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Villain Overview

YES SHOTO! Have you finally accepted your purpose? That's it, very good. This is the dawn of a new era for us. With my blood in your veins you'll surpass me. YOU WILL LIVE UP TO THE REASON I CREATED YOU!
~ Endeavor become over-excited after see Shoto finally use his fire quirk.
Apart from what that novice tried to stir up... There is not much to say. Just watch me.
~ Endeavor's statement to the public.

Enji Todoroki, or better known by his superhero name "Endeavor", is a major protagonist from the manga/anime series, My Hero Academia. He is the father of Shoto Todoroki and the 2nd highest ranked superhero. He serves as the main antagonist of the U.A. Sports Festival, then later serving as the main protagonist of the Pro Hero Arc.

Endeavor is a hero that had one objective on his mind; to surpass All Might and claim his rank as the 1st ranked superhero of Japan. However, because of All Might's popularity, Endeavor feared that he would not get so far in his career. In order to continue his legacy, Endeavor arranged a marriage with a woman that had an ice Quirk and produce offsprings with her, until his wife was able to give birth to the perfect child; Shoto Todoroki.

Ever since All Might's retirement from being a superhero, Endeavor was now on his way to becoming the 1st ranked superhero, much to his anger. However, after finding peace with himself and coming to respect All Might once more, Endeavor fully accepts his position and aims to become society's new Symbol of Peace.

He is voiced by Tetsu Inada in the Japanese version, and Patrick Seitz in the English version.


Despite his status as a hero, he lacks many heroic ideals. He is prideful of his fame and strength, and is envious of the fact that All Might has a higher rank than him. His ultimate goal was to prove himself the strongest, not caring about being the number one hero for the fame but more as proof that he was the strongest hero. His selfishness shows when he married Rei, a woman with an ice Quirk, simply so he could produce an heir that could take All Might's spot as the Number 1 Hero. His abuse towards his wife caused her to have a mental breakdown, yet he showed no concern for her when it happened. He would also abuse Shoto daily, believing that he must stand up for himself if he wants to get anywhere successful in his life. Endeavor also seemed to not acknowledge the rest of his children, nor pay any mind and attention to them. This was seen when he forbade Shoto from interacting with them as a child. In spite of this, however, he did very much care for his family as he dedicated most of his time raising his eldest son, Toya, who genuinely looked forward to becoming his successor and appeared to maintain a healthy relationship with his wife, up until Shoto was born.

All of this would change following All Might's retirement, after defeating All For One. Because the former retired, it meant that Endeavor's position would inevitably shift to the number one position. However, he was greatly enraged by this, as he believed that his hard work was pointless and had no meaning if it all lead to this. Eventually, Endeavor decided to settle matters with All Might, in which the two had a conversation about the future for himself. After his conversation while witnessing his son make up for his Hero License Exam, Endeavor has come to realize the error of his ways and plans to turn over a new leaf. Rather than seeking fame, Endeavor now seeks to become a new Symbol of Peace that many can look up to. As a result, he is joyful in seeing Shoto doing well on his exam and appreciated Inasa's support for him.

In addition to shaping himself as a better hero, Endeavor also appears to be focusing on becoming a better person to his family. He is said to have visited the hospital often to see how his wife is doing and left her a flower she liked, showing that he does care for her, despite his abuse towards her. Rei also noted that Endeavor remembered very well since the first time they met, showing that he is able to remember even the smallest detail of things. It is later revealed that one of the reasons Endeavor married Rei was not just out of pure selfishness, but to also counter the limitations of his Quirk, hence why he believed Shoto had the perfect Quirk, so that he wouldn't experience these issues.

Despite his rough reunion with his children, Endeavor still tries his best to stay in touch with them and see how they are doing. This is notably shown when he tried to get in contact with Shoto via phone and notify him about a technique he's been training him to perform for awhile now. Endeavor also understands their feelings towards him and blames himself for it, as he noted Natsuo's cold behavior towards him and told him that he's trying to atone himself, something that surprised his son. He also stated to his daughter Fuyumi that he could have worded himself better and could be seen leaving, presumably to speak with Natsuo. He's extremely grateful to her daughter for everything she's tried to do to reunite their family, but despite this, he's come to the conclusion that his family would better off without him. As a result, he ultimately decides that in order to try and fix their family, he must remove himself from the equation.



Endeavor was one of the most prideful heroes, who strived to be the very best throughout his career. However, the only thing preventing him was All Might, who was the No. 1 Pro Hero during this time. Out of envy for All Might's hero ranking, Endeavor arranged a marriage with Rei, a woman with an Ice Quirk, so that he could produce an heir capable of surpassing All-Might.

Some time after their marriage, Endeavor had his first son with her, Toya Todoroki. Toya possessed a Quirk similar to his father's, but it was much more powerful as the flames were blue, which showed signs that they were hotter. Because Toya lacked an ice Quirk to counter the effects of his flames, Rei suggested that Toya should have siblings by his side that would be able to support him, in which Endeavor agreed. As a result, the couple had their second child, Fuyumi Todoroki, who possessed an ice Quirk, but lacked a fire one. Despite not wanting what he had hoped, Endeavor was fine with this, either way.

Endeavor continued to dedicate his time on training Toya, but when he learned that his son inherited his mother's weak constitution, Endeavor abandoned training him all together. At one point later, Toya had perished in a flame that took place in Sekoto Hill, where Endeavor used to train him. Endeavor went on to set up an altar in his room in memory of his deceased son.

Endeavor abusing his family.

By this point, Endeavor started to become really desperate on surpassing All Might and achieving his goal. After having three children, Endeavor was able to have his fourth child, Shoto, who possessed Quirk that allowed him to use both fire and ice, something that Endeavor desired. When Shoto was only five, he isolated him from his siblings so he could put him through a rigorous training regimen. His wife would often call him out on putting the young Shoto through such harsh training. His abuse towards both Shoto and his wife would take a toll on the latter's sanity.

One day, Rei is seen on the phone with her mother talking about how she couldn't take their marriage anymore. When Shoto walked into the room, she snapped and threw boiling water in his face out of hatred for Endeavor. Endeavor would have her committed to a mental institution so that she wouldn't interfere with Shoto's training, which results in Shoto finally declaring his hatred for his father and would refuse to use his Fire Quirk out of spite (unless in an emergency like when he froze a student he was sparring with).

U.A. Sports Festival Arc

Endeavor expresses joy over his son using his flames.

During the U.A. Sports Festival Arc, he is seen spectating the event. Shoto wished for a better challenge during the event because he was watching. When Shoto refuses to use his Fire Quirk, this prompts a scolding from Endeavor. After a pep talk from Izuku, Shoto finally decides to unleash his Fire Quirk, which causes Endeavor to proudly declare that he'll surpass him. After Shoto's match with Izuku, he tells him how proud he is and allows him to be his sidekick, but Shoto tells him that the only reason he was able to use his Fire Quirk because for a brief moment, he forgot about him.

Vs. Hero Killer Arc

Shoto chose his workplace to gain experience in the field of heroism. During the Nomu attack of Hosu, Endeavor hopes that he could encounter the Hero Killer, Stain. Before he could, however, he had the task to dispatch the remaining Nomus in the city. Eventually, he was able to catch up with the rest of the heroes and Stain, who accidentally paralyzed himself. After the battle against Stain, Endeavor was given credit for his defeat by suggestion of the Police Chief for Izuku's, Iida's, and Shoto's protection.

Forest Training Camp Arc

After the incident during the School Trip, Endeavor complains about having to rescue Katsuki Bakugo because it would interfere with his busy schedule. His complaining continues when he's only assigned to stay with the police while the other heroes raid the League of Villains' lair.

Hideout Raid Arc

Endeavor and Edgeshot enter the battle.

Endeavor was one of the few Pro Heroes assigned the task of rescuing Bakugo from his capture. For the time being, he was forced to remain outside of the league's hideout. Once Nomus started appearing, however, Endeavor began to take action to dispatch them. All Might eventually meets up with him, in which Endeavor simply tells him off to continue on without him.

During All Might's battle with All For One, he regresses to his weakened state, which Endeavor witnesses. This prompts him to remember the origin of his grudge against him. After the battle with All For One, All Might was forced to retire from crime fighting, allowing Endeavor to finally get his wish to be the Number 1 Hero. However, he is not happy with his newly obtained position, believing everything he's worked hard for was all for nothing.

Remedial Course Arc

Endeavor speaks with All Might.

Endeavor meets up with All Might when asking advice about to being the Symbol of Peace showing that, despite solving cases, he feels that everything All Might builded will fall down. All Might explains to him that he always envisioned Japan needing a beacon of light that many can hope for. In doing so, All Might forced himself to ignore those around him. He then explains that Endeavor should not be seeking to fill in his shoes, but to build up his own path of becoming that same hope.

After Shoto finished with his second Hero License Training Exam, Endeavor approached his son, expressing joy for his son, saying he's proud of him. Endeavor states that from this point on, he hopes to become a hero that Shoto can be proud of. While Shoto gives him the cold shoulder, he was satisfied to see his father take a good step for change.

Pro Hero Arc

"Just watch me."

Endeavor was officially presented as being the No. 1 Pro Hero in Japan. During the public event, the No. 2 Pro Hero, Hawks, begins to call out the other heroes on how they're simply saying what the crowd wants to hear, instead of what it is they actually want to say. Hawks then calls out Endeavor, stating that if heroes were approved by popularity rating, Endeavor would be at No. 4. He then passes the mic to him, in which Endeavor states he has nothing much to say about his position, other than to simply watch him act, much to Hawks' surprise.

Hawks later meets up with Endeavor after the event, in which Endeavor angrily asks what he was up about. Hawks simply makes a request that he needs help dealing with a Nomu problem in his area. For the time being, Endeavor wanders around the city with Hawks, who helps nearby civilians, while also having his conversation with him. Endeavor eventually meets a few of his fans nearby who wish to receive an autograph from him, but when he attempts to shake one of their hands, they flee as he was "breaking his character".

The two heroes later continue their discussion in a restaurant. Hawks reveals that he had sent an offer to his son, Shoto, but was glad he got to intern with Tokoyami instead, since his son failed the license exam. Hawks states that, because of that, he was glad, much to Endeavor's anger. Eventually, Hawks reveals the rumors about the Nomus being produced have been spreading across the country. Though there's no proof of it, Hawks believes that someone is spreading propaganda to bring fear among the people.

Endeavor attacks Hood.

Hawks then states he wishes for Endeavor to become the ideal hero that can set up a world where heroes can help out others in need, but can also live a peaceful life. Suddenly, the pair noticed the evolved Nomu, Hood that crashes into the building, demanding for the strongest among the two. Endeavor blasts Hood out of the building, ready to show what the No. 1 Pro Hero is capable of.

Endeavor attempts to capture Hood.

Endeavor proceeds to continue on his battle with Hood. To his surprise, Hood was able to tank his blast and regenerate from it. Endeavor attempts to capture him with one of his special moves, but Hood was able to evade and rag doll him through an entire building around. While Hawks focuses on rescuing the civilians from the building, Endeavor was able to free himself and attempt to finish off Hood once more, only for Hood to regenerate, looking amused.

With the building top falling, Endeavor blasts it down to bits, saving many lives. Endeavor then begins to see that Hood has six Quirks and how cunningly intelligent it is. Endeavor is now left in a cautious state, thinking what his next move should be, as his current state is beginning to weaken him. Hood charges towards him, then Endeavor proceeds to blast him away with one more attack, destroying the majority of his body. Despite seemingly dead, Hood was still alive and landed a nasty wound on Endeavor's eye. Endeavor was then laying in defeat, with Hood demanding for a stronger opponent.

Endeavor charges towards Hood.

Endeavor eventually rose back up to his feet, refusing to take defeat. He attempts to strike down Hood, but Hood was able to react quicker than him and knock him back away into buildings. Heavily injured, Endeavor continues to get back up and proceeds to chase down Hood. Once he catches up to him, Hood attempts to strike him down once more, but is then caught off guard by Hawks. Hawks then provides Endeavor aid by providing him his feathers, allowing him to create flaming wings. Endeavor then prepares to charge towards Hood, ready to land the final hit.

Endeavor manages to land hit as he punches through Hood's teeth and burn his insides. Though Hood continued to regenerate, his regeneration was eventually overwhelmed and Endeavor was able to finish him off with a Prominence Burn. Endeavor stood victorious as everyone that watched the live fight cheered on for him. Hawks eventually aids in Endeavor's help, cleaning up his injuries. Before the two could leave, however, Dabi arrives on the scene.

Endeavor and Dabi confrontation.

Endeavor cannot see him clearly, due to his blurred vision, but he can recognize him as the villain that killed Snatch from his voice. Dabi traps him and Hawks around in his flames and prepares to attack the two, but he is prevented by Miruko from doing so. Dabi is then forced to call Ujiko to help him escape, in which he does. Before departing, he calls out Endeavor's full name, hoping to talk with him another time. Endeavor collapses from his injuries before he is taken to the hospital to recover from his wounds, accompanied by Hawks.

Endeavor soon recovered from his injuries, having received surgery and Recovery Girl's quirk to save his eye, while only being left with a scar. He had a brief discussion with Hawks before returning to his home, where he got to see three of his four children again. His daughter, Fuyumi, congratulated him on doing well against the Nomu, while Shoto and his brother, Natsuo, were not so satisfied to see him. Shoto sarcastically commented on his scar while he and his brother continued to give him the cold shoulder. Natsuo soon gets up to leave, refusing to make any sort of amends with his father, but Endeavor stops him and asks what's on his mind. Infuriated, Natsuo calls him out for all the things he's done to the family and how he thinks he can just come to the family, expecting forgiveness. Endeavor assures him that he's trying to atone for his actions, but a surprised Natsuo doesn't accept it. Endeavor soon listens to Shoto state he's looking forward to see what kind of father, he'll be in the future. Endeavor then leaves his house, stating to Fuyumi that he could have worded himself better to Natsuo.

Joint Training Arc

Endeavor attempts to get in contact with his son, Shoto, to see how he's doing and to let him know about his secret technique, but Shoto had left all of his messages on read, causing to get frustrated. Later, Shoto sends him a message about the technique, while Endeavor defeated a random thug and was annoyed by the timing.

Endeavor Agency Arc

Endeavor introducing himself.

Some time after the events of the U.A. joint training and the students' Christmas party, the students are once again assigned to take on Pro Hero agencies. Shoto in particular decides to take on his father's agency, but this time, he offers Izuku and Katsuki to join with him as well. With the approval of All Might, the three students set out to meet with Endeavor.

Upon first meeting him, Endeavor initially presents himself as kind and approachable before immediately dropping the façade, stating he wouldn't be that nice. He was displeased to see that Shoto had brought friends with him as he had hoped he would spend more time with him, but felt it was necessary either way, due to Shoto's request. Katsuki isn't too pleased to be working with him, while Izuku recognizes him and senses his fierce intensity as a hero. The three later enter further into the city where they encounter a villain known as Starservant, who sought out to challenge Endeavor. He, along with the other villains that accompanied him were defeated by the combined forces of Endeavor and his students, as well as Hawks who arrived to the scene on time.

After the villains' arrest, Hawks stopped by to chat with Endeavor and informed him about the book published by the Meta Liberation Army, telling him it's a great book to look into as it explores the ideology of Destro. At first, Endeavor believes Hawks has devoted himself to the villain's cause, but upon having free time in his office, he decides to investigate by taking a look at the book. After an extensive deduction, Endeavor comes to the conclusion that Hawks was secretly informing him that the League of Villains have affiliated themselves with the Meta Liberation Army and have become a powerful force with over 100, 000 powerful members and that in four months, they will cause destruction. Realizing how serious the situation has become, Endeavor decided it was very important to train not just his son, but Izuku and Katsuki as well, so he devoted his time to ensure they would get stronger.

As the training properly begins, he takes the time to get know more about Izuku and Katsuki, as well as their Quirks, motives and goals. Izuku explains to him that he hopes he'll be able to gain proper control of his power at its full potential, while Katsuki states he simply wishes to learn what it is he lacks that's holding him back from surpassing the No. 1 hero. Endeavor finds himself being able to relate and sympathize with both of them. Shoto then asks for his presentation, but Endeavor believes that his goal is to simply master the Flashfire Fist technique. To his surprise, Shoto makes it clear to him he strives to be a hero inspired from All Might and that he is simply using Endeavor as a means to learn, having no intentions of fixing his relationship with him. After coming to accept this fact, Endeavor decides to continue on with the training.

Endeavor begins to teach his students the three basic fundamentals of a hero, that being rescue, evacuation and battle. Endeavor hopes from this lesson that the three students will be able to not only improve upon their areas, but also to react and enter in scenes at quick pace while keeping damage to an all time minimum. He then assigns them the task to defeat a villain this Winter faster than he ever could. From that point on, Endeavor continues on with other lessons and activities involving protecting civilians from harm, battling more villains while simultaneously having to focus more on improving their Quirks. Eventually, Endeavor receives a call from his daughter, Fuyumi, who suggests to invite them over home for the night to stay.

Endeavor agrees in which Shoto finds himself having to bring Izuku and Katsuki over to their place. From that point on, Endeavor reunites with Fuyumi, as well as his son, Natsuo, and has dinner with everyone. While Fuyumi tries to keep the atmosphere lighthearted, Natsuo wasn't too pleased to be with his father, in which his father could indeed tell. Natsuo eventually leaves the dinning room after finishing while everyone prepared to clean up for the night. While overhearing Shoto's conversation with Izuku and Katsuki, Endeavor heads to Toya's room with a tray of food and sits down in front of his altar, praying for him, wishing he could have been here with the family.

Afterwards, Endeavor got dressed for the night as he prepared himself to take his son and his friends back to their school dorm. Before heading out, he thanked Fuyumi for the dinner. Endeavor then proceeded to take the three home with a chauffeur, but along the way on the road, they encounter a villain who has captured his son, Natsuo. The villain asks if he remembers him, in which Endeavor begins to recall capturing him. The villain introduces himself as Ending, as he expresses his envy but admiration for the hero. He then reveals that he plans to kill Natsuo and for Endeavor to kill him afterwards.

Alongside his three students, Endeavor proceeds to engage in battle with Ending, who causes collateral damage in the process as a mean of threatening Endeavor. While Izuku manages to save the nearby civilians, Shoto was able to take out Ending while Endeavor managed to rescue Katsuki and Natsuo from harm. Katsuki freed himself from Endeavor's grasp then reminded him what he had told him about their first task, in which Endeavor admits they were able to take out a villain faster than he could. Natsuo proceeded to push him off, but Endeavor quickly apologizes to him for the way he's treated him and others, claiming it was never his intention to shut his family out. Despite this, Natsuo can't find himself to forgive him, in which Endeavor understands as he tells him that he doesn't have to forgive him, but he wants him to understand that he's making up everything for what he's done. When Natsuo asks what he plans to do to make up for what he's done, Endeavor ends up being interrupted by Ending, who is eventually taken away by the police.

Following that night, Endeavor returns back home with Natsuo, where they are greeted by a heavily concerned Fuyumi, who learned that they had been attacked by a villain nearby the house. Endeavor then takes the time to explain to her that he plans move the family to a new house nearby to their workplace where they will welcome their mother home, while he himself plans to stay in their old household.

Paranormal Liberation War Arc

Powers and Abilities

In general, Endeavor is a very powerful hero. He is the No. 2 ranked hero in Japan, right behind All Might, and later ended up being No. 1, after All Might retired from crime fighting. His fights against the League of Villains and the Nomus have proven his ranking very well. Combined with his Quirk and intellect, he is a very capable fighter that can achieve great feats.


  • Hellflame: Endeavor's Quirk allows him to manipulate and control fire at his will. He is able to use his flame abilities in a variety of different ways, such as creating fire spears and fire balls and melting walls with his feet, which allows him to run on walls. He can also control the temperature of his flames, to the point of creating blue flames.
    • Brilliant Scorching Fist-Jet Burn: With this attack, Endeavor shoots flames from his wrist to speed up the momentum of his fist to create an incredibly powerful punch.
    • Brilliant Scorching Fist-Hell Spider: Endeavor shoots out flames in the forms of ray beams that slice through things like butter.
    • Prominence Burn: Endeavor releases a huge blast of flames that is powerful enough to burn away massive parts of his opponent away.
  • Superhuman Strength: Although Hell Flame is his only Quirk, Endeavor is very strong, as he was able to send a Nomu flying back with one punch, as well as breaking its skin off with said punch. He is also able to hold down a Nomu long enough for him to decapitate it.


  • Keen Intellect: Endeavor is extraordinarily intelligent, as he has used his intelligence to tally up the most resolved criminal cases in history. He has keen deductive skills, as shown when he noticed how Izuku Midoriya's Quirk was not only was very powerful, but it was similar to All Might's, only after seeing it briefly. In combat, he swiftly decided that the best way to defeat a Nomu was to carbonize its cells, so it wouldn't regenerate.


It should be noted that Endeavor does indeed have limits to his Quirk. If he tends to use it recklessly, his body temperature will overheat, causing his physical conditions to weaken. In order to counter this, he relies on Rei's ice Quirk to cool him down. It's also one of the main reasons why he's glad at how Shoto turned out, so that he doesn't have this problem in the future.


Stop that peeking, Shoto. Those "things", your older siblings, are people who inhabit a different world from you.
~ Endeavor telling young Shoto to stop viewing his older siblings while calling them "things".
It's time to stop this childish rebellion of yours... You have a duty to surpass that imbecile All Might... Do you understand what I'm saying? You're different from your siblings, you're my greatest masterpiece.
~ Endeavor to his son Shoto.
I don't accept it... Not like this... I should've earned it myself. Not by him failing!
~ Endeavor furious upon All Might's retirement and being handed the No. 1 Hero position that he always wanted.
Shoto. Long time no see. You've changed a lot.
(Shoto: I don't want to hear it.)
I'm proud of you, son... So I'll become... a hero that you can be proud of, too. Proud that your father is the number one hero...
~ Endeavor telling his son that he will change.
Villain, I see it. You, are me, from the past, or another future. Burn up, be at rest... (I've always hated that damn school motto but it seems appropriate...) I'LL GO PLUS ULTRA!!! PROMINENCE BURN!!!
~ Endeavor defeating Hood.
Welcome-!! To Endeavor's Hero Agency! Psyche. As if I'd be that friendly. I only accepted you guys because Shoto asked me to!! But to be honest, I wanted Shoto to come alone.
~ Endeavor "warmly" welcoming his new interns before dropping his new nice-guy act.
It's alright if you never forgive me. It's not like I want your forgiveness. I just want to make up for everything I've done.
~ Endeavor to his resentful son Natsuo.


  • Endeavor seems to be a representation of what Katsuki Bakugo could become in the future: a hero filled with pride and ambition who strives to be at the very top. Both he and Bakugo have also shown to have violent and aggressive tempers.
  • Endeavor's name means "attempting to achieve a goal", which is very fitting for his character.
  • Despite being a controversial character among the fandom, Endeavor was placed 8th in the fourth Japanese popularity poll, which is a huge improvement to his last placements. This is likely due to his recent character development in the Pro Hero Arc.
  • Endeavor was originally intended to be a teacher at the U.A. High School, but the concept was scrapped as the idea of having both the No. 1 (who at the time was All Might) and No. 2 Pro Hero on the protagonist's side would result in their conflicts being dealt with more easily.
  • Similar to Kotaro Shimura, Endeavor was the cause of his own son choosing to be a villain and eventually regretted it. The difference however, whereas Kotaro utterly resented the idea about heroes and died because of it, Endeavor harshly groomed his son Toya into his successor at the expense of the latter's well-being and lived long enough to eventually regret it.

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