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A woman's hand isn't meant to hold guns. It's meant to serve me.
~ Enshin

Enshin is a supporting antagonist that served the Empire in Akame Ga Kill!, being one of the insane members of Wild Hunt. He was a former pirate raging in the eastern seas until he was picked up by Syura during his travels due to his talents.


Much like the other members of Wild Hunt, he had an obsession with chaos and carnage. In particular, he was shown to be extremely abusive towards females and raped many in the short time that he was bought into the Empire by Syura.


Enshin was one of the people hand-picked by Syura to join Wild Hunt. During the show Syura put up for Honest, Enshin didn't get to kill anyone and kicked Cosmina in frustration. He later took part in the "investigation" of Umatora Theater where he gladly raped several female troupe members; he also publicly humiliated a female member of Imperial Fist disciples during their attempts to take revenge on Wild Hunt.

Some time after Wild Hunt's brutal murder of Bols' family, their HQ were visited by Run, who also lead Champ away, which made Enshin suspicious. As he and Cosmina tailed Run, they were intercepted by Kurome. During the fight, Enshin managed to cut off Doya's arms and damage Natala.

However, when Night Raid arrived on the scene, Enshin was quickly killed by Akame.

Powers and Abilities

He was capable of creating aerial blades due to his Teigu's abilities and was skilled at using it as shown as being able to create two at the same time to rip his enemies apart.

His Teigu, Moonlight Sword: Shamshir, was shown to be affected by the lunar cycle and was strongest during the full moon.



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