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Stop hand

Please... destroy this bedraggled world.
~ Emperor Sutoku
If i may have your attention... it has taken an eternity, but finally i have returned. I am deeply disappointed in all your lackluster efforts of late. Nowadays, humans feel most threatened by ghosts from other countries or man-made contraptions... this cannot be tolerated. By means of a solution, i propose we have a grand battle, to discover once and for all who is the strongest! All are welcome to enter, no matter where or when their origin, or what their identity. Show me what you can do! But this won't just be some big-for-all... we will conduct this battle in such a way that it doesn't break our pact with the Guild. In this battle, you will ally yourself with a ghost agent, and draw on spirit power as you attempt to prove your superiority. In other words... we will lend them our powers on formal basis. The Guild will not be allowed to interfere. You there! Agent! ... Inform the Guild of what you heard here today.
~ Emperor Sutoku's speech
~ Emperor Sutoku's last words

Emperor Sutoku is the main antagonist of the Android mobile game, Ayakashi: Ghost Guild. He is a vengeful spirit of an emperor, who was widely feared by the people of the Heian period in Japan. It was until he was eventually defeated by the young samurai named Yoshitsune, who sealed him away into the scroll with the help of his powerful barrier. In the modern day in Japan, he was released once again after the barrier broke as he begins his quest of orchestrating the battle of the Daemons and also planned to rule both the world and the Other Side, which is the world of spirits.


Emperor Sutoku was a Daemon with a long, white hair and two pairs of red eyes. He also wears the pale purple kimono with two golden harnesses on each sides and a long tan dress. He also have two black wings, which allowed to fly and float on mid-air.


Early Life


Final Battle and Defeat

During the climax, Sutoku eventually make his way up onto the top of Tokyo Tower where he began to absorbed all the souls into his body, thus transforming him into a powerful being. Suddenly, he was attacked by Yoshitsune but Sutoku easily blocked his sword though Yoshitsune kept on fighting him as Sutoku taunted him. Sutoku eventually defeated Yoshitsune as he broke his sword into half and 

Just when Sutoku was about to absorb Mira, the protagonist activated the scroll, which opened the portal as Sutoku looked at it in horror. The portal then began to suck Sutoku into it as he let go of Mira and screamed in anger and struggled to remain on his feet. However, the portal's force was proved to much for him as countless souls began to flow out from his body, leaving him weakened. Despite that, Sutoku continued to struggle but he finally lost his grip and he sucked into the portal as he screamed in both rage and terror, thus ending his reign of terror once and for all. With his threat finally stopped, all the Daemons began to disappear with Mira, who was congrulating the protagonist and bid farewell before she disappears. 

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