Emperor Zombie is the main villain from The Amazing Screw-On Head, both the 2002 one-shot comic by Mike Mignola and the 2006 Sci-Fi Channel animated TV pilot which was never picked up. Emperor Zombie sought to release an ancient deity to take over the world.

In order to do so, Zombie had to acquire an ancient text known as the "Karakhstan Fragment" scrawled on unshaven goat skin which was interred at the secret Museum of Dangerous Books and Paper.

In the Comic, Zombie was a former groundskeeper at Hyde Park during the Lincoln Administration.

In the animation, he was a former manservant of Screw-On Head known in life as H. G. Manifold who was seduced by the occult and turned to evil. For reasons of a "petty vengeance fetish", Manifold/Zombie made a point of killing in grisly fashion each of the next seven menservants of Screw-On which succeeded him. A streak which was broken with Mr. Groin, Screw-On's latest manservant.

Emperor Zombie was accompanied by minions. Dr. Snap and a vampire named Madam in the comic, but in the animation he had two old women werewolves, an intelligent crown-wearing adult chimpanzee—all unnamed—and Patience the vampire. In life, Patience used to be Screw-On Head's lady love 187 years prior to the adventure but was kidnapped, killed, and turned by Zombie, who said, "Mine, now."

After kidnapping Faust, Zombie killed him by vaporizing him in a giant Hookah in order to gain his knowledge by smoking him. Zombie used this knowledge to complete the translation of the manuscript which told the location and how to enter the Tomb of Gung, the last man to release the demigod over 10,000 years ago.

Zombie was defeated in battle with Screw-On Head. Killed in the comic, but in the animation was last seen sinking to the bottom of the ocean clutched in the multiple limbs of one of Screw-On's bodies.