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The Enforcer was a criminal mercenary and assassin for hire, operating mainly on the West Coast of the United States.

Charles Delazney Jr.

Scourge I claimed to be the brother of the Enforcer, although Scourge's history was unclear. Upon this story, the Enforcer concealed his activities to his family. However, Scourge was probably lying or delusional when he told this story.

As a villain, the Enforcer fought Spider-Man, Spider-Woman, the Ghost Rider and the Werewolf. The Enforcer used special silver-treated gear in order to fight the Werewolf, but was nevertheless defeated.

The Enforcer's alleged brother discovered his criminal activities and decided to kill him in order to restore the family honor. He disguised himself as a bag lady with a hidden gun and tracked the Enforcer, who was at that time on a contract to kill the super criminal Termite. The Enforcer's brother found him and shot him point-blank before he suspected. The Enforcer was the first victim of the Scourge.

Note that the Scourge's story about being the Enforcer's brother is unconfirmed. The confirmed facts only include the Scourge disguising himself as a bag lady and shooting the unsuspecting Enforcer in the stomach at point-blank range.

Mike Nero

200px-Mike Nero (Earth-616)

A new Enforcer is one of a collection of supervillains featured in Frank Tieri's project for Marvel, Dark Reign: Made Men. This Enforcer is Mike Nero, the nephew of the original Enforcer. Following the death of his uncle, Mike Nero became the new Enforcer and learned how to deal with supernatural threats where he started to develop a reputation by killing werewolves, zombies, a vampire, and a Maggia crime lord. Enforcer then stole an Aztec exhibit from a museum. He was then apprehended by the Wrecking Crew who hauled him to the Hood (who also sought out the money he owed to a loan shark named Nicky Bats). The Wrecking Crew surrounded Enforcer in one of Hood's hideouts as Hood inspected Enforcer's stash of mystical artifacts and offered Enforcer a role in his criminal organization as its supernatural expert. Enforcer triggered an amulet disguising a creature that fed off demonic energies, which then clasped onto Hood's face. Enforcer used his magic bullets on the Wrecking Crew and escapes through a glass window, declaring that he was just getting started. After Enforcer's escape, Hood swore his revenge on Enforcer.

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