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The Emperor is the overarching antagonist of BoBoiBoy franchise. He is the emperor of Ata Ta Tiga planet. Despite being an unseen character, he does mentioned in the tenth episode of the second season of BoBoiBoy series.



Before the start of the series, the emperor commanding all Kubulus to capture and hunted all Power Spheres at all costs. Bora Ra captures and gives them to emperor so he could conquer many planets across the galaxy.


In Season 2, Episode 10, he is mentioned as an alien that belongs to elite class on school.


  • Before the release of the series, he is supposed to be the one of the antagonists after Adu Du, Probe and Computer. He is possibly replaced by Bago Go which is his look-aliked character, the differences is that the emperor wears different clothes but without neck tie. In the emperor's head, there was also a object that similar with a building (possibly that building is Animonsta Studios's headquarters). He looks a lot like Bago Go and possibly being replaced by him.
  • He also appeared in the website of Animonsta Studios (it's unknown if he can still be seen at this moment because the website was update in the 1st quarter of the 2013).


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