Envy is one of the villains from the video game Armed Police Batrider.


Classified as A-Class criminal, Envy was sentenced to 500 years of hard labor. He broke free of prison and continued on his crime career, committing all kind of illegal deeds, eventually being employed by Gigayama Tiger as his right-hand.

Envy has mechanized about 80% of his body, so many believe that behind his huge cloak he doesn't even resemble a human anymore. He pilots the humanoid mech "RED", having it's controls hardwired directly into his brain, allowing him precise control over all the mech's movements. RED has particle lasers intalled all over it's body along with many mobile weapons, making it one of the strongest mechs in the world. Envy is dispatched along with Blunt and Sobut to the highway leading to Zenovia City in order to stop the Zero-Cops, but his machine is destroyed and he ends arrested.

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