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Equipped with the latest Zomboss do-it-yourself gear, the Engineer is ready and able to master the art of building stuff - what it does after he builds it is lost on him.
~ Engineer's stickerbook description.

Gene, or better known as the Engineer, is one of the secondary antagonists of the Plants vs. Zombies franchise. He is an undead engineer who takes part in fighting plants.


Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare series

The Engineer appeared in the Garden Warfare series as a playable character on the Zombies' side. His primary weapon is the Concrete Launcher.

In Battle for Neighborville, he is a playable character of the Support class. Additionally, all of his old abilities were replaced with the new ones.

Plants vs. Zombies Heroes

He's not entirely sure how to fly this thing.
~ Zombot Drone Engineer's card description.

Engineer returned in this game as a Mustache Science Zombie card of Brainy class. He costs 2, with his rarity is Premium - Uncommon. Zombot Drone Engineer's traits are Gravestone (he hides in a gravestone until it's time for tricks), and his strengths and healths are 1/4. When either he or another science zombie deals damages, that zombie's strength gets increased by 1.

Plants vs. Zombies 3

Engineer returned in Plants vs. Zombies 3 with the name Jackhammer Zombie, and he is one of the Bank Zombies. He rides on his Jackhammer and jumps over the first plant he meets, similar to the Pole Vaulter Zombie from the first game.

Another zombie in this game takes the Engineer's name from Plants vs. Zombies Heroes is the Zombot Drone Enginner, a female version of him that summons Zombot Drones to assist her fighting the plants.



Arc welding himself to one of Zomboss' mega blimps was one of the lower points of his employment at Zomboss Inc. He's now been demoted to the front lines and placed on probation.
~ Welder's description.

With his Welding Blaster, the Welder, a Rare (Super Rare in Garden Warfare 2), is ready to perform fire splash damages at his enemies.


Zomboss selected the Painter Zombie due to his steady hands and great attention to detail. The Painter Zombie enjoys painting himself into a corner.
~ Painter's description.

Painter is a Rare Engineer variant who masters his precision with his long-range Paint Crossbow.


The Mechanic Zombie keeps all of the Zomboss gear in fire working order, or at least he thinks banging things together is fixing them.
~ Mechanic's description.

Al, or better known as the Mechanic (the Rare variant of the Engineer), utilizes direct damages with his rapid-fire Air Gun (or Air Impactor).


The Electrician Zombie leads the charge with his Volt-O-Blaster - electrifying Plants that get in his way.
~ ELectrician's description.

The Electrician is a Super Rare Engineer variant whose Volt-O-Blaster performs conductive splash damages to his enemies.

Plants vs. Zombies Heroes

He charges for the full hour.
~ Electrician's description.

The electrician is a Mustache Science Zombie card of Brainy class. He costs 3, with his rarity is Premium - Super Rare. Electrician's trait is Gravestone (he hides in a gravestone until it's time for tricks). Both of his strength and health are 2. When being revealed, either him or another zombie does a bonus attack


The Plumber Zombie brings the tools of his trade to the fight, capable of launching his explosive plungers with amazing accuracy. He can also unclog Outhouse Zombies when needed.
~ Plumber's description.

Bob, or better known as the Plumber , is a Super Rare (Rare in Garden Warfare 2) Engineer variant who uses his Plunge Shot to provide extra splash damage to his enemies.

Bungee Plumber

Likes: Plumbing and adventure sports.
Dislikes: Belts.
~ Bungee Plumber's card description.

Bungee Plumber is a Professional Mustache trick card of Crazy Class, which is based on the Plumber, one of the Engineer's variant. The card costs 1, and its rarity is Basic - Common. When played, the Plumber drops down and deal with 2 damages to either a plant or the Plant Hero.


Keeping things tidy, keeping things neat, he rakes up the garbage and nibbles your feet!
~ Landscaper's description.

With the use of his fast-firing Weed Buster, the Landscaper, a Rare Engineer variant, is ready to take some plants down.

Plants vs. Zombies Heroes

If barren rock and wilted Plants are what you want, he's the landscaper for the job.
~ Landscaper's card description.

The Landscaper is a Professional Mustache Zombie card of Heart Class, which is based on the Engineer's variant with the same name. He costs 3, and his rarity is Premium - Super Rare. Landscaper's trait is Gravestone (he hides in a gravestone until it's time for tricks). Both of his strength and health are 2. When revealed, he reduces a plant's strength and health by 2.

Sanitation Expert

All-out war with the Plants is messy business. Thankfully, the Sanitation Expert is here to clean that mess up. It may not be glamorous (we don't pay him), but nothing beats a hard day's work and a job well done. Thanks Sanitation Expert!
~ Sanitation Expert's description.

The Sanitation Expert is a Rare Engineer variant whose Toxic Trash spread toxic damages to his enemies.

Roadie Z

"Roadie Z's been on tour for so long, he can't even remember. He would've joined the battle of Zomburbia earlier, but he couldn't hear what anyone was telling him."
~ Roadie Z's description.

Roadie Z is a Super Rare variant of the Engineer in Garden Warfare 2. His Ear-Radicator is an overheating soundwave blaster that perform damages at close range. Unlike all other Engineer variants, he has 150 Health instead of 125.

AC Perry

AC Perry says he's great at two things: Fixing air conditioners, and making life hard for the Plants. But truth be told, he's not actually very good at fixing air conditioners...
~ AC Perry's description.

Although AC Perry - a Rare Engineer variant in Garden Warfare 2 - does not know how to fix air conditioners, he knows how to chill and freeze his enemies with his rapid-fire Frosty Fan.

Powers and Abilities

  • Concrete Laucnher: It is a weapon that shoots out explosive balls of concrete that can deal splash damage to plants.
  • Sonic Grenade: He can throw a grenade that stuns all plants in a small radius and forces all burrowed Chompers out of the ground.
    • Proximity Sonic Mine: A landmine that can stun all plants for five seconds when they get too close to it and like its predecessor, it forces all burrowed Chompers out of the ground.
  • Big Bolt Blaster: A mounted machine gun that can rapidly fire multiple bolts from it to deal massive damage.
    • Bedazzled Bolt Blaster: It is a bling version of the Big Bolt Blaster.
  • Jackhammer: A jackhammer that allows Engineers to travel faster, as well as making inmune to Chomper's burrow.
    • Turbo Jackhammer: An upgraded version of the jackhammer, it can travel faster but lasts for a shorter amount of time. this also makes him inmune to Chomper's burrow
  • Bullhorn Swarm: He can deploy a swarm of flating horns that can chase and stun nearby plants and can force burrowed Chompers out of the ground.
  • Heavy Helper: He can deploy a turret that can buff nearby allies by making them shoot faster as well as periodically refilling part of their ammo, as well as shooting at nearby plants.
  • Double Time : He can deploy a pad that can give him and his teammates a temporary speedboost.

Zombot Drone

Zombot Drone

The Zombot Drone is one of the abilities for the Engineer. It is a drone that flies and attacks plants with the Zombot Laser.

A variant of it is the Rocket Drone, a drone with higher health and higer speed, its main weapon is the Mean Beam, a laser beam that deals continous damage. It can drop a cone that deals 25 up to damage in a small radius.

Powers and Abilities

  • Flight: The Drone can fly around the map at the engineer's own wishes.
  • Cone Strike: It can summon an airstrike of explosive cones that deals massive damage to plants in their radius.

Other appearances

Plants vs. Zombies comics

Engineer appeared in the Garden Warfare comics as one of the supporting antagonists who take parts in fighting plants.



  • The engineer has a visible butt crack in the back.
  • In the comic, he is always referred to as Gene Error by Dr. Zomboss, which means his real name could be Gene, although it has yet to be confirmed.
    • The name Gene Error was used for an NPC in Garden Warfare 2.

Specific to his variants

  • Welder and Landscaper are the only variants that show their butt crack, while the other variants do not.



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