"Damn you, HonooShuu-domo! How regrettable!
~ Final words before Death

Empress Maki is the main antagonist in this 2008 movie called Engine Sentai Go-Onger: Boom Boom! Bang Bang! GekijōBang!!.

She is portrayed by Sonim.


She rules the world of the Samurai from a Maken Castle and she has her two servants to terrorized the place which they're names are Raiken and Gokumaru.

She makes her first appearance in the throne room of her palace where her servants present the engine cast that they stole from the Go-Ongers. From they're they even report about engines comrade are here in the Samurai World as well along with the Wandering Engines, so she sent the Go-On Wings to deal them personally.

During the flashback that's been told by the Wandering Engines Maki was the main reason that she'd tricked the Wandering Engines out of their Engine Casts, using them to erect her empire by purging Samurai World's denizens of all feelings but rage and violence.

A while later she appeared at the balcony when she noticed that the Go-On Wings has brought back the Engine cast to the Go-Ongers turns out they don't work with her at all. So when they asked her if she'd is Maki to which reply "yes" so the team transformed into their Go-Onger form and after she also said that she holds the cast of Retsu-Taka is indeed within her as shown she creates a ball of fire and tossed it at the team.

A while later Sosuke was in the castle trying to find Maki as she sensed the feeling of Sosukes heart as she sneaked attack him with her abilities. As this goes on she revealed that she used a secret technique that'll erase her own heart to which she could become more powerful. But turns out she is just plainly weak without the heart in her.

She was so mad that she'd brought out her own sword and was about eliminate Saki, but the souls of the wandering engines intervened and freed Sosuke. A while later she began to fight the wandering engines and Sosuke in her palace. After that she was then defeated by Retsu-Taka and Sosuke.

However that was only her human form because she still has Retsu-Taka's body within her as she gigantify/transformed herself into a Hydra-like monster with centipedes for heads. So the team brought out Engine-O to take on Maki and get back Retsu-Taka's body from her. However Maki managed to destroy the Megazord with just one gigantic fire blast, but Sosuke managed to cling onto one of the heads. So she began to swat Sosuke off of her, but he managed to fend off her heads. After Sosuke used Speedor soul in the Mantan Gun and open fired on Maki and got back Retsu-Taka's body.

However with the samurai's cast out of her body it revealed her true form which is a flame-headed warrior as she'd began to open fired on the samurai's village. However with the body's back to their original owner they began to combine themselves (with Sosuke as the pilot) to form Engine Daishogun and battle Maki. After that the Engine Daishogun used the Engine-O's sword and pinned Maki to her own castle where she was then destroyed by this finisher called Roaring Crimson Slash thus ending her reign on the Samurai World.



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