter and the Miracle Mask, and the hidden secondary antagonist of the Azran Legacy.

She initially acted as an assistant to Hershel Layton, before she is actually revealed to be a double-agent for Targent and Leon Bronev's adopted niece in the Azran Legacy.

She is voiced by Saki Aibu in the Japanese version of the anime, and by Lani Minella in the English version, who also voiced Sindel in Mortal Kombat 3, Lemmy Koopa, Boom Boom, Wendy O. Koopa and Pom Pom in Super Mario Bros. franchise, Red Nun in Remothered: Tormented Fathers, Elena Goshkin in Die Hard Trilogy 2: Viva Las Vegas, Gabriella in The Elder Scrolls, Rouge the Bat in Sonic the Hedgehog franchise, Lucas in Super Smash Bros. series, Nancy Drew in The Secret of the Old Clock, Sonic Boom in Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure and Omochao in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games.



Not much is known about Emmy's past, apart from the fact her entire family is dead, and she was taken in and raised by Leon Bronev at some point in time. She first met the Professor when she was wrongly accused of pickpocketing, although Layton doesn't recall this. Somehow, she ended up working for Targent and was asked by Bronev to spy on Professor Layton, report his findings, and possibly to report how well Layton would work if he became a member. She goes to Gressenheller University and gets a job as his assistant there.

Prequel Trilogy

For the next three entries, Emmy serves as the tritagonist, and a powerful ally to Professor Layton against Jean Descole During this time, she secretly reports his progress to Bronev, who captures all of his findings.

The Azran Legacy

Emmy serves as the hidden secondary antagonist in the final chapter. She mostly seems on the Professor's side, not showing any signs of violence. After Targent fails to get the key back in the Froenburg ruins, she suddenly grabs a blade and takes Luke hostage. She revealed, to Layton's surprise, that she had been a double-agent for Targent the entire time. She then reveals that her entire family is dead, and Bronev is her only family that's left. After getting further through the ruins, she reflects upon herself and feels bad for betraying the people who she had gotten to know for three years. She lets Luke go, and claims to Bronev he had hurt himself. Once the Professor and Luke get to the bottom of the ruins, she is with Bronev when he has Aurora sacrificed to awaken the Legacy. She is horrified, but at the same time, could have prevented it. After the ruins are lifted out of the mountains, and the Azran Dolls are released, she is one of the five people, along with Layton, Descole, Bronev, and Luke to give their lives to stop the apocalypse, and stop the Voice of the Azran's plan. She, along with them, is brought back to life by Aurora, who starts to disintegrate, and dies, much to everyone's dismay. A while later, she resigns as Layton's assistant, due to feeling guilty, and embraces Layton in a hug before leaving. She tells him she might come back when she feels worthy of being his assistant again. She is last seen in the credits, walking in an unknown and empty location.


Emmy Altava as seen in the manga

In the manga series Professor Layton and the Cheerful Mystery, Emmy only has some short appearances in the fourth book.


Emmy seems kind and caring throughout her time in the games when in reality, she is lonely, sad, shy and willing to betray even the closest of friends just to be respected by her "uncle." A horrifying moment of her true personality was when she willingly threatened to slash Luke's neck, even though the two were close friends for three years. However, she does know guilt and feels guilty after betraying the Professor, causing her to resign as his assistant. It's also possible that when kidnapped and held Luke as a hostage, she feels uneasy about doing so, but she hid it perfectly.

Powers and Abilities

Emmy is intelligent and also a very powerful fighter.


  • Unnamed father †
  • Leon Bronev (adoptive uncle)
  • Hershel Layton (adoptive cousin, former boss)
  • Luke Triton (friend, rival)
  • Dean Delmona (former employer)
  • Darlya Kolum (current boss)


Uncle Leon is all I have in this world!
~ Emmy
Professor, hand over the key stone!
~ Emmy revealing her true nature.


  • Emmy is actually the first female villain in the entire Professor Layton franchise, as well as being a sole female example of From Nobody to Nightmare due to being trained as a spy as well as her quite infamous villainous event when she betrays Layton.
  • Despite being a major antagonist, Emmy is, in fact, the least evil from overall villains in the series alongside some villains, which includes Oswald Whistler.
  • Emmy does know guilt despite her terrible deed in Azran Legacy as she later apologizes to both Layton and Luke.

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