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Villain Overview

I must say, I like to show a nightmare after I show someone a good dream. I love to see the contortions of a human face! To gaze upon someone struggling with their grief and suffering—so much fun!
~ Enmu's sadistic pleasure of tormenting people.
Well, let's see... This is like a dream for me. To die by your hand in person. And I so enjoy hearing the other demons' last grasps! I feel so blessed! Because I love to see others in despair and agony. Because it's like a dream come true for me! I thank you for leaving me for last!
~ Enmu describes his upcoming fate at dying to Muzan Kibutsuji to him, only to be spared seconds later and given an upgrade.
All human hearts are the same—fragile and weak like glasswork.
~ Enmu describes humans.

Enmu (魘夢) is a supporting antagonist in Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, serving as the main antagonist of the Mugen Train Arc and as well as its movie adaptation. He was Lower rank one of the Twelve Kizuki and served under Muzan Kibutsuji. He was the last of the Lower Ranks to be left alive and attacked a train with two hundred passengers, with Demon Slayers among them. Enmu uses his hypnotic powers to put those who confront him to sleep, and torments his victims by using this power to make nightmares.

He was voiced by Daisuke Hirakawa in Japanese and Landon McDonald in English.


Enmu wears a black suit. He has black shoulder-length hair, that fades into red and blue near his neck. As a demon he has gray skin, visible veins on his head and yellow markings under his blue eyes. On his left eye, Enmu also has the mark of Upper Rank One.


Enmu is extremely sadistic and enjoys seeing others (including his fellow demons) suffer in anguish, despair and agony as he believes he was blessed to be left alive while hearing other demons dying painfully. He particularly likes their agonizing expressions. He is quite loyal to Muzan and is thankful for having been able to kill so many people. He is very intelligent and acts strategically, knowing his strengths and weaknesses.

He is arrogant and believes humans to be weak creatures. He often uses problems they have to his advantage and manipulates them into doing his bidding by promising to give them dreams of what they most desire.

Enmu is also shown to be ambitious, as he seeks to kill Tanjiro Kamado so he can receive more of Muzan's blood to gain more powers in his bid to climb the ladder up to Upper Ranks of the Twelve Kizuki.


Enmu barely withstanding the new power

From an early age, Enmu was unable to distinguish dreams and reality, which caused problems to those in his vicinity. As an adult, he used hypnotic therapy to make sick patients believe they would recover before sadistically revealing it to be a lie, leaving the patients in despair. One night, Muzan Kibutsuji came to his house to devour him, and succeeded in killing him only for Enmu to feel no pain. Instead, Enmu praised Muzan with his last breath, which convinced him to turn Enmu into a Demon. Knowing that Muzan would only remember him in passing, Enmu tried his best to ascend up to the Lower Ranks.

Enmu appeared at one of the meetings, when Muzan explained his plan to disband the Lower Moons. Enmu enjoyed seeing his fellow Moons get killed one by one. Muzan then asked for Enmu's last words to which he thanked his master for having being able to create so much suffering. Muzan then decided Enmu was worth keeping alive and gave him more of his blood making him stronger. Enmu's body could hardly process so much new strength and he almost died.

Later he attacked a train and manipulated the conductor into helping him. He then sent some of his demon disciples to attack them. He used his power to put all of the passengers to sleep. He planned to use some kids as his servants by promising them happy dreams. He gave them a rope he created that allowed them to enter the dreams of the other sleeping passengers. They should then destroy their "spirits cores", which would turn them into living corpses, that Enmu would find easy to later devour. He targeted the Demon Slayers first, as they pose the biggest threat to his life and destroying their cores severs the conscious from the unconscious and prevents them from fighting back. During that time, Enmu started to fuse his body with the train itself and detached flesh from himself to form another body.

Enmu attacks Tanjiro with his full power after becoming the train itself

Enmu was surprised to see that Tanjiro managed to wake up from his dream through his strong will. Enmu then explained that he enjoys giving people nice dreams, only to turn them into nightmares later. When seeing, that Tanjiro was the one Muzan was after, he saw his chance to get even more blood from him as a reward. He then tried to put Tanjiro to sleep again, but failed and his second body was beheaded. He then revealed how he fused with the train and felt invincible, mocking Tanjiro and enjoying his shocked expression and attempted to eat the 200+ people on the train. He prevented them from attacking the train by using the passengers as shields. However, Tanjrio worked together with Inosuke to cut off the complete front part of the car. Enmu was shocked, as he didn't even consider something like this to possibly happen and wallowed in disbelief as he died.


  • Enmu is very similar in his powers to the Mario & Luigi: Dream Team villain Antasma, as they can both give nightmares to their targets.
  • Enmu's ability to fuse with the train where Tanjiro fights him is similar to Pigma's fusion with a satellite to become the Pigmaparoid in Star Fox: Assault, although done by choice and sans making Enmu a mindless slave to another entity.
  • Enmu is the only Lower Number of the Twelve Kizuki to be seen physically in the movie. His fellow lower Numbers were slain: Kyogai and Rui were killed by Demon Slayers (The former died at Tanjiro's hands and the latter was slain by Giyū.) and Muzan Kibutsuji slaughtered the other four (including the one who took the spot Kyogai originally held) in his rage.

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