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The Imperial Majesty, Emperor Maximilian the Great - King of Austria and Patriarch of the House of Habsburg. We have not entertained outsiders in so long. Excuse my uncouth ways - you are clearly a superior creature and have asserted yourself. We are at your mercy. Does our guest wish to feast upon our flesh? To rape the festering wound?
~ Emperor Maximilian introducing himself to Dr. Tobias Moser.
We do not eat human. We eat peasants. We eat undesirables. We devour life undeserving of life. That is the nature of nobility. What else would be the point?
~ Emperor Maximilian

Emperor Maximilian the Great, also known as SCP-3288-ALPHA, is an antagonist in the SCP mythos. He is a morbidly obese instance of SCP-3288 who formerly inhabited the sewers of Vienna, but is currently contained.


Emperor Maximilian is distinguished from the rest of his kind by his staggering obesity. He weighs 1.6 metric tons, around the weight of an adult hippopotamus. He is so fat and heavy that he cannot walk or stand up, and he must be carried around at all times by his courtiers. His enormous girth requires him to dress in custom-made clothing stitched together out of multiple normal-sized outfits. Because of the fat in his head, his metal crown is virtually embedded in his flesh.

Maximilian is also blind and missing both eyes. He conceals his eyeless face under a veil attached to his crown, and lifts the veil only to eat. Under the veil, his eye sockets look prolapsed, and Maximilian claims that his eyes literally burst out of his head due to overeating.


Emperor Maximilian was the result of genetic manipulation by Leopold I, Holy Roman Emperor, in his attempts to create a pure bloodline. Due to their royal lineage, Maximilian and other instances of SCP-3288 deluded themselves into believing they were actually royalty and began giving themselves titles, with Maximilian assuming the title of Emperor and taking control of the group living in the Viennese sewers (SCP-3288-1).

Due to his arrogance and belief in the divine right of kings, Maximilian ignored his advisors to the point of lunacy and refused to do anything for himself, to the point of becoming morbidly obese and unable to walk. He also ate so much that he eventually went blind. However, as a member of SCP-3288 he regularly took part in activities like raping people "until their entrails spill[ed]" and eating those deemed to be beneath the species.

Eventually, the SCP Foundation became aware of the existence of SCP-3288 and ventured into the Viennese sewers to contain them. A containment team arrived in time to witness an orgy (during which Maximilian was seen to eat an entire cauldron full of human infants) before an injured Foundation operative earlier attacked by SCP-3288 killed most of them in a suicide bombing. The remaining few were knocked out using gas and contained, with Maximilian being designated SCP-3288-ALPHA.

During interrogation, Maximilian was exposed to light (a weakness of SCP-3288) in order to make him comply with his interrogators. He was manipulated into revealing information about SCP-3288 by Dr. Tobias Moser claiming to be "King Moser of the Foundation" and claimed that he only ate "life undeserving of life" and that "that is the nature of nobility". He is currently imprisoned by the Foundation.



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