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Bring the Owl Lady to me by twilight, she'll join the Emperor's Coven and in return I'll heal her little curse. But if you fail, you will be stripped of your rank and banished from my coven. You do know what happens to covenless witches, don't you?
~ Emperor Belos threatening Lilith Clawthorne if she fails to capture Eda, while also lying that he will heal her.
Knock, knock, human.
~ Belos revealing that he had already completed the door, as well as his most famous quote.

Emperor Belos is the main antagonist of the Disney Channel 2020 animated series The Owl House.

He is the emperor of the Boiling Isles and the overseer of the Emperor's Coven, who created the Coven System for categorizing magic into specific disciplines instituted by himself. He is the arch-nemesis of Luz Noceda and Eda Clawthorne, as well as the boss of Kikimora and the Golden Guard, being the latter's so-called "uncle".

He is voiced by Matthew Rhys, who also played The Conductor in Infinity Train.


While little of his personality has been shown so far, according to Matthew Rhys on Twitter, he is an omnipotent megalomaniac. From what has been seen so far, he is generally quite calm and soft-spoken, to the point of coming off as somewhat polite. However, it is clearly a superficial front since he keeps that tone even while he's being condescending towards Lilith and threatening her with a severe punishment for her failures to bring Eda to him.

Considering her fear of going to him empty-handed, it's a pretty safe assumption that he's intolerant towards failure from anyone who serves under him. He is also not above lying to get what he wants since he quickly goes back on his agreement with her to lift Eda's curse and has her sentenced to be petrified instead, probably knowing full well she wouldn't have agreed to help apprehend her if he told her what he really intended to do with her.

In spite of these actions, it's implied by Lilith that Belos holds a soft spot for Golden Guard, whom he apparently gives special treatment towards and even made him his right-hand man, in spite of his very young age. This is further expanded in "Hunting Palisman" where it's revealed that Golden Guard, aka Hunter, is Belos' nephew. However, Belos acts slightly abusive towards Hunter whenever the latter brings up using wild magic to cure him of his curse, but only because wild magic is the reason for Belos' curse and the deaths of their family, not wanting the same thing to happen to Hunter, showing that deep down, he does love his nephew. That is, of course, on the grounds of whether Belos is being truthful. Due to how quickly Belos becomes angry and the cut in Hunter's ear and his triangular scar, it is heavily implied that Belos was the one who scarred him. From what it appears, whatever love he holds for his nephew can easily turn sour if Hunter were to ever give him a reason to.


Belos is a middle-aged witch with a fair complexion, cornflower-blue eyes and long, rough-looking, ash-blond hair reaching past his shoulders. He has wrinkly lips and a notch on his left ear similar to his nephew Hunter's. Most prominently though, he has a large, basil-green scar, or section of his face, running across his face and down his neck with holes that seem to be eroding it, an indication of how severely his unknown illness is affecting him. He wears a mask with two long upward-facing horns. His eyes are hollow through the mask, creating the appearance of having empty eye sockets. He wears a large white and brown cape with gold trim. His eyes can glow light blue, as shown when Luz Noceda cracks the right side of his mask and exposes one of them.

As revealed in the episode "Hunting Palismen", his monstrous form resembles a humanoid goat beast, with arms that are made out of a gooey substance, not unlike what abominations are made out of.



Not much is known about Belos' past, except that 50 years before the start of the series, Belos ended the Savage Ages where witches and demons used magic freely by coming to power and creating the Coven System, which limited individuals to one kind of magic unless they joined the ranks of the Emperor's Coven that answered to him. It is also known that at some point in time, Belos did go to the Human Realm, though it's unclear if this was before or after he became emperor.

At some point he constructed a palace as a symbol of unity and collected a vast array of magical artifacts he kept there.

When the prodigious Lilith came along, Belos offered to make her the leader of the Emperor's Coven and help heal her equally-prodigious sister Eda from the curse Lilith cast upon her. In exchange, Lilith was assigned to capture Eda so Belos could induct the rogue witch into a coven.

Season 1

He was first mentioned at the end of "Covention". Belos is presumably The Emperor previously mentioned as being protected by the Emperor's Coven and who rules over the Boiling Isles. Kikimora mentions the Emperor's name to Lilith during a conference and that the Emperor has assigned Lilith in the capture of Eda in exchange for a 15200 dollar reward. Emperor Belos was first mentioned by Kikimora in "Convention".

In "Wing It Like Witches", he was mentioned by Lilith when she tells Eda that the Emperor has big plans for her.

In "Agony of a Witch", he fully appears as he waits for Lilith to capture Eda and threatens a severe punishment if she fails him again. He also appears when Lilith and Eda are battling each other.

In "Young Blood, Old Souls", Emperor Belos is revealed to have lied to Lilith about promising to cure her sister and is instead sentencing her to be petrified, a punishment usually reserved for the worst criminals. While it is publicly stated that she would be the first one to receive the sentence in 30 years, there are shots of more witches and demons petrified, meaning that he had done so in secrecy.

It is revealed that the Day of Unity involves the human realm and that Belos sought Eda for her key portal. When Luz and King arrive to rescue Eda alongside a redeemed Lilith, Belos fights against Luz. Despite him being more powerful, Luz succeeds at striking a blow, making a scratch in his mask, to which he states his amusement. He made it clear that he doesn't have any intention of waging war against humanity, since it is too boorish by the Titan's will.

Forcing the young girl into making a choice of giving up the key portal or have Eda get transformed into stone, Luz gives him the case containing it, but she also craftily added fire glyphs to the case, making it into a time bomb that detonates once she was out of range. He glares at Luz menacingly and Luz glares at him back.

Unbeknownst to Luz, Emperor Belos still had the broken parts of the portal in order to make a portal dimension, and he sends someone (who is an Owl Spy) to watch the inhabitants of the owl house.

Season 2

Emperor Belos first appeared to the end of the series premiere episode, where he is seen finishing building the portal as he puts back his mask on, saying "Knock, knock, human."

He was later mentioned by the Golden Guard when he makes a deal with Alador and Odalia Blight that he will be having all of their Abominations.

He was mentioned by Gwendolyn when she is interacting with her daughter, Eda, explaining that she was aware of the petrification ceremony.

His face was finally shown when Hunter was having a conversation about the door he tried to open.


  • The Emperor's name is misspelled as "Bellows" in the closed captioning.
  • The word "belos" means "beautiful" in several Iberian and Mediterranean languages, such as Portuguese, Galician, and Corsican.
  • In "Agony of a Witch", it's revealed that whenever members of the Emperor's Coven don't succeed in things, they get expelled from the coven as seen when he is talking to Lilith about Eda.
    • It could be implied that he kills anyone who is in the Emperor's Coven who doesn't follow his Coven System.
  • Despite his evil nature, his voice actor Matthew Rhys considers him to just be misunderstood how/if this plays out in the future remains to be seen.[1]
    • Though there is also a chance he might've been making a sarcastic joke, given the laconic wording of the post.
    • As of "Hunting Palisman" this does seem to be playing out though as Emperor Belos is being presented as a Well-Intentioned Extremist who lost his family to wild magic and wants to get rid of it because he genuinely thinks it's dangerous, how this will play out in the future remains to be seen.
  • It is theorized that Belos is actually a human who first came to the Boiling Isles. The strong element to support this is that his staff lacks a palisman. In the Season 2 episode "Keeping Up A-fear-ances", Gwendolyn Clawthorne relays a story to Luz about how there was a human that appeared in the Boiling Isles and left, leaving information behind in regard to a substance called titan's blood. From there, it could be explained that the human in question was Belos. In the episode "Through the Looking Glass Ruins", it is highly theorized that Philip Wittebane, the human that first came to the Boiling Isles and creator of the portal to the human realm and Belos are the same person.
    • While it is also currently unclear if Belos is or is not a human, when his face is finally revealed in the episode "Eclipse Lake", his ears appear to be much rounder than a normal witch's, and they seem to resemble human ears to some extent. The common counterpoint to that comparison is the fact that his ears are smaller and less pronounced than other witch's ears the implication being that Belos likely modified his ears to further blend in with the Boiling Isles. Much like Hunter, Belos, according to this theory, it would mean that he is incapable of performing natural magic. This also strengthen by the fact that Belos's staff is very much like Hunter's artificial magic staff.
    • In the episode "Yesterday Lie", it is possible that Belos is also one of the brothers that found Gravefield, Luz's hometown.



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