The truth hurts, 'cause this is my world, you'd better know, you'd better know. I wont stop 'cause I want your blocks, just so you know, just so you know, just so you know. Like an Enderman.
~ The infamous lyrics to "Like An Enderman".

The Enderman is the titular central character of the song and music video "Like An Enderman" by ThnxCya, which is based on the video game Minecraft and is a parody of the song Gangnam Style by PSY. It is an Enderman that stalks and messes with Steve and tries to force him out of the world.


In the "Like An Enderman" music video, where the song is written from the Enderman’s perspective, Enderman watches Steve as he goes about his day, claiming that Steve's crafting is "turning something into nothing". When it begins to rain, Steve goes indoors, only for the Enderman to follow him and terrify him with the help of some Creepers. When Steve tries to use TNT to fight back, the Enderman simply removes it from its redstone source, singing to him that he is like Slender Man and TNT will not affect him.

As Steve continues to build on a mountaintop, the Enderman teleports off and pushes him off. He then teleports underneath Steve with his arms out, but then teleports away again as Steve falls, letting him hit the ground. He picks up Steve, then attacks him in a manner similar to Slender Man, with the screen distorting and the Enderman growing purple tentacles on his back.

He gloats about how this world is his, and how Steve should stay away. He steals Steve's diamond block, then dances with other Enderman and Zombies as the chorus plays. He hides in a chest and jumpscares Steve as he tries to open it. The Enderman drops a diamond on the ground, then teleports behind Steve while he is bent down to pick it up, but Steve turns around before the Enderman can do anything.

He proceeds to beat up Steve, leaving him cowering in a shack. The Enderman then steals a diamond block from him again, and kicks it at him, smashing him into a cliff side. The Enderman dances some more as the song ends.


The Enderman is arrogant and egotistical, and believes that the world Steve inhabits belongs to him. He is very mischievous and tricky, always setting up new ways to scare or hurt Steve in one way or another. He loves torturing Steve and will not stop until he has gotten all of Steve's blocks or driven him away.





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