Emperor Terror Macro is the leader of the Dogma Kingdom and the main antagonist of the first half of Kamen Rider Super-1.

He is an ancient man who surrounds himself with bodyguards. The bells that hang down under his throne ring to announce his arrival and also serve as a means of discipline.

He later transforms into Kaiser Crow to fight Super-1 himself.

He was portrayed by Akira Shioji.


Emperor Terror Macro came to Earth with the intention of conquering it. After attacking the NASA base Super-1 was at, Macro attempted to convince Super-1 to join him but Super-1 refused and vowed to fight him.

After General Megirl's failure to destroy Super-1, he prays to the Dogma God for power and is transformed into Kaiser Crow to fight Super-1 personally. He succeeds in killing Benkei, Master Genkai, and all the disciples of the Sekishin Shorinken Fist before fighting Super-1. Though the powers of the Dogma God had made him seemingly invincible, he possesses a weakpoint which is the shoulder his pet crow conceals by perching on. He was destroyed by Super-1 with his Super Rider Moon Surface Kick after his crow betrays him, flying away to expose the blindspot being revealed to have worked for Marshal Demon all along.



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