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Empty Hand

Empty Hand is the bigger bad of DC comics.


An unknown but mind-shatteringly powerful entity that commands The Entity, and constructed the inhabitants of 42 in order to test-run its plans of domination on them. It has made its base in the ruins of Earth 7, already destroyed at its behest, to construct the Oblivion Machine and end the never-ending tale of the super-heroes once and for all. Confronted by the Superman of 23 and several other heroes, it informed them that it would soon strike with legions at its command, and informed them it already destroyed "Multiverse-2" before banishing them back to Earth-22 so that it could complete its plans; they, in turn, formed Justice Incarnate and warned the heroes of 50 worlds in order to prepare against it. It is unknown wheater he would appear again or not due to DC rebitrh. The justice Incarnated did manage to fight off his forces but Empty Hand still is at large currently deciding to wait for the right moment to strike.

powers and ablities

While we only see him once it is heavily impiled to be a power entity and one of the most powerful villains in the DC universe.

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