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~ Emperor Yodon telephatically communicating with Galza.
The Mashins declared an all-out war against me...and it has reached my ears. Here is my reply. I warn you once again. I shall rule Earth. I would subjugate it with my own hands, right now...but this land has not sufficiently stagnated yet. Therefore, I shall take Yodonna's form for now...but my advent draws near. When that moment comes, it will be your doom. Well? When the seas of this planet brim with filth...and the land shall become a colony of Yodomheim. I shall soon make you realize which of us is right!
~ Emperor Yodon's declaration to King Oradin.
Impossible... I... Can't lose...
~ Final words before death.

Emperor Yodon is the mysterious ruler of the Dark Empire Yodonheim and the main antagonist of Mashin Sentai Kiramager.

He was voiced by Kazuhiro Yamaji, who also voiced Bel in Doki Doki! Pretty Cure and the Leo Imagin from Kamen Rider Den-O.



Emperor Yodon was originally a snake-like creature born from the stagnation within Yodonheim. After being hit with lightning, Yodon believed he had been given divine inspiration and crafted himself a powerful mask for himself to wear, the very first Jamen. Donning the Jamen, the Emperor fought and defeated numerous other creatures before absorbing them to become stronger, soon growing giant. Eventually, the Emperor's power grew to wear he split off his consciousness into two separate beings to house aspects of his personality, Yodonna and Shadon.

Viewing the two princes of Crystalia as a threat to his rule, Emperor Yodon visited Galza as a child and used his darkness powers to stoke within the young prince a hatred of his brother Oradin, which eventually manifested as an envy towards his brother being king.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager: Episode ZERO

Though he is not seen, Emperor Yodon made a deal with Galza, offering him a place as one of his generals in exchange for betraying Crystalia to the Yodonheim. After the Yodonheim forces invaded the palace of King Oradin, Galza pledged to serve his new master Emperor Yodon and donned a suit of armor to serve as one of the generals of Yodonheim.

After conquering Crystalia and "killing" King Oradin, the Yodonheim forces invaded Earth due to its radiance.

Mashin Sentai Kiramager

Carantula talking to Emperor Yodon.

After the destruction of Faucet Hildon, Carantula apologized to Emperor Yodon for the Jamen Beast's failure but informed him that he already had a new plan to use Rugby Jamen to gather enough darkness energy for them to use to open an invasion gate to Earth.

After Rugby Jamen's death, Carantula informed Galza that, before his death, Rugby Jamen had made a "Darkness Insurance" contract with Emperor Yodon and that 20% of his darkness would be reimbursed to use to create a portal to send Rugger Ligany to Earth.

With the continued defeats of the Jamenshi against the Kiramagers, Carantula and Galza began to worry that Emperor Yodon was becoming displeased with the slow progress of the Earth invasion. Carantula later received a call from Yodonna, the executive assistant of the Emperor, who ordered Carantula to provide her backup for her scheme to create a tunnel from Yodonheim to Earth. When Carantula refused, Yodonna reminded him that, as the Emperor's assistant, she outranked him.

When Yodonna was beaten by KiramaiBlue and KiramaiYellow, Emperor Yodon telepathically ordered Galza to go retrieve her in Smog Jouki. Juru Atsuta heard his voice as well and later drew a sketch of the figure he had seen.

Emperor Yodon shows his true form.

After the failure of Carantula's plan to spread darkness by dropping diss tracks on people, Emperor Yodon decided to address Carantula's failure personally, shocking Yodonna as she had never met the Emperor in person despite being his personal assistant. The Emperor then contacted Yodonna through her Yodon Changer and ordered to seek out King Oradin. After Yodonna was able to get King Oradin to reveal himself, Emperor Yodon emerged from her and revealed that Yodonna was just an aspect of himself he used to travel between worlds easily. Having shown his colossal true form, Emperor Yodon declared to King Oradin that by assembling all the Mashins he had declared war and that the advent of Yodonheim, along with the destruction of the Kiramagers, was near before easily leveling the entire city. The Emperor went on to exclaim his intentions to pollute the entire world in order to turn it into a colony for Yodonheim before reverting to the form of Yodonna, who was promptly picked up by Galza in Smog Jouki and brought back to Yodonheim where she learned the truth.

Emperor Yodon later issued another set of orders through the Yodon Changer for the elimination of the Kiramagers. He then once more from Yodonna and before Galza and Carantula, causing them to bow before him. The Emperor ordered Galza to accompany his best hunter, Shadon, on a mission to Earth to eliminate the Kiramagers, before transforming into Shadon, surprising Carantula as he was unaware that Shadon was yet another aspect of the Emperor.

After Shadon was destroyed by KiramaiYellow, Emperor Yodon emerged from his dying body and cursed the Kiramagers for destroying his hunter before teleporting away.

When Carantula refused to create any more Jamen Masks after having fun painting with Juru and realizing he would rather create art than make Jamenshi and Jamen Beasts for the Yodonheim's war effort, Emperor Yodon emerged out of Yodonna to personally execute him. Yodon blasted Carantula into a nearby pool of water, seemingly killing him, but Carantula was secretly saved by Galza.

Galza later offered himself up to Emperor Yodon to replace Shadon as his other personality aspect, proclaiming that he had joined Yodonheim for power and saw becoming a herald of Emperor Yodon as the quickest way to obtain that. The Emperor accepted Galza's request and invited him into his body, absorbing him as another personality aspect. With Galza as his vessel, Emperor Yodon was able to go to Earth and spread a black fog that drained people's energy and turned them violent. Eventually, the Earth became corrupted enough that Emperor Yodon was able to emerge out of Galza to face the Kiramagers. However, it was at that point that Carantula threw the special paralyzing bomb he made on Galza's instruction at Emperor Yodon, freezing the Emperor on its detonation and allowing Galza to hijack the Emperor's body for himself.

After Galza learned of the Emperor's corruption of him when he was young, Emperor Yodon regained control and expunged Galza from his body. Emperor Yodon then revealed that he was the one who had corrupted Galza by stoking in him envy over his brother being the king. Furious at the revelation he was used, Galza attempted to attack Emperor Yodon, only to be knocked to the ground before being vaporized. Emperor Yodon then blasted Juru and knocked him over a cliff, seemingly killing him.

Back in control, Emperor Yodon informed Yodonna their next move would be to seize the three other Kanaema Stones from the Kiramagers and instructed her to leave Illusia in Yodonheim where it would be safe. Arriving on a polluted Earth, Emperor Yodon was soon met by the Kiramagers (minus Juru and Takamichi) in their Mashins. During their confrontation, Tametomo used the Reversia stone to revert Emperor Yodon to the form of Yodonna, allowing King Oradin to seal them both in stone. Yodonna questioned the Emperor as to what they would do, to which Emperor Yodon responded there were other options before striking down Yodonna so their consciousnesses would be separated. Shocked and fatally wounded, Yodonna asked why the Emperor had sacrificed her if he cared for her, to which Emperor Yodon responded by saying he only cared for himself. A tearful Yodonna then asked if this was when she should cry, but Emperor Yodon told her to laugh instead as she had given her life for her, right before Yodonna passed on. With Yodonna dead, Emperor Yodon was no longer sealed and soon resurfaced to begin wreaking havoc again. The Kiramagers tried their best, now joined by Takamichi in Drijan, but ultimately the Emperor overpowered them all before summoning a massive ball of energy to level the entire city with. Before he could do so however, Juru rammed through the Emperor using Smog Jouki and joined his teammates in fighting the Emperor.

During the fight, Juru used the Illusia stone on the Emperor to convince him that he has beaten the team. As soon as he removed his mask to reveal his true face and perform his finishing move on the Kiramagers, they struck and caused him to shrink down to human size. For his final stand, Emperor Yodon summoned his own personal Bechats known as Emperor's Guard Bechats, but they were held off by the team as Juru used this finisher known as Sparkling Phoenix: Destoria special and headshots him, thus killing the malevolent overlord once and for all.

After his destruction, Carantula became the new emperor of Yodonheim, making peace with Kiramagers and giving the emperor's vow never to attack Earth.



  • His voice actor, Kazuhiro Yamaji, is the husband of Romi Park who voiced Eras, the main antagonist of the previous Super Sentai series Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger.
  • Emperor Yodon is the first snake-themed antagonist since Jarnake Saucer in Kaitou Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger.
  • His ability to turn himself into a general of his faction makes him similar to Brajira of the Messiah and his Buredoran disguises from 2010 TV series called Tensou Sentai Goseiger.
    • Unlike Brajira though (whose disguises are physically similar to his original form), Emperor Yodon is capable of changing his entire form into a different one.
  • As a leader formed from a lower life form with his origins being the driving motivation behind his campaign of conquest, he's similar to Ginis from 2016 TV series called Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger.
    • This is further emphasized by how his alternate personas reflect a degree of contradiction to his overall presence of power.


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