Emperor Zoa is the main antagonist of Cyborg 009 The Movie: Legend of the Super Galaxy, known in English as Legend of the Vortex.

He was originally a cyborg created by the highest civilization in the galaxy. However, Zoa destroyed his creators and enlisted the Dagas Aliens to begin a campaign of galactic conquest.

He seeks to conquer the universe using the power of the super-energy source known as "The Vortex".


Emperor Zoa had his forces invade the planet Komadar. He abducted the Komadar scientist Dr. Corbin due to him discovering a super-energy source dubbed "The Vortex".

Zoa was later confronted by the 00 Cyborgs when they infiltrated his space fortress Kadets to rescue Dr. Corbin, as well as Dr. Gilmore, Dr. Cosmo and Cyborg 001. Zoa introduced himself to the cyborgs, with 001 revealing soon after that Zoa was a cyborg.

Zoa then explained his origin to the 00 Cyborgs and stated that, because he was the strongest, he deserved to rule the universe, before departing in his personal ship to travel to the Vortex. He was pursued by the 00 Cyborgs in the Ishmael, and later by 009 in his escape craft. However, they were unable to stop Zoa from reaching the Vortex, though this would ultimately be his undoing. Zoa ended up absorbed so much energy from the Vortex that it destroyed him.