Emperor Gaohm is the mysterious leader of the Jamahl. He appears as a tall figure with a white and purple robe and face that seemed to be full of fibrous. He is the primary antagonist of Juukou B-Fighter.

Gaohm possesses the power to teleport people and his warriors to the Gaohm Zone, another dimension to give them more power. Each Zone was a blank place with a few ornaments in the ceiling or walls that reflected the warrior there. Each zone would disappear once the monster was defeated.


Gaohm was born from a space warp. He wandered through space until he gained enough energy to assemble the Jamahl for his life-long goal of capturing Saint Papilia so he could become immortal.

Gaohm was supposedly killed by the B-Fighters, only to reappear as Final Gaohm, a gigantic torso floating in space, with an exposed purple heart, only a right arm and wires running all through and over his body.

However, both forms were decoys used by the real Gaohm, a small embryonic entity in a tank full of liquid. Gaohm planned to use the Jamahl Hole to suck up the Earth's atmosphere and cease all life on the planet. By doing this, he planned to get Saint Papilia to reveal itself to revive the Earth, so he could captured it and force it to give him immortality.

In order to further the completion of the Jamahl Hole, Gaohm killed Gigaro to use his life energy to speed up the process. However, Jera learned what he had done and turned on him.

Gaohm later brought in Hidra and offered her Jera's position if she could capture Guru. Hidra succeeded in completing her task, and Gaohm bestowed her an armband to signify her rank. However, the armband was actually a bomb, and Gaohm detonated it in an attempt to kill the B-Fighters.

Jera later discovered Gaohm's true form, causing Gaohm to cast her down to Earth. Gaohm was killed when his fortress crashed onto Earth, preventing him from ever achieving immortality.

Gaohm was later revived and absorbed by the sorceress Jagul in the series finale.

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