So Watch Yourself! My rage just makes me grown faster!
~ Tran's rage before transforming in Tranza.
When the cocoon breaks, the butterfly rises in sky. When Tran's Cocoon breaks, Tranza rises in skies
~ Tranza revealing himself.

Tran (Later known as Tranza or Emperor Tranza) is a member of Dimensional War Party Vyram a major antagonist of Chojin Sentai Jetman. As well later as leader of later one.

Tran was potrayed by Miku Kuga. Tranza was pottayed by Yutaka Hirose, which he was potrayed earlier antagonists like Doctor Kemp in Chojuu Sentai Liveman and Leh Wanda in Chouhinsei Flashman


Initially Starting like a psychokinetic kid called Tranza, he specialized into making monsters in base of children's toys in order to satisfy his fun desires. He thought both enemy or ally fatalities as "just part of the fun".

He had notorius psychokinetic powers from his mechanical arm. When the Jetman began to suspect that there might be innocent civilians trapped within their enemies bodies, Ryu began to stop serious attacks, afraid of hurting the child Tran might be. This led to Tranza to be the joke of his mates of Vyram.

Eventually, the constant anger became too much to the kid, leading a fed up Tran to undergo a Notorius growth, becoming Emperor Tranza.

Nowly growth, he seized leadership of Vyram and attacked his mates in revenge for understimate him when he was a kid. Besides his new powers and new-found arrogance, he wielded the Boltranza long-sword. They tried stop him. Their first try was to create a monster but Tranza improved upon it wielding it to his advantage, much for the team's frustration.

In order to defeat Jetman, he created Majin Robo Veronica, which needed human life energy. Radiguet sabotaged Tranza's Robot Veronica as revenge, Tranza used him to feed the robot.

Later, he begins to plot his final plan to defeat Jetman: The Bio Gun. Tranza heads out to hunt both Radiguet and Jetmen down. Tranza fights the Jetman and uses his Bio Gun to turn each member into a trophy portrait until only Ryuu remains like only member, who with Radiguet aiding Ryuu, Radiguet manages to betraying him the Bio Gun is destroyed and the others are freed as they use Jet Bazooka to defeat him once for all.

-G.U.I.S.- Chojin Sentai Jetman 47 (FC7EB9A8).mkv snapshot 18.02 -2012.07.24 21.58.42-

A mentally unstable, drooling and vegetative Tranza in a Mental Institution after Radiguet destroys his psyche

Though he survives the attacks, Radiguet tortures Tranza stabbing him in the bare hand, stepping on him and mocking him to say his name and say "Lord Radiguet" before sparring him to live in fearing his name between humans.

Later, we see him in a Mental Institution in wheelchair, in catatonic state. He has a serious brain damage with zero possibilities of recover. Tranza yells out in pain as the doctors try to restrain him.

Years later (in manga sequel), stills in Mental Institution, Radiguet's spirit uses his vegetative body like a host. When Radiguet plans to use a new host, Tranza's Soul emerges and drive his soul to hell, destroying him forever and finally getting revenge against him and everything that he did it on his and his mind.


How the Great Emperor Tranza can lose?
~ Tranza shortly after his defeat.
No!(Doctors:Restrain him!) Forgive me!!
~ Tranza's unstable final words as the doctors restrain him in mental hospital


  • He is the only main villain in the Show to not die (if the manga didn't count).
    • Ironically, he have a fate worse than death by living suffering the rest of his live.
  • The child villain archetype later will be used in other Super Sentai and Power Rangers seriesPower Rangers S.P.D in Morgana (Power Rangers) for example


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