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Seven. Five. Can you hear me? There is a hole shining in the holes between your eyelids. I have never been to Versailles before. I want to be loved. Nine. I am standing behind you now. Five. I am two of us, standing behind you now. The goddess eats the city in the sea. Nine. There's a hole in the floor with an answer waiting in it. Seven. Look, you're hatching. You're hatching!
~ The Entity communicating with Wilson through a broken radio, subliminally encouraging him to locate SCP-579.

The Entity later designated SCP-5000-█ is a nameless being that plagues humanity within the SCP Mythos.

Of unknown origin and lesser-known motives, the Entity has apparently attached itself to the collective subconscious of humanity and has subsequently manipulated the thoughts and actions of the race for an untold amount of time. Although it's exact reasoning behind it's attachment towards mankind is unknown, its ultimate plan is seemingly so destructive and horrific that the Foundation, an organization dedicated to protecting humanity at all costs, deemed it a mercy to ensure the extinction of mankind to prevent it from ever succeeding. After the Foundation was made aware of its existence and began their assault on mankind, the Entity sought to preserve its existence and humanity's by guiding Pietro Wilson to locate SCP-055 to SCP-579 in order to reset the timeline.

It appears as the main antagonist of the SCP-5000 tale and may also serve as the overarching antagonist of any tales featuring SCP-682 due to it's implied roots in the latter's misanthropy.



While its origins and nature are vague at best, the Entity appears to be an anomalous entity that attached itself to the collective unconscious of humanity. Apparently becoming the source of concepts like empathy and pain, the Entity proceeded to influence humanity from beyond, pushing them towards a path of unspeakable misery and horror.

Sometime in the early 21st century, the SCP Foundation began its efforts to map out the human unconscious via Project PNEUMA, a mass-amnesticazation project based off of Project KALEIDOSCOPE, and unintentionally discovered its existence. Upon realizing the gravity of what they had discovered and its implications, both the 05-Council and the Ethics Committee conducted a poll, with the vote for the extinction of the human race being unanimous. The two groups then undertake an effort to procure a cure to rid themselves of any lingering influence the Entity might have on them.

The O5 Council then sent out two files to all Senior Staff members and Site Directors. The first file, presumably containing the uncovered information of the Entity, results in many who received it to commit suicide or resign while the second file, presumably containing the cure the Council and the Committee developed, result in those who received to fully commit themselves to the eradication of the human race. With this, the upper echelons and MTF units of the Foundation were freed of their humanity.

The Foundation's War on Humanity

The Foundation started their efforts to halt the Entity by killing their own personnel, human SCPs and human-symphatetic SCPs. The MTF units were later dispatched to slaughter everyone within Foundation-controlled exclusionary sites, which were built to withstand CK-Class Reality Restructuring scenarios, due to the danger the human researchers there posed via their subconscious connection with the Entity. However, one of the Foundation personnel, Pietro Wilson managed to escape being killed by locating and wearing an Absolute Exclusion Harness (which would later be designated SCP-5000), allowing him to flee Exclusionary Site-06 undetected.

As the Foundation directly began their assault on mankind, utilizing many of their most dangerous SCPs to wipe out humanity and combat rival Groups of Interest, the Entity discovered Wilson and apparently realized his potential to aid in its continued survival. Communicating with Wilson telepathically, the Entity instructs Wilson to locate SCP-055, an anti-memetic anomaly, and bring it to SCP-579. The Entity then subliminally directs Wilson to Site-19 to retrieve SCP-055, which Wilson would use to alter his perception of time to make his travel to Site-62 less tedious. It is also implied that it is through SCP-055 that Wilson directly communicates with the Entity, who encourages Wilson to continue his journey and has him delete his own file recordings to conceal its presence and plan, though the deleted files could also be an effect of SCP-055's anti-memetic properties.

As the months progress and humanity begins to dwindle thanks to the Foundation the Entity begins to lose its power and influence, as evidenced by Wilson making less progress by viewing SCP-055. Additionally, the figure Wilson witnesses the Foundation attacking is implied to be a manifestation of the Entity, having grown weak enough to manifest in the physical world.

Eventually, Wilson makes it to Site-62 where he joins SCP-055 with SCP-579 at the cost of his life.

Return to the Status Quo

This apparently triggers a shift in time which resets time back before Project PNEUMA was fully developed. As such, Pietro's corpse is discovered in SCP-579's containment chamber by the Foundation who promptly discover the files documented in his Absolute Exclusion Harness and immediately cease their work on PNEUMA. With this, the timeline of the Foundation declaring war on mankind never occurs and the Entity's existence is concealed with the new-timeline Foundation being none the wiser. It potentially continues to manipulate the actions of humanity unabated.

Possible Endings

Project Isorropía

Following the success of the cross-testing of anomalies at Site-100, SCP-5000-█ was put against SCP-5659. This confrontation resulted in SCP-5659 beginning to grow in size and fighting the Entity. As both entities were immortal, they ended up fighting each other until the end of times, while their respective effects on humanity became nullified.


My hands shake as I hold the document. "This is confirmed?"
He nods. "We got the report from PNEUMA staff yesterday. It's everyone."
"Even us?"
"Even us, Tejani. To think I'd find myself agreeing with that damn lizard…"
"What do we do?"
"You know what we have to do. We'll have to disseminate a cure, I think, among personnel before we get things underway. It'll try to stop us otherwise."
"God help us, One."
"Don't be like that, Tejani. That's IT talking."
"You said invaded, right? Might be one of the last times that happens."
"Don't say that. It must be worse for you. That's what everyone says after they find out something they don't like."
"Jesus Christ."
"It's not something that can be hashed out in a few hours, man. Can you be quiet for a minute? Of course I can't. No, not yet. The feeling of being invaded."
"Why not?"
"Don't say that! Don't even talk about it."
"We should have left well enough alone."
"I keep thinking, like, it would be better to end it all. Not with what we found. How long are they going to take? But it's not like that. Everything I am. You know what they'll say."
"It is me. It's over. It'll take time."
"You're germaphobic, right?"
"Did you get a reply? We shouldn't have looked. You too. I doubt anyone's going to be talking about anything else anymore."
"I feel sick."
~ Ethics Committee Head Tejani speaking with who appears to be 05-1 regarding what to do after discovering the Entity's existence


  • Its connection (if any) to SCP-579 or SCP-055 are unknown. Although it's also possible that the Entity simply knew that the joining of the two anomalies would result in the timeline resetting.
  • Although very little is known about it, the Entity appears to be one of the most threatening and dangerous beings in the SCP Mythos as the mere discovery of it's existence and end-goal caused the SCP Foundation, a paranormal organization completely dedicated to protecting humanity at all costs, to completely subvert their directive in favor of destroying the human race simply to stop it.
  • SCP-682 is implied to possess some connection with the Entity, with the latter possibly being the root of 682's hatred for humanity.
    • When MTF member Samuel Ross is captured by the Global Occult Coalition and interrogated in Ganzir, he refers to Commander Morrison and Dr. Rhodes, after he apparently told them about the existence of the Entity, as "disgusting", something which the infamous reptile is known to refer to humanity.
    • After Project PNEUMA was developed and the Entity's existence was uncovered by the Foundation, O5-1 reluctantly stated that he found himself agreeing with SCP-682 (presumably regarding its thoughts on humanity).
    • In SCP-6820, it is revealed that SCP-682 was the physical embodiment of the concept of the line between life and death in the noosphere, which may explain why 682 hated the Entity and humanity.
  • The tale "Disgusting" reveals that the Entity is the cause of SCP-2718. That is, every human who dies experiences an eternal fate worse than death as they are forever trapped in their decaying bodies, forced to experience the pain of their gradual decomposition that then transitions into an endless indescribable agony beyond human description once they have been completely torn apart, with the Entity feeding off their suffering. If the Foundation had managed to kill all infected humans, the Entity would have disappeared and the deceased humans freed from their torment. They failed, and now humans have no hope for anything except dying and joining the billions of billions of other humans in deathless agony for eternity.
  • The Entity's influence on humanity may be the Pestilence SCP-049 refers to in its quest to rid the world from it, as those "cured" by 049 noticeably lose their sapience and will attack any human deemed to be living.
    • SCP-049 implies that it believes that all of humanity is infected with the Pestilence, a sentiment reflected in O5-1's conversation with Tejani regarding the Entity's influence on all humans.
    • However, that may not be the case, since during a cross-testing 049 deemed 682 as another victim of the pestilence.
  • In the universe of SCP-6001 where the Compendium, a benevolent amalgam organization of different GoIs, took over the world and declared worldwide peace with all anomalies, it is mentioned that they were capable of vanquishing and probably even killing the Entity.
    • With that according to the Immortigon they mention humanity is "no longer disgusting".


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