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Emperor Maya is the tyrannical ruler of Magic Land and the secondary antagonist of Kamen Rider Wizard in Magic Land.

He was portrayed by Shugo Oshinari.


Despite being the ruler of Magic Land, Maya himself cannot use magic. When he was a child, Maya's father asked Orma to keep this a secret from the people of Magic Land and so, as an adult, Maya relies on Orma to keep up the illusion of being able to.

Though he was viewed as a good leader by his citizens, Maya secretly desired revenge on the world for being able to use magic while he himself could not. To this end, Maya and Orma create the Thanatos Vessel to use to drain the citizens of Magic Land of their mana.

When Haruto Soma and Koyomi appear, he allows them to stay after they tell him that they are from another world and that Koyomi cannot use magic. Maya later talks with Koyomi and sympathizes with her for not being able to use magic, talking with her about wanting the world to disappear.

After Haruto and Kousuke become aware of his plans to drain the world of magic, Maya marks them as criminals and sends his Kamen Rider Mages after them. Maya later activates the Thanatos Vessel to drain the mana of every mage on the planet, however, instead of doing that it causes Haruto and the other mages to change into Phantoms instead of dying. Orma reveals himself as the Drake Phantom and explains that he was manipulating Maya all along, commenting on how one man's despair could destroy the world.

After Orma is defeated, Maya disappears along with Magic Land.

After returning to the real world, Haruto spots Maya's counterpart with his wife holding their child.


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Emperor Maya