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Emperor Yoshiro is one of the main characters in Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3, serving as a major antagonist in the Allied and Soviet campaigns and as a main protagonist in the Japanese campaign.

He was played by George Takei, who also played Hikaru Sulu in Star Trek, Warlord Shank in Space Cases, Mr. Fixx in Batman Beyond, Lok Durd in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Mr. Moto in Archer and Ricardio in Adventure Time.


Allied Campaign

The Empire of the Rising Sun intervened in the war between the Allies and the Soviet Union to make their own bid for conquest, believing that it was the Empire's destiny to rule the world. As Tanya and Natasha joined together to fight the Empire's three generals and halt their invasion, the Emperor remarked that the tide of destiny could not be stopped.

After the destruction of the Shogunate headquarters, the Emperor was presumably killed or captured.

Soviet Campaign

After the Emperor's attack on the Soviet Union was pushed back, the Soviets launched a counterattack on the Empire's Imperial Palace at Mount Fuji to kill the Emperor, but the attack failed miserably and the Soviet forces were decimated. The two survivors of the Soviet forces managed to infiltrate the palace and kill the Emperor, only for it to turn out that the "Emperor" was actually a robot decoy.

Later, when the Soviets launched a second assault on the palace, the Emperor went out to fight them in a King Oni but was defeated and killed.

Rising Sun Campaign

The Emperor leads the Shogun to war against the Soviets and Allies, tasking his son, Crown Prince Tatsu, with assisting in the Empire's military campaign. While at first a firm believer in the Empire's "divine destiny" of unifying the world under it, after learning that Japan's status as a superpower in the present time was only due to the Soviets traveling back in time and undoing history, the Emperor's faith in the Empire's goals became greatly shaken. After his loss of faith and realizing his failure, the Emperor stepped down and abdicated the throne to Tatsu, agreeing with his son that the Empire should forge its own destiny. During the final assault of the Rising Sun forces on Moscow, the Emperor orders the Commander and Tatsu to destroy the Soviet's time machine, resulting in Anatoly Cherdenko and Nikolai Krukov's actions being undone.

With the Empire of the Rising Sun having emerged victorious, Yoshiro is last seen attending the Empire's victory celebration and promoting the Commander to "Supreme Shogun" for his successes.


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