The Empress of the Racnoss was the ruler of the Racnoss Empire. She is the main antagonist of the 2006 Doctor Who Christmas Special "The Runaway Bride".

She was portrayed by Sarah Parish, who also played Pasiphae in the BBC Series Atlantis.


She is a armored red skin semi-humanoid life form with the lower body of a spider, She had red crown-shaped empress headpiece with 4 black eyes, She have a spinnerets for producing webbing, She have razor sharp spider-like limbs and a mouth with sharp fangs.


When the Racnoss Empire was destroyed by the Gallifreyans, the last remaining Racnoss hid themselves by forming the core of what would become the planet Earth. The Empress was the only Racnoss to survive and not hibernate in the Earth's centre. Instead, she orbited the Earth for billions of years in her ship, the Webstar, until the Torchwood Institute developed Huon particles, with which she could use to reawaken them. The ship then sent a signal to her Webstar which drew her to Earth.

The Empress met the Tenth Doctor on Christmas Day 2007, in a secret location under the Thames Flood Barrier. She was trying to awaken her long-dead race, whom she called her children, with the Huon energy implanted into the body of Donna Noble by her fiancé, Lance Bennett. Lance was originally affiliated with the Empress; however, when Donna escaped with the Doctor in the TARDIS, the Empress decided to use him instead. She force-fed him Huon particles and dropped him into the centre of the Earth, where the Racnoss spaceship was. There, the Huon particles awoke the Racnoss, who feasted on Lance.

Her plans to revive the Racnoss were foiled by the Doctor. When she ordered theRobot Santas to kill him, he used stolen controls to order them to "relax". He set bombs, disguised as baubles from a robotic Christmas tree, flying around the secret room. The bombs detonated, crashing into pipes, letting the Thames flood into the room. The Empress was surrounded with fire, and the awakening Racnoss were drowned with the Thames water.

The Empress transmatted to her Webstar and vowed revenge on the Doctor and all of planet Earth by scorching it. However, the lack of Huon energy left the Webstar defenseless, and the British Army destroyed it along with the Empress. The order to destroy the Webstar came from Harold Saxon himself.

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