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NOTE: This article is about the incarnation of Professor Zoom from the Arrowverse. The mainstream version can be found here: Professor Zoom (DC).

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Villain Overview

Oh, I'm not like the Flash at all. Some would say I'm the reverse.
~ Eobard Thawne's most famous qoute.
Do you know how hard it has been to keep all of this from you, especially from you? Because the truth is... I've grown quite fond of you. And in many ways, you have shown me what it's like to have a son. Forgive me, but to me you've been dead for centuries.
~ Eobard Thawne before killing Cisco Ramon - his most infamous qoute.
Barry Allen: Why do you hate me so much?
Eobard Thawne: I didn't always. I was obsessed with you. For so long, I wanted to be "The Flash". I spent years figuring out how you came to be. Duplicated the reaction... and it worked. I became like you.
Barry Allen: So what happened?
Eobard Thawne: This ability to travel through time revealed the truth. My fate was to become your greatest enemy, I was never going to be the Flash. So I became the reverse of everything that you were. The more people you saved, the more you were loved, the more I had to take from you.
~ Eobard Thawne to Barry Allen.
Almost two centuries from right now, we meet for the very first time. For my part, I finally discovered ways to possess speeds. Speeds faster than anyone alive. And just as I was about to present myself to the world... you showed up, in pursuit of some stupid case, dazzled the crowd. Ah, you were dazzling. And then... and then you saved the crowd. A crowd that I was meant to save. A crowd that was meant to thank me. You stole my greatest moment. I admired you. And you humiliated me. And it was in that moment that I knew that I had to get faster than you.
~ Eobard Thawne explaining how his hatred for the Flash started and why he will always hate him.

Professor Eobard Thawne, also known as the Reverse-Flash and Dr. Harrison Wells, is the main antagonist of the Arrowverse.

He is a manipulative meta-human speedster from the twenty-second century who grew up idolizing the Flash and desired to be just like him. He recreated the accident that gave the Flash his powers so he can become like the Flash. However, Thawne learned that he was destined to be the Flash's greatest enemy instead, becoming obsessed with trying to prove his superiority over him and taking everything and everyone his former idol loves away from him. He is the archenemy of Barry Allen/The Flash.

In his normal form, he is portrayed by Matt Letscher, who also played Harrison Love in The Mask of Zorro and Vincent Shyer in Criminal Minds. While bearing the likeness of Harrison Wells, he is portrayed by Tom Cavanagh for a majority of The Flash as well as Crisis on Earth-X.


He is the central antagonist of the Crisis Saga, serving as the main antagonist of The Flash and the Armageddon crossover, a mentioned antagonist in Arrow, a major antagonist in DC's Legends of Tomorrow, and one of the two main antagonists (alongside Dark Arrow) of the Crisis on Earth-X crossover. He would become the main antagonist after Anti-Monitor's defeat.

In The Flash, he serves as the main antagonist of Season 1 and the first half of Season 8, the posthumous overarching antagonist of Season 2, a minor antagonist in Seasons 3 and 4, the overarching antagonist of Season 5, a supporting antagonist in Season 6, and an anti-villain in Season 7. In Legends of Tomorrow, he serves as a mentioned antagonist in Seasons 1 and 3, the main antagonist of Season 2, and a minor antagonist in Season 7.


Hailing from the distant future, Professor Eobard Thawne was once obsessed with the 21st Century's Flash. He went so far as to duplicate the reaction that gave the Flash his powers and became a speedster as well. But when Thawne traveled back in time to meet the Flash, he discovered that he was destined to become his archenemy. Thus, Eobard grew to despise the Flash for everything that he is because of how much he wasted on trying to become him and became the reverse of everything he stood for as the Reverse-Flash.

And after discovering the exact time era when the Flash was active, Eobard learned the Flash's true identity of Barry Allen. The Reverse-Flash then traveled back in time to kill his nemesis as a child, but this attempt was foiled by The Flash. So instead, Eobard murdered his mother, Nora, and framed his father, Henry, instead, in the hopes that Barry would be traumatized enough to prevent him achieving his destiny, an action which alters the entire timeline. Shortly after, however, Eobard lost his connection to the Speed Force and was marooned in the 21st century.

Seeking to return to his time, Eobard kills and impersonates Dr. Harrison Wells, the man responsible for creating the Flash in his timeline-of-origin. He then founds S.T.A.R. Labs in order to create the Flash himself, by creating a particle accelerator which gives Barry his powers in the year 2014. This way, Eobard could use the Flash's connection to the Speed Force as a means to return to his own time.

After the "accident", Eobard fakes paralysis and aids Barry in his missions to stop the other metahuman criminals created by the particle accelerator explosion. However, his secret is ultimately revealed, and after Barry foils Eobard's plot. Eobard is then erased from existence when his ancestor Eddie kills himself to stop Eobard from ever being born.

However, after the Flash creates Flashpoint by saving his mother from death, Thawne is pulled from the timeline, and he, therefore, becomes a time remnant. However, because of Eobard's ancestor death which led to his time being erased from existence, his current status as a time remnant led to him being hunted by Black Flash. He aligns himself with Damien Darhk, Malcolm Merlyn and Leonard Snart and forms the Legion of Doom in order to seek out the Spear of Destiny to change his reality and save his life. However, thanks to the effort of the Legends, Black Flash eventually caught up with Thawne and stopped his heart with phasing powers, therefore erasing him a second time.

Thanks to his lifetime of constant time-traveling, Thawne returns as Harrison Wells as he assists the Nazis from Earth-X, led by Black Arrow, with invading Earth-1. During the final battle, Flash lets Thawne go, knowing that he is above killing and that he would just return nonetheless.

Eobard travels to 2049 and somehow gets imprisoned at Iron Heights prison and mentors Nora West-Allen, such as helping her defeat Godspeed and destroying Clifford DeVoe's satellite. In truth, he manipulates her to helping Team Flash defeat a Cicada they could defeat so they can destroy their dagger, the only thing keeping him imprisoned, before his execution. After succeeding so, he escapes while Nora is erased from existence due to the timeline changing.

During the events of the Crisis, he was killed by the Anti-Matter wave along with the rest of the original multiverse and while he lost his body, his conscience was able to survive thanks to his usage of negative tachyons. But, the only problem was that he didn't have his powers and could only gain them through controlling a host completely. To that end, he latched onto Harrison Nash Wells (the last known surviving Wells doppelganger) and psychologically tormented him so he could take full control, regain his access to the Negative Speed Force and kill Flash along with all of his loved ones. However, he was expelled from Nash's body by Team Flash and left him completely formless, defeating him once again for the time being.

Eventually, Thawne was granted a physical form by the newly revived Speed Force, on the condition that he helps the Flash defeat Godspeed. After arriving and helping Flash fight Godspeed in a lightning sabre fight, Thawne stabs Godspeed and attempts to engage his arch-nemesis in another clash. However, much to his shock, Thawne found himself outmatched by Flash and his new speed. Thawne retreats to fight another day, but not before promising to return after finding a way to get faster.


Eobard Thawne, under his disguise as Harrison Wells, presents himself as a mysterious man of science responsible for numerous scientific discoveries including the creation and activation of the Particle Accelerator. He is rather a secretive person, telling neither of his friends and colleagues where he lives and the autobiography of Wells himself tells very little about him as a person, simply that he is "enigmatic". Thawne is able to change his dual-identities depending on the situation which would be better suited for his multi-layered personality.

His treatment toward Barry, Caitlin, and Cisco is that of a kind, compassionate, and almost fatherly person but to anyone who threatens him he is perceivably ruthless and uncaring. Barry's safety is his primary concern and he will shamelessly manipulate others to their deaths to protect him. Although he is an initial means to his own ends, Thawne has proven to genuinely care about him and his feelings and attitude from sheer hatred for Barry have turned rather complex. His calm nature also hides centuries of rage and hatred, which although are mostly aimed at the Flash can be contributed to the loss of his wife, own paraplegia and failure of the Particle Accelerator and is somewhat tortured because of this. However, all of these were purposefully created by Thawne himself and there is always the possibility that he martyrs himself to gain more sympathy.

In reality, Thawne is a straightforward and genuine maniac. Despite his noble qualities, virtually everything about the man is a lie. Eobard performs completely insane convictions to achieve his goals, displaying arrogance when he has the upper hand, boasting about the superiority of his speed or superior position over the Flash and even his own allies in the Legion. He will stop at nothing to return to his own timeline, to the people he loved the most, prematurely activating the Particle Accelerator, killing seventeen people, ruining the lives of innocent civilians and selfishly manipulating his own team never seemed to faze him.


  • Tina McGee (alternate timeline)
  • Nora Allen
  • Tess Morgan
  • Harrison Wells
  • Simon Stagg
  • Cisco Ramon (alternate timeline)
  • Mason Bridge
  • Rex Tyler/Hourman
  • Ray Palmer/The Atom (time aberration)
  • Rip Hunter (time aberration)
  • Trevor Shinick (alternate timeline)
  • Joe West (Reverse-Flashpoint timeline)
  • Barry Allen (Reverse-Flashpoint timeline)
  • 5 Iron Heights Prison Guards (alternate timeline)
  • 6 Mercury Labs guards
  • Numerous unnamed people


  • Tony Woodward (original multiverse)
  • Hannibal Bates/Everyman (original multiverse)
  • Eddie Thawne
  • Ronnie Raymond/Firestorm
  • Elliot Ness (alternate timeline)
  • George Washington (alternate timeline)
  • Charles/Dr. Mid-Nite
  • Henry Heywood/Commander Steel
  • Martin Stein/Firestorm
  • Grace Gibbons/Cicada (erased future)
  • Nora West-Allen/XS (erased future)
  • Ray Palmer/The Atom (Reverse-Flashpoint timeline)
  • Nate Heywood/Steel (Reverse-Flashpoint timeline)
  • Sara Lance/White Canary (Reverse-Flashpoint timeline)
  • Cisco Ramon (Reverse-Flashpoint timeline)
  • Nora Darhk (Reverse-Flashpoint timeline)
  • Franz Ferdinand
  • 17 Central City residents
  • Numerous unnamed people

Powers and abilities

Former powers

Thawne emitting red lightning via his connection to the Negative Speed Force.

  • Negative Speed Force Connection: Eobard gained the powers of the Speed Force, which lets him run, react, and physically function at extraordinary speeds without harm. The Speed Force also granted him intricate powers such as intangibility and time traveling. However, instead of connecting to the natural Speed Force, he created his own dark variant of it called, the Negative Speed Force. Because of this, his lightning is red instead of yellow.
    • Superhuman Speed: Eobard can move at incredible speed, significantly faster than Barry's former limit of Mach 2.2. He can easily move on vertical structures and ceilings. Barry said that he's so fast that he could kill everyone in the police precinct in seconds. His tremendous speed was later revealed to be greatly enhanced by tachyon particles in his body. In his prime Eobard's speed is over 13.2 Mach, that makes him faster than Zoom and possibly even Savitar.
    • Superhuman Agility: Eobard possesses inhuman bodily coordination, balance, equilibrium, and dexterity. He is able to change direction immediately, thus allows him to make sharp turns on city streets without sliding or losing his balance.
    • Superhuman Reflexes: Eobard's increased speed also augments his reaction time, allowing him to react to danger and events far faster than a normal human.
    • Superhuman Stamina: Eobard's body can handle the stresses of superhuman racing without noticeable distress. His body's enhanced stamina allows him to function much longer than a normal human without getting tired or weak.
    • Superhuman Durability: Eobard is able to recover from attack and exertion much quicker than normal humans, as the Speed Force enhanced his durability above normal levels. It was much harder to stun him when he is using his abilities as he can take multiple hits while moving and not be knocked down or stopped in his tracks. He was also hardly fazed after falling from the roof of S.T.A.R. Labs to land from several stories up unfazed by moving at super speed at the same time
    • Superhuman Momentum: By building up enough physical force from any part of his body, Reverse-Flash is able to deal very punishing blows. This allowed him to exert inhuman physical strength with almost absolute ease. Even The Flash was quickly pummeled to the point he was unable to fight back despite his healing powers.
    • Enhanced Strength: Eobard has displayed a degree of enhanced strength, as shown during the fight against the Flash, Arrow, and Firestorm where he easily threw Flash into the S.T.A.R Labs sign with great force.
    • Enhanced Senses: Eobard possesses enhanced senses that allow him to clearly see and hear when moving at superhuman speeds that would normally not allow this.
    • Enhanced Mind: Eobard's speed also extends to his mental capacities, allowing him to take in information and process it at much faster rates than a normal human. This ability allows Eobard to see the world as if it is in slow motion, which, combined with his physical speed, lets him perform thoughts and actions long before a normal human around him could even perceive them.
    • Regenerative Healing Factor: The Speed Force has increased Eobard's metabolism, allowing him to regenerate from wounds at a faster pace than most species. "Harrison's" wounds from being attacked with the force of a speeding car by the "Man In Yellow" were completely gone without a trace afterward, which he covered up by isolating himself to avoid speculation of any kind. This healing has even extended his lifespan dramatically. It is unknown if this healing ability can help him survive fatal wounds such as a bullet to the head.
    • Intangibility: By vibrating the cells in his body, Eobard can move and pass through people or objects unharmed. This ability appears to have damaging effects on electrical equipment, as it shorted out Mason Bridge's computer.
    • Aerokinesis: Using his speed, Eobard can generate airflow as vacuums on various levels., He can create fierce waves and vacuums of air by shaking a body part very fast. His speed vacuum is very powerful, as he was able to blow Firestorm blocks away by rotating just one hand.
    • Electrokinesis: As a speedster, Eobard can produce powerful red electricity from his body when generating enough momentum. It is possible that this he used this to short circuit Mason Bridge's computer from the inside while phasing his hand through it. He can also interfere with electronics, as shown when Eobard arrived at the stadium, the electrical lights and video screens around it started glitching and flashing. Eobard is also capable of making his eyes glow bright red, which most likely is another effect of his electrokinesis. He is capable to produce a continuous stream of lightning in his hand which can be used to inflict pain on others and weaken them.
      • Lightning Constructs: Eobard can create lightning constructs, such as swords, which he used to fight against Godspeed alongside Barry Allen.
    • Speed Mirages: By using his speed to bounce back and forth so quickly, Eobard can create after-images with his speed, making it appear like he's in two places at once. This image is so realistic, the human mind can't perceive the difference.
    • Time Travel: By directing accessing the Speed Force, Eobard is able to freely travel throughout time. It was from this ability he was able to battle The Flash, a hero from over a century in the past from Eobard. Also, despite the Eobard from 2015 ceasing to exist, he was still able to exist in the timeline due to his past selves - from the future.
      • Time Remnant Construction: Using his Speedster & Time Traveling Abilities, Eobard Thawne can create temporal duplicates or Time Remnants of himself for his own purposes. His Negative Speed Force Abilities can also protect him from any alterations to the timeline and secure his existence when he shouldn't exist by becoming a Time Remnant himself. This was shown when Eddie Thawne commited suicide to erase Eobard from existence in 2015, his younger self from the future that hasn't traveled back in time yet, was spared from his family's erasure from existence due to the Speed Force and became a Time Remnant when he first meet Flash in 2016, thus alwaying Eobard Thawne to survive and continue threatening the timeline. Eobard as a Time Remnant was also able to create his own Time Remnants, but they a merely extensions of himself and under his direct control, as evident when Black Flash erased Eobard from existence, all his time remnants phased out of existence shortly after him.


  • Genius-Level Intellect: Eobard is very intelligent, as evidenced by the crucial role he plays in Barry Allen's team, he also spent most of his life trying to create the Particle accelerator, and eventually succeeded.
    • Master Strategist: Eobard is a great tactician, as evidenced by him coming up with plans to help Barry Allen defeat the metahumans he goes up against as the Flash. He was able to completely manipulate Team Flash for a long time before they caught up.
  • Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Whereas Barry relies primarily on his reflexes and speed to overwhelm his slower opponents with random striking, Eobard as the Reverse-Flash is shown to be a very methodical fighter, striking at precise spots to systemically wear down his opponent. He easily defeated Barry in hand-to-hand combat twice. While more often relying on his speed to quickly win fights, he was shown to be able to hold his own against a master unarmed fighter like Oliver Queen while temporarily deprived of his speed, but once he got his speed back, he instantly had the Arrow pinned to the ground.


  • Reverse-Flash Costume: Eobard wears a costume as his supervillain alter-ego, Reverse-Flash, to hide his identity from his victims. It is similar to Barry's Flash costume but the color scheme is the opposite.
    • Earpiece: On his suit's cowl, they are two lightning-bolt shaped earpieces on Harrison's suit, there is also a lightning-bolt at the center of the suit.
  • Tachyon Device: His Tachyon Device allows his super-speed based powers to have a proper connection to the Speed Force.


Quotes of Eobard Thawne
Barry Allen: That is why you killed my mother? That's why you ruined my life? Because you couldn't be me!?"
Eobard Thawne: I BECAME BETTER THAN YOU! I am the one thing you cannot stop, Flash!
~ Barry Allen and Eobard Thawne.
I win again, Flash.
~ Eobard Thawne taunting Barry Allen for having no choice but to send him home.
You look so young. And I could kill you right now so easy. What I wouldn't have given? All those times before to have had you like this. So helpless. But fate, it's tricky, isn't it? I come here to destroy you. And then to get home, I have to be the one who creates you. But I will say, it's been an education. Watching you grow up all these years. Science fairs and soccer games. No hint, no sign, no trace of the man you will be one day for whom I have nothing but hate. And to be clear, nothing is forgiven. There will be a reckoning. I promise you, Barry Allen, that you will die.
~ Eobard Thawne speaking to a comatose Barry Allen.
You can do this, Barry. You were right. I am responsible for all of this. So many people have been hurt because of me, and when I looked at you, all I saw was another potential victim of my hubris. And yes, I created this madness, but you, Barry, you can stop it. You can do this. Now run, Barry, run!
~ Eobard Thawne as Harrison Wells telling Barry Allen to be the Flash.
Yes, it is, Gideon. Bring up my log, please, new entry. It has now been 312 days since lightning struck. In the past 24 hours, subject has taken a great leap forward, causing me to revise my initial thesis. I thought... well, I thought his attachment to people was a distraction slowing down his progress. Now I realize the opposite is true. Barry's attachment to people, the people he cares about, is actually the key to getting him up to speed. In the meantime, good news. The future remains intact.
~ Eobard Thawne's 312th journal entry about the Flash.
Oh, I'm not like the Flash at all. Some would say I'm the reverse.
~ Eobard Thawne stating he's the opposite of the Flash.
Well... things just got a lot more complicated, didn't they?
~ Eobard Thawne to Barry Allen and Nora West-Allen.
I know that rage. I used to feel that rage every time I looked upon you. And now, somehow, I know what Joe and Henry feel when they look on you with pride. With love.
~ Eobard Thawne to Barry Allen.
The history books said you lived to eighty-six, Mr. Queen, but I guess those history books are wrong.
~ The Reverse-Flash about to kill Oliver Queen.
That's the spirit. You can't stop me, Flash. And you never will.
~ The Reverse-Flash believing that the Flash will never be able to defeat him.
Eobard Thawne: You didn't save her. Why? WHY?! You could've had the life you wanted. YOU COULD'VE HAD EVERYTHING YOU EVER WANTED!
Flash: I already do.
Reverse-Flash: Not for long.
~ Reverse-Flash to the Flash.
Just so we're clear, after I kill you, I'm going to kill them, and then I'm going to kill your father. I always win, Flash.
~ The Reverse-Flash threatening the Flash's friends.
I've controlled your life for so long, Barry. How will you get along without me?
~ Eobard Thawne's last words before being erased from existence.
Eobard Thawne: You know what you have to do. You have to take me back to that night and let me finish what I started.
Barry Allen: You go to Hell!
Eobard Thawne: You're taking both of us there! Now who's the villain, Flash?! Now who's the villain?!
~ Eobard Thawne mocking Barry Allen about changing the timeline.
You want to reshape the world? Try reshaping history. Try rewriting destiny.
~ Eobard Thawne to Damien Darhk.
Newsflash, Raymond: I don't need super-speed to kick your ass.
~ Eobard Thawne to the Atom.
Eobard Thawne: We're both scientists. We're both obsessed with achieving the impossible. You dedicated your life to learning how to shrink yourself down to the size of an atom, and I spent mine learning the secrets of the Speed Force.
Ray Palmer: I became the Atom to help people.
Eobard Thawne: You could use the dwarf star in your exo-suit to power an entire city. But instead, you chose to become the Atom because you weren't satisfied with your small, pathetic life. There is no shame in wanting to be great or to reach higher. To... walk on the moon.
~ Eobard Thawne and Ray Palmer.
Well, it looks like you losers managed to remember who you are. I should've wiped you from existence when I had the chance! Do you have any idea how infuriating it is to know that Merlyn was right?! Lucky for you I believe in some fates worse than death, like me destroying the Spear and cementing this reality for all time.
~ Eobard Thawne gloating to the Legends that he won.
Flash: I watched you die.
Reverse-Flash: Or did you? It's time travel, Barry. So very confusing. I always seem to be saying that to you, don't I?
~ The Flash and the Reverse-Flash.
I don't need my powers to kill you.
~ Eobard Thawne attempting to kill Cisco Ramon.
Flash: Thawne! You could have killed him.
Reverse-Flash: Wasn't that the plan? Didn't you say you needed help dealing with a threat? Well, I dealt with it. And now... and now... it's just you and me, Flash. I've been waiting for this moment for a long, long time.
Flash: I'm only gonna say this once. Walk away while you still can.
Reverse-Flash: Allen. You are two weak to stop me. And I'm just getting started... What did you do? I created you. I taught you everything you know! Everything you are because of me! What did you do?
Flash: I got faster. Didn't you?
Reverse-Flash: No. But I will, Flash. Mark my words. I will.
~ Eobard Thawne nearly killing Godspeed and the Flash before realizing the Flash is much faster and vowing to him that he will get faster.
If I could have everyone's attention for a moment. I have been waiting for this moment for a very, very long time. When you find the love of your life, it's like electricity pulsing through your veins, giving you a shock that you absolutely never want to end because - because now... Now you're part of something greater. You're part of something wonderful. And, frankly, surprising because you never know what face fate will be wearing when she shows up to knock on your door and change your life forever. When it does, for you, my wish is that that face... Is as beautiful as the one standing next to me. To Iris West, the love of my life... And to our future together.
~ Eobard Thawne's speech to his guests at his engagement party to Iris West, while also revealing to the audience that he is responsible for Barry Allen's deteriorating mental health.
Barry Allen: Thawne, what did you do?
Eobard Thawne: You're not the Flash, Allen. I am.
~ Barry Allen/Reverse-Flash and Eobard Thawne/The Flash
Eobard Thawne: Iris West is my lightning rod, Reverse-Flash.
Barry Allen: What the hell did you do?
Eobard Thawne: Nothing you haven't done before.
Barry Allen: You created a Flashpoint.
Eobard Thawne: Wrong. I created a Reverse-Flashpoint. I started by doing a little housekeeping at S.T.A.R. Labs, and then I took care of the one father you had left. Why? Because after our last encounter, it was clear to me you were faster than I was, and the only way to defeat you... was to become you. So I ran back to the year 2013 and made sure that I was the one struck by the lightning. I was the one that Iris West wrote about as the Streak. I led Team Flash. I was the one Iris West fell in love with. I stole your life! And because every hero needs a villain... I created that, too.
Barry Allen: You wore my face. It was you that attacked the city that day. That's why they don't trust me.
Eobard Thawne: Made you think you were crazy. Crazy enough to beg, literally beg, Jefferson Pierce to steal your speed. What's it right now, 5%? Maybe less?
Barry Allen: Thawne, what you did destroys the world. It creates Armageddon.
Eobard Thawne: No.
Barry Allen: NO, IT'S TRUE, DAMN IT!
Eobard Thawne: I would not create a perfect world just to watch it die. As a matter of fact, the only thing that is set to expire is you. And do you know why? Because I finally did what I set out to do all those years ago. I killed you as a child... You can do that all night long. But the fact remains, at the stroke of midnight, my timeline will solidify... and you will cease to exist. And your precious Speed Force cannot help you now, because in this timeline, she chose me. And Iris chose me. I've won. I finally won. WHO'S FASTER NOW!?
~ Eobard Thawne revealing he created a Reverse-Flashpoint to steal Barry Allen's life before killing him, while also revealing he masterminded Barry Allen's ruined life and Armageddon.
Nobody uses time against me. I will live. I will change what's about to happen. And you will help me.
~ Reverse-Flash returning to the main timeline and plotting his next plan against the Flash.
Destroying you is my life.
~ Eobard Thawne to Barry Allen.
What you call rage... I call commitment.
~ Eobard Thawne defining his rage.
You think you saved my life? You took my speed. My speed is my life. YOU TOOK MY LIFE! And left me in hell.
~ Thawne to Team Flash after losing his speed and his freedom.


Appearances of Eobard Thawne


Season 2

  • "The Scientist" (indirectly mentioned)
  • "Three Ghosts" (mentioned; as Wells)
  • "The Man Under the Hood" (mentioned; as Wells)

Season 3

  • "The Brave and the Bold" (mentioned; as Wells)
  • "The Climb" (mentioned; as Wells)
  • "Broken Arrow" (mentioned; as Wells)
  • "My Name is Oliver Queen" (mentioned; as Wells)

Season 5

  • "Second Chances" (mentioned)

Season 6

  • "Crisis on Earth-X, Part 2" (as Wells)

Season 7

  • "Elseworlds, Part 2" (hallucination; as Wells)

The Flash

Season 1

  • "Pilot" (as Wells)
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  • "Things You Can't Outrun" (as Wells)
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  • "Who is Harrison Wells?" (as Wells)
  • "The Trap" (as Wells)
  • "Grodd Lives" (as Wells)
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  • "Fast Enough"

Season 2

  • "The Man Who Saved Central City" (vision; recording; as Wells)
  • "Flash of Two Worlds" (mentioned)
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  • "The Darkness and the Light" (mentioned)
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Season 3

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  • "Finish Line" (mentioned)

Season 4

  • "The Flash Reborn" (indirectly mentioned)
  • "Mixed Signals" (mentioned)
  • "Luck Be a Lady" (indirectly mentioned)
  • "Elongated Journey Into Night" (mentioned)
  • "When Harry Met Harry..." (mentioned)
  • "Therefore I Am" (flashbacks; as Wells)
  • "Crisis on Earth-X, Part 3" (as Wells)
  • "Don't Run" (indirectly mentioned)
  • "Honey, I Shrunk Team Flash" (indirectly mentioned)
  • "Enter Flashtime" (mentioned)
  • "Run, Iris, Run" (photo)
  • "Null and Annoyed" (indirectly mentioned)

Season 5

  • "Nora" (flashback; pictured as Wells)
  • "Blocked" (video footage as Wells)
  • "The Death of Vibe" (name seen)
  • "All Doll'd Up" (mentioned)
  • "The Icicle Cometh" (photo as Wells)
  • "O Come, All Ye Thankful" (mentioned)
  • "What's Past is Prologue" (as Wells)
  • "The Flash & The Furious" (as Wells)
  • "Seeing Red" (indirectly mentioned)
  • "Memorabilia" (in Nora's mind; the name is seen)
  • "Goldfaced" (as Wells)
  • "Cause and XS" (as Wells)
  • "Failure is an Orphan" (as Wells)
  • "Time Bomb" (as Wells)
  • "Godspeed" (as Wells)
  • "Snow Pack" (as Wells)
  • "Gone Rogue" (mentioned)
  • "The Girl With The Red Lightning" (as Wells)
  • "Legacy" (as Wells)

Season 6

  • "A Flash of the Lightning" (mentioned)
  • "Dead Man Running" (mentioned)
  • "License to Elongate" (mentioned)
  • "The Last Temptation of Barry Allen, Pt. 1" (in Barry's mind; as Wells)
  • "Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Three" (indirectly mentioned)
  • "A Girl Named Sue" (mentioned)
  • "Grodd Friended Me" (in Grodd's mind; as Wells)
  • "Death of the Speed Force" (possessing Harrison Nash Wells)
  • "The Exorcism of Nash Wells" (as Wells)
  • "Liberation" (mentioned)
  • "Pay the Piper" (mentioned)
  • "Success Is Assured" (mentioned)

Season 7

  • "The Speed of Thought" (flashbacks)
  • "Mother" (mentioned)
  • "Fear Me" (hallucination)
  • "Family Matters, Part 1" (mentioned)
  • "Good-Bye Vibrations" (flashbacks; as Wells)
  • "Masquerade" (indirectly mentioned)
  • "Heart of the Matter, Part 1" (mentioned)
  • "Heart of the Matter, Part 2" (as Wells)

Season 8

  • "Armageddon, Part 2" (as Barry/Flash)
  • "Armageddon, Part 3" (as Wells)
  • "Armageddon, Part 4" (as Wells and Flash)
  • "Armageddon, Part 5" (as Wells)

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Season 1

  • "Fail-Safe" (mentioned)
  • "Legendary" (indirectly mentioned)

Season 2

  • "Out of Time"
  • "The Justice Society of America"
  • "Shogun" (indirectly mentioned)
  • "Abominations" (indirectly mentioned)
  • "Compromised"
  • "Outlaw Country" (mentioned)
  • "The Chicago Way"
  • "Raiders of the Lost Art"
  • "The Legion of Doom"
  • "Turncoat"
  • "Camelot/3000" (mentioned)
  • "Land of the Lost"
  • "Moonshot"
  • "Fellowship of the Spear"
  • "Doomworld"
  • "Aruba"

Season 3

  • "Aruba-Con" (indirectly mentioned)
  • "Freakshow" (mentioned)
  • "Crisis on Earth-X, Part 4" (as Wells)
  • "No Country for Old Dads" (indirectly mentioned)

Season 7

  • "wvrdr_error_100 not found" (memory)
  • "The Fixed Point"
  • "Rage Against The Machines"


Season 3

  • "Crisis on Earth-X, Part 1" (as Wells)


The Flash: Season Zero

  • "The Strongman Cometh"
  • "Who Let the Chimps Out?"
  • "Big Top Brawl"
  • "A Captive Audience"
  • "Showtime"
  • "The Big Finale"


  • In the DC comics, Reverse-Flash is the secret identity of a number of individuals (otherwise known as "Professor Zoom," then "Zoom"). The first was Eobard Thawne, who shares a similar name to The Flash's Eddie Thawne, and Hunter Zolomon.
  • Despite Harrison's Reverse-Flash costume being yellow, when he runs at high-velocity speeds, the electricity that radiates off of him is actually red, not yellow. The exact opposite is true for the Flash, hence the name "Reverse Flash".
  • In flashbacks, Eobard Thawne is portrayed by Matt Letscher, who had previously played Vincent Shyer from the first season of Criminal Minds, as well as Harrison Love in The Mask of Zorro.
  • Eobard's newspaper from April 2024 says that the Flash was missing after a crisis. It's possible that this could be leading up to a version of the Crisis on Infinite Earths event where the Flash had died.
    • It is revealed in "Who is Harrison Wells?" that he disappeared when he followed Eobard back in time to 2000.
  • He seems to be a fan of the Back to the Future trilogy.
  • He is the first villain in the Arrow-verse to have been fought by more than two heroes together; in "Rogue Air", he was fought by Firestorm, Oliver Queen/The Arrow and Barry Allen. The second is Vandal Savage, who was defeated by Hawkman, Barry, Oliver, and Hawkgirl.
    • In the unaltered timeline in 2024, Barry faced off against Reverse-Flash with the help of Oliver, Atom, and Hawkgirl, which meant that he may have been holding back during his battle in "Rogue Air".
  • The original Eobard Thawne from DC Comics was originally a fan of the Flash from the 25th century who time-traveled to the time he was alive to get his autograph. He was willing to lose his entire fortune and even murder to get it. He eventually found a statue that shows the Flash battling someone with the face of Eobard, making him realize that he should be Flash's enemy. This same version was used as Reverse-Flash's origin story as revealed in "The Reverse-Flash Returns".
  • In the Season 1 finale "Fast Enough", Eobard seemed to recognize Hunter Zolomon's hat coming out of the time portal. This suggests that he may have been to Earth-2, but this is not confirmed. However, it is possible that he may have recognized it as Jay Garrick's hat since Jay would steal the helmet from Hunter later.
  • Eobard is the only main antagonist so far in the Arrowverse to appear in every episode of the season in which he was the villain; he appeared in every episode of The Flash Season 1 under the guise of Harrison Wells.
  • Eobard is the only main antagonist to appear in more than one crossover, as he appeared in Flash vs. Arrow, Crisis on Earth-X, Armageddon and as a hallucination in Elseworlds. However, in the former, his true identity had not yet been revealed.
  • Reverse-Flash is the 1st evil speedster to appear in the show. The 2nd was Zoom, the 3rd is Trajectory, the 4th is The Rival, the 5th is Savitar, and the sixth is Godspeed.
  • Eobard is one of the few main antagonists of the Arrowverse to be still alive. the others being Slade Wilson, Kuasa, Samantha Arias, Selena, Ben Lockwood and Lex Luthor. However, Slade, Kuasa, and Samantha are redeemed now leaving Eobard, Selena, Ben Lockwood and Lex Luthor as antagonists.
  • In Season 5 of The Flash, it's been revealed that Thawne is the mastermind and orchestrated the events and is considered the Bigger Bad of the season.
  • During the Season 5 finale, he claimed that he would appear during the Crisis on Infinite Earths, but he never appeared in any form. However, Thawne reappears in Season 6 after the crisis against Mobius/The Anti-Monitor, alive, and possesses Harrison Nash Wells. Eobard is finally defeated by Barry, Cisco and Cecile and imprisoned into the Negative Speed Force as negative tachyons. However, Eobard returns in Season 7 finale when the Speed Force reconstitutes him to help Flash against Godspeed. After Godspeed's defeat, Eobard retreated to fight another day.
  • Eobard returns as the main antagonist of the Armageddon crossover for his last battle against Flash. At the end of Armageddon crossover, Eobard is alive but depowered by Barry Allen/Flash, losing his speed and his powers. He is incarcerated to A.R.G.U.S. remaining the longest surviving antagonist of the Arrowverse.


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