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Emperor Bacchus Wrath (known as Bacchus Wrath) was the leader of the Machine Empire Baranoia and the main antagonist of Choriki Sentai Ohranger.

He was voiced by the late Tōru Ōhira, who also dubbed Darth Vader in the Japanese version of Star Wars original trilogy.


Bacchus Wrath lead an invasion of a bunch of Barlo Soldiers on Earth. He wanted to turn Kocha into a monster grower, while also wanting to modify Acha.

Later on, Bacchus Wrath invents a new monster called Bara Revenger, who turned on and blamed him for his defeat, and sends Acha and Kocha to brainwash him into fighting the Ohrangers.

He later sends Machine Beast Tamer Keris, a Machine Beast, who was in charge of taming other Machine Beasts, to destroy the Ohrangers.

After a tough battle with the Ohrangers, Bacchus Wrath was later destroyed them. It was later revealed that Bacchus Wrath survived the battle against the Ohrangers via his head, transforming Buldont into Kaiser Buldont with all of his remaining power after he was defeated by a traitorous general named Bomber the Great.



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