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When you die, you will rise again to fight in my undead army.
~ Emperor Antares to the gladiator before the final battle.

Emperor Antares is the main antagonist of the Swords and Sandals franchise, being described as its greatest villain.


Emperor Antares' early history is unknown. However, it is known that he was once human before becoming a lich and attempted to restore himself to human form, but failed.

He then took over the Doomtrek Arena. Part of the reason he did so was because he wanted to enslave the souls of the dead and use them to build an army. The other reason was that he enjoyed watching people fight to the death.

In addition, it was also mentioned that he waged war against other kingdoms. However, with the help of many different allies, he was defeated.

He was eventually killed by a gladiator who participated in one of his tournaments. However, he would eventually return during the events of Swords and Sandals: Crusader, being the leader of the Death Imperium. He was resurrected by Antares and HeChaos, though HeChaos' incompetence ensured that he would not return until later on in the Crusades.

He would make enemies with the seven other factions, including his former allies HeChaos and Antares, whom he decided to betray. He would succeed in defeating most of them, but he was eventually repelled by the combined forces of King Lionel, Sir Belgrave, and Baron Wolfgang.

He was ultimately killed by King Lionel, cleaving his head off his shoulders. As he could not be killed permanently, King Lionel enlisted the help of Bargle Yarg and imprisoned him deep below the earth with magical chains. He briefly escaped his prison during Swords in Sandals 3: Crusader but he was killed once again by another gladiator. Thus, he was sent back to his prison.

As with Swords and Sandals 2, he is once again the final boss of Swords and Sandals 5.



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