The Enraged Elk is an Emblem Heartless that appears in Kingdom Hearts X. It is the boss of Beast's Castle.


When Gaston is about to kill the Beast, the darkness in his heart summons the Enraged Elk to Beast's Castle, and it immediately attacks Belle, Maurice, and the player. However, the player fights and manages to destroy the Enraged Elk. Afterwards, the player's Chirithy tells them that the stronger the darkness in a person's heart is, the stronger the Heartless spawned from it.


The Enraged Elk bears a resemblance to Gaston, having a similar build, dressing similarly, and having hair that is the same color and a similar style as his. It's skin is colored a blueish black. It has a reindeer skull on it's head, which has holes on it that show it's yellow eyes with a spiral pattern on them and on which it's Heartless emblem is located. It wields a piece of a statue from Beast's Castle as a makeshift bludgeon.

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