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"A man's a journey alone. Leave this to me. Companions, retreat. A woman's path is a path home. Lady, be well.
~ Engine Banki accepting his death and telling his friends to leave as well as his final words before his destruction

The Engine Banki is an Engine Savage Air Pollution Barbaric Machine Beast created by Kitaneidas based on the Engines themselves to avenge the death of Yogostein.

He is voiced by Tetsu Inada who previously voiced Juuma King Golomois, Hijacker Nabokov, Poacher Master Hunter, Shuten, Trinoid 4: Bakudandelion, Hades God Ifrit, Dorou and later voiced Happouzu, Targate of the Satellite, Debo Kibishydesu, Yokai Kamaitachi, Kerbero Gangan and Gachireus.


The Engine Banki made his first appearance as a giant vehicle with Kegaleshia and Kitaneidas rode inside him just like the Go-Onger ride the Engines. He was able to can transform from a dekotora form into a humanoid form. So the team brought out their mechas to battle the giant Robot.

As this goes on GoRoader GT was then sent out to prevent the Engine Banki from leaving the battle so when Engine-O was about to open fire on the bot Engine Banki used one of its ability to direct the attack somewhere else and sends the three zords to the ground. After that he used his other ability to destroy the megazords, however Sosuke manage to cling on the face of Engine Banki while the others used their attacks from the ground.

After that he was then shrunk by the Kankanber with it's Crossing Stopper attack and destroyed by the Kankan Mantan Gun and it's Kankan Kong Express attack.

He has a habit of using "tora" in his sentences. Tora could mean tiger of dekotora.



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