Emperor Kurr is the villainous past live/alter ego of Savage Dragon in the comics. He is an alien warlord who is not only

Dragon's worst enemies but also a nightmare.

Kurr once led a nomadic race of aliens that traveled for thousands of years to search for a new homeworld that is suitable to them. Kurr chose Earth and decided not to share the world with humans so he decides to kill all the humans and conquer the planet which goes against the aliens' ways. Two scientists that worked for him heard about it and conspired against him. They made the Emperor have brain damage and planted five days of Earth's broadcasting which erased his memories. They left Kurr on Earth while they left to search a homeworld without him. Kurr because of these events became the hero Savage Dragon.

Twenty years later, Kurr and his memories returned when Savage Dragon fought the Virus. The Virus restored Kurr and his memories. Kurr remembered who he is and decided to do what he planned two decades ago. Kurr went and spreaded a red mist which would wipe out all of humanity.

He severed as the fourth main villain of the series.

Powers and ablitlies

Kurr possess Super human strength,speed,stamina,and durabilty as well as a healing factor

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