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Enzo Conti is a supporting antagonist turned anti-hero in the 2016 video game Mafia III. He is one of Sal Marcano's lieutenants, and he runs the Barclay Mills district of New Bordeaux.

He was portrayed by Matt Gottlieb.


Enzo was a former lieutenant of the Carillo crime family, and had been running Barclay Mills for decades, having gotten his start through an extortion racket at Barclay Railways.

In 1934, he sided with Sal Marcano in taking over New Bordeaux's organized crime. As a reward for his loyalty, Enzo was given the waste management and gun-running rackets in Barclay Mills. He later befriended Sammy Robinson, even introducing his fiance Perla.

Mafia III

Sammy's death at the hands of the Marcanos causes Enzo to doubt Sal's trust in him, and when Lincoln Clay starts tearing down the Marcano crime family, Enzo reluctantly makes a deal with Lincoln to escape.

Enzo asks Lincoln to meet him at the quarry in the Barclay Mills, where the two work out a deal for Enzo to go into hiding. The two men escape the quarry in Enzo's Bulworth Mohican, killing and evading Marcano's henchmen, many of whom were once Enzo's underlings, and demolishing the quarry at Enzo's behest to prevent his dynamite from falling into Marcano's hands. Lincoln Drops Enzo off at the Carousel Hotel in Delray Hollow, where Enzo apologizes for the death of Sammy.


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