Enigma is the main antagonist of an anime, Myriad Colors Phantom World. She is a phantom that was created by humans and she is more dangerous than normal phantoms. She has the ability to steal special abilities from humans by kissing.


Enigma is a phantom that appears to be a young woman somewhere in her mid-twenties. She wears an outfit that appears to be from the wild west, wearing dark clothing and a cowboy hat. She even has long, black hair and pointy ears, along with her voluptuous figure and big bosoms.


Enigma enjoys chaos and destruction, along with demonating humanity by making a lot of people suffer, including civilians. She's also very smart and cunning when dealing with her opponents, allowing them to make their own moves first as a strategy in order to steal their powers and abilities. She even imitate, like she did to Haruhiko's mother, people's personalities when she transfer her body to someone else's, so she could fool her opponents.

Power and Abilities

Enigma has the ability to steal power and or the ability of her victims though lip contact (kissing). When absorbing their powers her opponent gets knocked out, after which she can use said power and or ability . She is also known to be intelligent and cunning and will prefer to let her opponent make the first move to which she will dodge and counter. She even has the ability to transmit herself to anyone's body as a disguise as she did to Haruhiko's mother while also mimicking her personality. Thus she was able to kiss Haruhiko and steal away his ability(ies).  She also seems to be able to augment the body and or limbs of her host if she needs to intimidate her opponents or when threatened. 

List of known victims

Victims that had their powers and abilities stolen from Enigma:

  • 3 high school boys from another school (off screen)
  • The Beach Angels from Hoesa Academy (two of them were off screen, the third became the first to be shown revealing Enigma's capabilities on)
  • Hauruhiko Ichijo (as his mother)


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