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Glory is coming. And The Elder One wants you to serve him like everyone else: by dying in the right way.
~ Envy discussing The Elder One
Betrayed allies will curse your name. Like the First Inquisition, you will bring blood and ruin and fear!
~ Envy telling the Inquisitor how to lead and rule the Inquisition
You wish to be difficult? Then see the legacy of the Inquisition! Its followers hosts to demons! Your world---ashes! Show me what you'd do with them!
~ Envy telling the Inquisitor the future
Unfair, unfair! That thing kept you whole, kept you from giving me your shape! We'll start again. More pain this time. The Elder One still comes.
~ Envy furious for being unable to get the Inquisitor's body

The Envy Demon is a shapeshifting Demon in league with Corypheus. It was originally believed to be Lord Seeker Lucius Corin, but was revealed to be a servant to Corypheus instead. If the Inquisitor sides with the Rebel Mages, he will not be seen anywhere in Redcliffe Castle. If the Inquisitor sides with the Templars, however, he will be seen at Therinfal Redoubt.


Under command of Corypheus he took command over templars by impersonating Lord Seeker Lucius Corin. He gathered all Templars and began to corrupt them by red lyrium. They mutated into mindless brutish monsters and became obidient servants. Depending on player's choice Envy Demon can successfully posion most of Templar order or be stopped along with production of red Templars.

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