Oz 23

Enrique Morales was a Latino inmate featured in Oz.

He was portrayed by David Zayas.

Often allied with Chucky Pancamo, he is a true businessman who only makes decisions based on how to get more political influence within Oz. He is also less Afterwards, Adebisi starts pocketing a larger amount of the drug profits Morales and Pancamo decide it is time to go to war. However, Adebisi points out their slim chance of survival in this now overwhelmingly black unit. Morales and Pancamo are then transferred to Unit B, where they forge a stronger alliance.

A bus filled with family members of the inmates, including Enrique's sister Annette Osorio, crashes and everyone, except for the granddaughter of Vernon Schillinger and Father Ray Mukada, dies. Morales goes into shock and solely protests Guerra's plan to kill Miguel Alvarez. In the meantime, Pancamo returns from the hospital and Morales lets him know that drugs are flowing freely now that Redding is in shock over Nurse Grace ends up heavily sedating Morales, then suffocating him, claiming that like Carlos Martinez (who she killed as well), Morales "was a nasty man who deserved to die." After his death, Warden Glynn and Dr. Nathan confront her and discovers she had killed eight other men in prison hospital wards before coming to Oz, and she is arrested. Meanwhile, with no family left to claim his body, Morales is buried in the prison graveyard, with his wooden coffin being carried by his troopers, Chico Guerra, and Alvarez while McManus watches.

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