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Huhuh...I don't want you to underestimate Enterprise. So please, just relax and observe.
~ Secretary Yuri to Matic, about dealing with Hiryu and Cain

Enterprise is an antagonistic faction featured in the Strider Hiryu manga and its NES adaptation. The name "Enterprise" is a generic monicker used frequently in the manga and NES manual, with its true (and sparingly used) name being the Central Control Organization. In the actual NES dialogue, the group is called The Syndicate instead.


Enterprise is a large worldwide corporation lead by Faceas Clay for more than 30 years. The corporation is attempting to establish a dictatorship over a devastated world, and has already taken over the heavily damaged city of Los Angeles, where their skyscraper and center of operations is located. Enterprise dabbles in several different fields including distribution and replenishment of food and goods, as well as weapon development and manufacturing.

Their primary research project under Clay's rule has been the ZAIN Project, seeking to perfect a massive mind-control computer network that'd allow Faceas Clay to brainwash every single human being in an attempt to force humanity to evolve past their malice and reach a new "golden millenium" without wars and poverty.

Enterprise allied themselves with the Striders and its corrupt de-facto leader, Vice-Director Matic, who had his own plans of world domination. As part of his machinations to take over the company, he manipulated Hiryu into seeking revenge against them for the death of his sister Mariya. Hiryu would kill all of its top members as Matic planned, but Matic would be defeated as well in the end. With the destruction of the ZAIN Project, it is presumed the company disappeared.


Company members

  • Faceas Clay: The current president of Enterprise, leading the company for over 30 years. The main instigator for the ZAIN Project, he seeks to use its mind control to create a brighter future for humanity and a better world under his guidance.
  • Secretary Yuri: A private secretary of Enterprise and main link to the Striders. Yuri has close ties to the ZAIN Project, excited over the prospect of ruling all of humanity, and is seen in meetings with Matic. Exclusive of the manga.
  • Kazakh Institute Director: One of the lead researchers in the ZAIN Project, working on a secret ZAIN Laboratory in the Kazakh Federation. A fanatic follower of Faceas Clay, he leads brain surgery and brainwashing research in support of his goals and is the creator of the ZAIN Terminal. Exclusive of the manga.
  • Nameless scientist: A scientist working for Enterprise, mentioned in a flashback as the man who discovered the area of the brain that controls a person's basic actions and the radio frequence that can reach it, setting the foundation for the ZAIN Project. Exclusive of the manga.
  • Security Force: A military force serving as security in Enterprise's HQ. A number of their members are given one of the company's advanced weapons, the "Shadow Tag Bullets", a self-aiming "personal automatic tracker" high-caliber machine gun capable of perfectly hitting targets thanks to a radar system and anti-aircraft fire level of power.

Associated individuals

  • Vice-Director Matic: Current de-facto leader of the Striders. He allied himself with Enterprise and put his personal unit at their service, but secretly plotted to have all top members of Enterprise killed so he could take over the company and the ZAIN Project for himself.
  • Commander Keith: A mercenary and leader of a Special Forces unit expert in hand-to-hand combat. Hired by the Kazakh Institute Director in order to protect the ZAIN Laboratory from any intruder. Exclusive of the manga.
  • High officers of Kazakh: Enterprise has an alliance with the governing officers of the Kazakh Federation, where they are supplied guinea pigs (arrested rebels) in exchange for advanced weapons like tanks. While officers like the Secret Police Chief are aware of the ZAIN Project and its brainwashing power, none in the government knows of the ZAIN laboratory's existence.
  • Kodiak: A mercenary with close ties to the company, hired to assist them. He fights by using a one-wheeled motorbike to run over his enemies. He is hinted to be a thrill seeker as he wants to see the strength of a Strider. Exclusive of the NES adaptation.


  • Los Angeles: The center of operations and headquarters for the company, a massive skyscraper located in the middle of the ruined city of Los Angeles. Enterprise has complete control of the area and distributes rations and food among the population that remains, although in such poor quality that food riots are a common occurrence. In the manga the main ZAIN computer or Yggdrasil is massive and installed as part of the skyscraper itself.

Exclusive of the manga

  • Kazakh Federation Mental Institute: A mental health hospital housing a secret ZAIN laboratory and one ZAIN Terminal, and also where the Director was stationed. The place conducted human experiments in order to perfect the mind control, causing most of their subjects to lose their minds as a result. Hiryu and Cain were able to track it down based on how expensive their power and phone bills were.
  • Amazon Research Institute: A research station located on the Amazon jungle, under a tight security detail and the protection of Strider Araña and Strider Kubira. Hiryu and Cain assaulted this building, used its satellite link to locate the Mother ZAIN terminal, then blew it up.
  • Location in the Sahara desert: A base mentioned by the Director, who indicated a ZAIN Terminal was also being developed there.

Exclusive of the NES adaptation

  • Kazakh Secret Police HQ: A ZAIN Terminal is located in the underground area below the Kazakh Secret Police headquarters, next to a secret dungeon and hangar area.
  • Chinese Base: One of the bases housing a ZAIN Terminal, consisting of two large towers. Hiryu heads to this place after being informed of it by Director Kuramoto. Hiryu cannot enter the main part of the base until he has procured the key from the Secret Police HQ.
  • African Base: Another base housing two ZAIN Terminals. Hiryu heads here after hearing that the Strider Matic Unit is protecting it. The ZAIN Terminal is hidden inside a large cavern protected by several machines. A second ZAIN Terminal is found in a deeper part of the cavern that can only be accessed through an underground tunnel found in Australia.
  • Australian Base: A small base located in Australia, which houses a transport tube leading into the second terminal in Africa. The key to this location was held by Faceas Clay himself.



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