Enik is the main antagonist of the 2009 comedy film, Land of the Lost.

He was portrayed by the late Walker Edmiston in the TV series, and John Boylan in the movie.


Early life

Enik was a Altrusian who committed acts of genocide against his congeners. He was condemned to be imprisoned for 10,000 years, but he manages to escape and then murders The Zarn, the current ruler of the Altrusians. He uses Tachyon Crystals to control the Sleestaks and plans to send his army across time and space to invade and conquer the World.

Current Life

After the paleontologist Rick Marshall and his friends Holly and Will arrive in The Land of the Lost thanks to his Tachyon Amplifier, Enik sends him a telepathic message for they meet in the Central Pylon where he resides and manipulates the Crystals. Here, Enik tell lies about The Zarn, claiming that he's the one who controls the Sleestaks and plans to take over the World with his army. He manipulates Rick and the others and convinces them to retrieve the Tachyon Amplifier (which has been lost). He also befriends Rick.

Much later, after the three finally find the Tachyon Amplifier, Holly discovers a recording left by The Zarn which he tells the truth about Enik and is seen killed by him. But before she warns his friends that Enik deceived them, she is captured by the Sleestaks. Shortly after Rick and Will come to save her, but Enik sends the tyrannosaurus Grumpy to attack them and uses the Tachyon Amplifier to open a portal to Earth. However, Rick manages to befriend with Grumpy and uses him to defeat the Sleestak army. He then confronts Enik and Will accidentally shatters the Crystal link between the Land of the Lost and Earth, which will close it forever. Rick and Holly go through the portal before it closes, but Will chooses to stay behind to prevent Enik from following them.

Enik is last mentioned by Will as having lost control over the Sleestaks and being attacked by them. 



  • In the TV series that has inspired the film, Enik was a bit of a jerk, but was not exactly a villain and often helped the main characters.
  • Ironically, this is the inverse in the case of the Zarn, who is an antagonist in the TV series but apparently a good guy in the movie.
  • In addition, Enik and The Zarn were not Sleestaks in the TV series (though Enik was a relative).
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