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You have no idea how good that felt! I ravaged their entire country with a single bullet! I mean talk about invigorating! Oh, and the best part? The officer that I pretended to be, he was actually a moderate who'd always publicly opposed the military's occupation of Ishval. And listen to this! The poor fool couldn't come up with a plausible defense and they court-martialed him! You know, I don't think I'll ever get over with how easy to manipulate humans are!
~ Envy
Fool, you just have to forsake one little village to save an entire country. Too bad you don't have the stomach to do the logical thing. Can you really shoot such a sad face? Can you boy? Ha ha, I shouldn't be surprised, that's just how all you humans are. This time around I'll go with a younger, cuter model. What do you say? You humans don't make any sense to me. You throw away your lives for nothing. Another foolish human.
~ Envy remembering his jealously towards humans.

Envy (in Japanese: エンヴィー, Enbī) is a major antagonist of the Fullmetal Alchemist manga and its two anime adaptations. Envy is a prominent member of the Seven Homunculi with the power to shape-shift, which it uses to spy or to impersonate people, and a ruthless and malevolent sadist who enjoys tormenting humans. It is also the archenemy of Roy Mustang, who learned it killed Maes Hughes.

It was voiced by Minami Takayama in Japanese and Wendy Powell in English. In the live action film adaptation of Fullmetal Alchemist, it was portrayed by Kanata Hongō.


Envy and his true form.

Envy appears to be an androgynous teenage young man with long, dark hair and violet eyes, dressed in the black garments common among the homunculi (in the 2003 anime series, it has dark green hair). It has the homunculi's red lines across it's body, including a red triangle on the headband that covers their forehead, and it's Ouroboros mark is located on their left thigh.

Envy's humanoid form is not their real one though, more of a second skin. It's true form looks like a gigantic, green reptilian monster with eight limbs, much like the Basilisk, long black hair running along the neck, and a humanoid face with a nose and square teeth, retaining the red triangle on the forehead. It has two pairs of human arms in the front part of their body and two human legs crouched like that of a lizard on the back part, a spiked back, a long tail and an extensible tongue. It's upper body is covered with the bald, tormented faces (and some upper body parts) of those whose souls were used to create their Philosopher's Stone.

When deprived of all it's power, Envy reverts to it's original, powerless form. It retains the aspect of a hideous, eight-legged, reptilian monster; but it becomes ridiculously tiny, lose all human features and look more like a leech, having animal sharp teeth and big eyes. It remains able to use their front paws like arms though.


Envy's usual form.

Envy is vicious, sadistic, and hateful. While it mostly acts in a playful and seemingly friendly way, this is but a thin façade.

Envy heavily despises humans, whom it deems pathetic and inferior, and it never hesitates to voice this opinion out loud, mocking mankind for believing themselves to be powerful and reveling in the prospect of proving it wrong. Unlike the other Homunculi, who see humans as mere insects not worth any attention or energy, Envy passionately and emotionally hates them and will go to great lengths to make them suffer. This extreme scorn goes hand in hand with it's equally extreme cockiness. Indeed, Envy cannot stand not dominating the situation and it quickly lose their temper whenever it gets bested by "inferiors". It goes as far as complaining when it's foes "do not play fair", while it itself always fight with the most under-handed tricks it can find.

Envy enjoys demeaning people, teasing them and pushing their buttons to no end. It also love tormenting it's victims, by playing with their feelings and bonds as often as it can, using it to threaten it's hostages with what they fear the most. It also loves to taunt people and to turn them against each other by calling upon it's desire for vengeance. Finally, seeing people working out their differences aggravates it to no end.

Envy's hatred and scorn towards humans stems from it's jealousy of the inner strength it wields. Deep down in their heart, it envies the humans for their solidarity and free will, something that homunculi sorely lack (thus mirroring the Deadly Sin from which it is born). Envy is thoroughly ashamed by this and never ever reveals it, nor even let pass the slightest hint. When Edward finds out it's true feelings, it labels it as "the supreme insult". Furthermore, while it can be disrespectful towards their siblings, it does care about them to an extent. For example, when Pride kills Gluttony, Envy expresses disgust towards him. It also get along with Lust despite sometimes butting heads with her.

Powers and Abilities

One of Envy's most infamous transformations

Envy has the power of shape-shifting into animals and people at will. It can apparently shape-shift to anything under the size and weight of it's true form, which, considering said true form, means a lot. It comes in handy for spying, infiltration, and even travel.

Envy can talk under any form, and can partially shape-shift as well, transforming it's arms into ropes, blades or even snakes, which it can then manipulate like real ones. Envy also uses this power to elongate their limbs like tentacles to strike it's foes or seize them, proceeding to squeeze them slowly or to toss them anywhere (it has proven able to also absorb bodies through these "tentacles", though the full extent of this ability remains unclear).

Even under their humanoid aspect, Envy's weight is that of it's true form, which grants it enormous strength and durability. In spite of their weight, it is very fast, swift and nimble. Like the other homunculi, it can regenerate even lethal wounds, as long as there is enough energy left in it's Philosopher's Stone. However, despite it's powers and strength it has little to no fighting skills, enabling weaker but more skilled fighters to easily gain the upper hand.

Under their true form, Envy can use their strength to its maximum and becomes even more dangerous, being able to crush rock under their limbs, tail or jaws. It's also able to manipulate the human remains that cover their body and make them appear and disappear, and to elongate their tongue to use it like a harpoon or a binding rope.

Under their original form, Envy's only power left is their ability to fuse their limbs with organic matter and flesh, enabling them to take control of the body they infest. However, It is not able to fuse with minerals and non-organic matter.

Role among the Seven Homunculi

Envy is the fourth Homunculus, created when Father concentrated his jealousy from his body into a Philosopher's Stone, which he used as Envy's core. Envy's shape-shifting power makes it the perfect spy, as it uses human or animal disguises to go unnoticed. it regularly uses it's human disguises to remain in the Central Headquarters, keeping an eye on people to get information and ready to take command from Wrath. It also uses it's powers to impersonate people and manipulate events or to carry assassination missions while framing people that the homunculi want to discredit.

Envy uses it's power to transform into someone the one it must kill cares for, taking advantage of it's victims' inability to harm their loved one, while reveling in their despair.

Envy mostly serves as a field agent under Lust's command, frequently being accompanied by Gluttony who backs them up. It must be noted that though it's not above bickering with her, Envy gets along with Lust very well, being very angered upon learning of her death. It's also cares about Gluttony to an extent as it gets angry with Wrath and call him a "bastard" for eating him alive.


First Events

Envy is first seen during the riots orchestrated by the homunculi in the city of Lior, having been called by Lust to impersonate Father Cornello, a fraud priest and a pawn of the homunculi that Lust killed previously. Envy's impersonation of Cornello enables the homunculi to further the chaos in town, as they need a huge bloodshed in this region, which is located on a point of the nationwide transmutation circle that Sloth is digging all around the country of Amestris for Father's needs.

Envy is later seen alongside Lust in the Fifth Alchemy Laboratory of the capital Central City, in which the homunculi undertook experiments on the Philosopher's Stone. The primary protagonists Edward and Alphonse Elric have sneaked into the laboratory and discovered what was going on, so Lust and Envy barge in, killing the laboratory armour-bound guards whom Edward has just defeated and who was about to reveal crucial information, knocking Edward out after making cryptic remarks that he is a precious sacrifice for them, and ultimately blowing up the laboratory to destroy the evidence. Following the events in the Fifth Laboratory, Lt Colonel Maes Hughes, a friend of the Elrics, discovers the secret goal of the homunculi, prompting Envy to shoot him down while impersonating Hughes' wife Gracia.

While doing researches in the Central Military Headquarters, Envy discovers that Hughes' best friend and well-known Flame Alchemist Colonel Roy Mustang is investigating on the murder, so Envy frames Second Lieutenant Maria Ross, one of Hughes' subordinates, whom he was under arrest. Mustang then secretly stages Maria Ross' break-out from jail and makes everyone believe that he burnt her to death, while he, in fact, organizes her escape out of the country, hoping to lure the real culprit out of hiding.

After a short investigation, Envy learns that Barry the Chopper (the second armor-bound guard of the Fifth Laboratory who has escaped) is involved in Maria Ross' break-out. Wanting to kill all witnesses of their activities, Lust orders Envy and Gluttony to track him down, but they are found by the Xingese prince Ling Yao and his bodyguard Lan Fan, who are able to track down homunculi and prove more than a match for them. As an aggravated Envy is about to reveal their true form, it's then stopped by Pride, who orders them to retreat. Meanwhile, Colonel Mustang manages to destroy Lust. Envy is then sent to capture Dr. Tim Marcoh, the State Alchemist that they coerced to lead the researches undertook in the Fifth Laboratory, who had fled out of guilt.

Encounter with Father

Later, the Elric brothers, Ling Yao and Lan Fan, as well as Colonel Mustang hatch a plan to capture a homunculus to pry information from them. After violent battles against Scar (an Ishvalan who wants revenge for the genocide of his people by the Amestrian army, and who kills State Alchemists) and Wrath, it manages to capture Gluttony, but Envy comes to his rescue and engages another fight.

In the ensuing battle, Envy, Ling and Edward are accidentally swallowed by Gluttony and cast into the dimensional void inside his belly. There, Envy gleefully reveals that it caused the Ishval War by shape-shifting into a pacifist soldier to kill an Ishvalan child. Knowing that they have no hope of escaping, It then assumes it's true form to kill Edward and Ling.

Edward eventually uses Envy's Philosopher's Stone to return them all to the real world and the trio find themselves in Father's throne room. The Elric brothers and Ling attempts to fight Father but end up quickly subdued and Ling gets turned into the second Greed. Envy then uses their soldier disguise to bring the Elrics to Wrath.

First defeat

Envy then resumes their work as a field agent, this time as Wrath's personal assistant. When the deranged alchemist Solf J. Kimblee is released from jail upon Wrath's orders, it is Envy who gives him his instructions and a Philosopher's Stone.

Envy and Bradley

Later Alphonse Elric, Tim Marcoh, Scar, the Xingese princess May Chang and two chimera soldiers lure Envy to them with a false denunciation. The sadistic homunculus takes the bait and confronts the protagonists, only to get caught several times into alchemic traps. Enraged, Envy assumes it's true form and captures Marcoh, who manages to destroy it's Philosopher's Stone, reducing them to it's original form whom they imprison inside a glass bottle. Scar then gives Envy to Mei Chang and tells her to return to Xing, so that her tribe could use Envy's knowledge of the Philosopher's Stone, but the homunculus manages to convince her to head for Central City instead, hoping to get another Philosopher's Stone to replace the one it lost.

The final battle

During the final battle, Mei Chang and Envy sneak into the Central Military Headquarters, invaded by soldiers from Briggs and swarmed by feral, lesser homunculi. In the ensuing chaos, Envy manages to escape the bottle and absorbs enough lesser homunculi to regain his full power. it then attacks Mei with the intent to kill, only to stumble upon Edward Elric, Scar, the chimeras, Colonel Mustang and his subordinate Lt Riza Hawkeye.

A gloating Envy makes the mistake of revealing that it killed Maes Hughes, triggering Mustang's thirst for revenge. Envy is no match against the powerful Flame Alchemist and gets incinerated several times. Even reverting to their true form only makes him an easier target and it is forced to flee into the maze of Father's subterranean lair. It transforms into Mustang to deceive Lt Hawkeye but she manages to trick it and shoots it repeatedly with guns and a riffle. As it manages to capture her, Mustang intervenes and burns it down until only it's parasitic form remains.

As Mustang is about to finish Envy off, Edward and Scar intervene and Ed seizes the parasitic homunculus with his metallic arm. Edward, Scar, and Hawkeye manage to talk Mustang out of his thirst for revenge, much to Envy's disgust. It mocks them and tries to remind them all the hatred between them to make them fight but Edward confronts them with their jealousy of mankind's inner strength.

Disgusted that the one it despises the most has discovered it's biggest shame, Envy escapes and commits suicide, by extracting it's powerless Philosopher's Stone from it's body and shattering it. It then vanishes into dust with tears in it's eyes, wishing good luck to Edward.

2003 anime

Main article: Envy (FMA 2003)


You humans don't make any sense to me. You throw away your lives for nothing.
~ Envy to Maes Hughes
What's wrong with you!? How could you let that bastard go after what he did?!! You should've yanked his spine out of his mouth! It's not too late to kill him, so get to it!
~ Envy to Wrath.
The question is, are you going to work with us - if not, the village is history. Lust told me about your arrangement; as long as we agree to leave the village alone, you'll do whatever we ask. Which is it? Agree to work with us, and kill everyone in this country, or, refuse to work with us and watch everyone in your beloved village die? Fool, you just have to forsake one little village to save an entire country. Too bad you don't have the stomach to do the logical thing. Ha ha, I shouldn't be surprised, that's just how all you humans are, you put emotion before common sense. I killed a man who was like that once. All I had to do was make myself look like his wife and he was helpless - he couldn't even fight me! You, humans, are so easy to take advantage of. Lucky us.
~ Envy to Dr. Marcoh.
Congratulations, Colonel Mustang, looks like you've finally hunted down your culprit.
~ Envy admitting to Colonel Mustang that he was the one who killed Hughes.
Hah! Moron? Tell me who the real moron is here because I don't think it's me! I prefer to use that term for someone who falls for a cheap trick like this! Ha ha! You should see your face! Oh, you're not gonna believe this, but that was the same look on Hughes' face when I shot him! The utter shock, the dumb confusion! You could see every emotion he felt as his own wife shot him! It was, GREAT!
~ Envy bragging about killing Hughes to Colonel Mustang.
Are you a moron? Some nice, flowery words and feigned empathy?! You make me sick to my stomach! Are you humans always such pathetic worms?! Why can't you just listen to your gut and do what you want to? Colonel Mustang, have you forgotten? Your pal, Scar, here was going to kill you! And what's more, wasn't he the one who killed the parents of the pipsqueak's girlfriend? Oh, yeah! And what about that little girl who became a chimera? Scar was responsible for her death, too! And as for you! Have you completely forgotten your hatred for they did to your Ishvalan countrymen? And then, this woman! She has the arrogance to claim the sight of a hawk; she shot your buddies left and right! You'll never get another chance! This is the perfect time! The ultimate opportunity! Hate them and weep! Kill and be killed! Fight each other! Grovel in the dirt! How could you four hope to team up? You're way beyond the point of kissing and making up! Right, pipsqueak? Right, Hawkeye? Mustang? Scar? There's no way. No. No, you can't! Never! NEVER! It's impossible! How could you? How could you do it? HOW!?
~ Envy's Villainous Breakdown.
Damn! Dammit! Dammit! I've been humiliated! HUMILIATED! Me, Envy, jealous of you? A human?! I'm a homunculus! How could this pipsqueak kid see through me? It's the ultimate humiliation!
~ Envy after Edward realizes that Envy is jealous of humans.
I guess we'll how long this adorable little alliance of yours can kill them! Ah well, best of luck with that, pipsqueak!
~ Envy wishing Edward good luck.
Goodbye... Edward... Elr­ic...
~ Envy committing suicide after Edward reveals its jealousy toward humans.



  • Despite being genderless, the characters of the 2009 anime and manga saw Envy as a male.
    • Although, Envy is really a male in the 2003 anime.

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