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It's the addle-brained mock scientists that are the worst, you know. They don't recognize the fact that they don't have talent. They can't even get that right. And so they end up chasing impossible dreams, having unbridled faith on their abilities. They go on and on about their wonderful hypotheses, their stupid eyes shining like a little child's. They make me sick! I can't abide their foolishness!
~ Enoch Drebber expressing his hatred for naive scientists.

Enoch Drebber is a major antagonist in The Great Ace Attorney 2: Resolve, being one of the two main antagonists (alongside Courtney Sithe) of the third case of the game, "The Return of the Great Departed Soul". He is a famous conman known for being an expert on building convincing experiments to sell towards naive scientists so that he swindles them out of their money.



Being a student at London University, Enoch Drebber was previously known for being a brilliant scientist and engineer with a promising future. However, being poor, Drebber resorted to joining a small group of grave robbers to steal the recently buried corpses of executed prisoners, which he then sold to pay for his studies, having a camera to take pictures of the graves he already robbed.

The dead rising from their grave

One night, in a night of grave robbing, he decided to dig up the grave of the Professor, an infamous serial killer that had been convicted and executed under closed doors. However, when he started digging up, he realized that the grave started moving, caused by the professor, for he was still alive in his grave and was planning to escape it. To the professor's unfortunate fate, someone outside of Enoch's vision witnessed the event and eventually executed him for good by shooting him from a distance. Shocked by the sequence of events, it's rumored that Enoch's hair started to turn white after the horrifying experience.

The day after, the news was exploding in the streets of London of the professor's sudden resurrection and immediate death shortly after, witnessed by an anonymous student. However, a certain Daily Circus newspaper, written by the then journalist Odie Asman, managed to catch the name of the student, Enoch Drebber and published the story of the story with his name published on it alongside a drawn picture of him discovering the event.

Having been revealed of his crimes as a grave robber by the article, he was forced to quit his dreams and studies to prevent any more dirt to an already bad reputation. Shortly after, he was approached by Esmeralda Tusspelles for interviewing, making him describe the appearance of the professor to be sculpted on a wax museum, which his face would be locked on by a metal mask, he also then sold his camera in the process.

Embittered, Enoch Drebber decided to become a conman that used his experience in trickery and magic to make fake inventions that young students asked him to build, which were convincing enough so that they invested in him and robbed them out of their money.

Meeting once again

One year before the events of the main case, Enoch Drebber met Odie Asman in his factory, seeking a technician. Drebber noticed that the man who ruined his life did not recognize him and that he was carrying a newspaper that read of Courtney Sithe, one of the participants of the autopsy on the supposed final victim of the professor, was being appointed as the head of the new team of the Forensic Investigation Team. Knowing that Odie was blackmailing her somehow, he started to devise a plan to get revenge on him.

The Return of the Great Departed Soul

With Albert Harebrayne's theory on "super-high-voltage instantaneous kinesis", Drebber's plan involved tricking everyone into believing the teletransportation really happened. To do this, he built a machine that looked like it could teleport anyone inside the machine to where the laser was appointed and planned to demonstrate it at the Great Exhibition. In actuality, however, the machine had a compartment underneath the main cage that made it so that whoever planned to teleport themselves actually fell underneath the tower and died from the fall.

To keep the illusion of the teletransportation, Drebber stole a balloon and the wax figure of the professor (which was stolen from Madame Tusspells in which he would leave a ransom so that Courtney Sithe went along with his plan) alongside a second cage, so that when he popped it with a crossbow he had, it would look like the test subject actually teleported himself to the Crystal Tower, even if it looked like the experiment actually failed and teleported him too high. And so, when the body was underneath the machine, Courtney would discover the body and transport it to the crashing site of the wax figure, retrieving it and leaving the body there.

During the exhibition, Harebrayne accompanied Odie Asman to the machine alongside a group of people, whom he was hoping to impress and make it so that the government funded his studies. When he activated the machine, amidst the smoke, Drebber started to unfold his plan, which would be seemingly went according to plan. However, unbeknownst to Drebber, when Courtney went to retrieve the body of Asman, he wasn't actually dead, as he was only gravely injured, to which then a desperate Courtney would then stab him with a screwdriver, killing him for good.

Investigation, Day 2

Having taken up the case of Professor Albert Harebrayne, the duo of Ryunosuke Naruhodo and Susato Mikotoba eventually figure out the manufacturer of the machine was actually Enoch Drebber, and eventually find his place of rest through Gina Lestrade's dog Toby sniffing an oil stain. Being accompanied by Tobias Gregson and Herlock Sholmes, they find a seemingly upside-down room with a bomb in the center.

With the help of Susato and Herlock, they figure out that Enoch was actually trying to get the balloon from the upside of the room throwing his shoes in a hurry, when that failed, he decided to explode the whole building with all the evidence and locked himself up in his own safe box, but because he couldn't find the code of the box to get himself out of it, he decided to lock himself up anyways and leave the mess of the room as it was, seeing how it was going to explode either way.

When they got him out of his safe box, they decide to arrest him on the spot, to which he then reveals that there was a second explosive on the machine, seemingly exploding all the evidence of his crime.

Trial, Day 2

While in the middle of the case, Naruhodo uncovers a letter from Enoch Drebber and Odie Asman, that accorded that the manufacturer of the machine would get 30% of the funding of any of the payment that Harebrayne would receive on the condition that both of them would have to be alive. This then brought Naruhodo to the conclusion that seeing how the coroner discovered and put on the autopsy that Odie Asman was encountered on the Crystal tower, the coroner herself would've had to be an accomplice of the crime.

Having been found out for the plan that Enoch had laid out and found out that Courtney was an accomplice of the crime, it looked like the trial was resolved, however, when they cross-examine the coroner once again, they realize that it was actually Courtney Sithe who delivered the final blow, and overall did the killing, with Enoch Drebber realizing theatrics around the murder. Which eventually makes Enoch Drebber confess to his crimes and past actions with Odie Asman.


  • With a ton of moving parts, plans, and betrayals around the magic trick disguised as a machine, Enoch's plan to kill Odie Asman is considered one of the most complicated cases of the franchise, with the final reveal with Courtney Sithe considered one of the hardest reveals to exactly pin down.
  • Originally, the name Enoch Drebber was from a victim in A study on Scarlet, the first book ever written with Sherlock Holmes and John Watson.


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