Enuo is a villain that is only mentioned throughout the main plot of Final Fantasy V. Credited as the creator of the Void, which he is said to have created in exchange for his own Immortality, Enuo unleashed this destructive power in an attempt to conquer the world. However, he was defeated by the ancient warriors who used the twelve legendary weapons. As he was defeated, he lost control over the Void, which not only killed him, but also threatened to destroy the whole world and was sealed away.

During the events of the game, the primary antagonist Exdeath attempts to gain control of the Void, somehow walking on Enuo's footsteps.

Enuo can be fought as an optional superboss in the Advance version of Final Fantasy V. He is unsurprisingly a very difficult boss and an immensely powerful enemy, who masters many spells, namely the basic elemental attacks Blizzaga, Firaga and Thundaga, the very dangerous Flare, Holy, Meteor, Deep Freeze and Aqua Breath. He also has the annoying Drain Touch ability that enables him to absorb the life-points lost to his physical blows.

During the first stage of the battle, Enuo has two indestructible hidden targets to back him up, that protect him from all multi-targets attacks and can spellcast on their own. When sufficiently damaged, Enuo loses the two additional targets but gains access to tremendous new attacks, including the obscenely powerful spell Dimension Zero, which obliterates its targets regardless of the defence and never misses.

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