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I'm going to kill this man. So I'm begging you, Endeavor!! Don't mess it up this time!! Please kill me.
~ Ending to Endeavor.

Ending (エンディング 'Endingu'?) is a villain from the manga/anime series My Hero Academia, he is an insane individual who is obsessed with the Flame Hero: Endeavor, and deeply desired the newly crowned No. 1 hero to kill him. He serves as the main antagonist in the Endeavor Agency Arc.

He is voiced by Kishō Taniyama in the Japanese version of the anime.


Ending is a deranged and suicidal person who is infatuated with Endeavor, adoring his image of a condescending and arrogant hero. He strongly desired for Endeavor to kill him, having no regards for any other life including his own, and was willing to endanger innocent people as well as kill Natsuo so Endeavor would kill him. He was also very happy to see that Endeavor had remembered him from their past encounter.

Beforehand, it seems that Ending was a highly depressed individual who had nothing in life, even going as far as to refer himself like a Nomu, a lifeless puppet, but he has an wimpy nasally voice in which results in lots of screaming.

Ending also dislikes seeing Endeavor act out of character, and was upset upon seeing the Pro Hero's concern for his sons and his interns.


Seven years before the events of the story, Ending was a depressed individual who one day witnessed Endeavor catch a thief named Takami. Since then, Ending became obsessed and infatuated by the Pro Hero, desiring Endeavor to be the one to end his life. Endeavor later arrested Ending for assault and sent him to Tartarus.

Endeavor Agency Arc

Years later, Ending somehow escapes and is sent by Dabi to attack Endeavor. He shows up at the Todoroki Abode and captures Natsuo Todoroki while the latter was on his phone.

As Endeavor begins taking his interns; Shoto, Izuku and Katsuki back to the Heights Alliance dorms. Ending appears on the highway and demands that Endeavor kill him, while revealing that he has Natsuo hostage. To lure Endeavor out, Ending uses his Quirk to send the cars flying.

Endeavor prepares to attack Ending, but freezes up upon seeing his son in danger. Izuku, Katsuki and Shoto quickly move in, Shoto concentrates and uses his flames to block Ending's attacks, while Bakugo uses his explosions to propel himself upwards and save Natsuo. Meanwhile, Deku uses his Blackwhip Quirk to save the cars from falling, saving the people in the process and preventing any casualties. Shoto then moves in and uses his Quirk to freeze most of Ending, successfully subduing the villain who continues to complain for Endeavor to end his life.

Afterwards, Endeavor proceeds to confront Natsuo, relieved that his son wasn't harmed. Natsuo however, refuses to let accept Endeavor's attempt to make things right, still resentful towards his father for his previous abuse of his siblings and mother. Ending becomes upset at seeing Endeavor apologise, saying that he must be more like his arrogant self or that his "hope will vanish". The police soon arrive and Ending is arrested yet again.

Powers & Abilities

White Line: Ending's Quirk allows him to manipulate and control lane lines that are painted on the road, able to use them to bind and ensnare others. It should be noted however, that his Quirk was powered up by the Quirk-Enhancing drug; Trigger.


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