Empress Juuza is the original ruler of the Vyram and the overarching antagonist of Choujin Sentai Jetman.

She is portrayed by Sachiko Takato.


Juuza originally led the Vyram in conquest of the Back Dimension. While thought to have died, Juuza in fact entered a deep sleep to recharge her power. During her slumber, her subordinates launched an invasion of the Front Dimension and attacked planet Earth.

Eventually, Juuza arrived on Earth in a meteorite and awakened with . The Jetman soon arrive to investigate but Juuza blows them away with her vast power. Returning to the Vylock, Juuza resumes leadership the Vyram as all the Vyram generals bow to her. Juuza soon begins her plan to feed Semimaru, the ultimate beast of destruction. Appearing on every reflective surface throughout the city, Juuza forces crystals to grow out of all of the surrounding humans, causing them intense pain so she can feed their anguish to Semimaru.

The Jetman later confront her, but Juuza with assistance from Radiguet overwhelms them. After returning to the Vylock Radiguet makes an attempt to kill Juuza so he can usurp control of the Vyram, but Juuza easily blocks his attack as Radiguet finds his sword is useless against her. Assuming her Demon Beast form, Juuza punishes Radiguiet for his betrayal by reverting him to the form of a normal human, causing him to lose his memories in the process, and banishes him to Earth.

Juuza later resumes her scheme to feed Semimaru, turning those she touched with her powers into crystals. However, the Jetman are able to free those she has frozen by destroying the crystal on her head. Enraged, Juuza assumes her Demon Beast form to fight the Jetman, but the Jetman receive backup from Radiguet and the rest of the Vyram, who did not wish to live under Juuza's rule. With support from the Vyram generals, the Jetman are able to defeat Juuza. Radiguet later approaches Juuza as she is dying and finishes her off by slitting her throat with his sword.


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